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  1. Purrbulous added a post in a topic BDO just isnt meant for me   


    Anyway bye hf ^^

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  2. Purrbulous added a topic in General   

    BDO just isnt meant for me
    I mean the game itself in graphics looks amazing and the combat is top notch fun + exciting.
    I certainly love the node system this game has implanted, making various PVE aspects more unique compared to the other MMOs out there. The lifeskills themselves are somewhat casual and somewhat unique which is totaly okay and has made me enjoy the PVE aspect of the game.
    I enjoy things such as taking my huge epheria sailboat and sail across the beautiful looking Margoria sea to do some expensive trading while casualy looking how my worker empire is doing or deciding to be one of those fishing addicts from time to time. Its all great in those aspects and has made me love the game a lot!
    Yet there are some vital aspects of the game that simply stop me from progressing in the game any further to start enjoying and participate in the PvP system that is considered an enjoying endgame activity. For me PvP has allways been great in all of the MMOs ive played over the years.
    Dont get me wrong, i could solve these issues for me that dont let me step into the world of PvP. To be more specific - grinding and gearing up.
    Ive played many games over the years that require lots of grinding to progress into the PvP stage - MU online, lineage 2, Rohan bloodfeud, Tera, SRO and so on. The difference is that back then i was younger and i simply had a lot more time + energy to put my effort into this. But since ive gotten older there are many real life factors in my life which simply stop me from accomplishing the grinding task, from not enough energy due to work or simply personal life coming firsthand. Its not only that but its also that no matter how good the combat is the killing of thousands monsters a day has simply become mind numbingly boring to me. Looking back to my younger self im bit baffled how i have managed to grind in so many MMOs to gain those levels.
    The other factor is getting the gear. Ive allways been okay with the requirements for obtaining a good gear are not that easy to achieve, meaning no spoon feeding to get your equipment, some reasonable amount of work and dedication is needed. Unfortunately i dont see a balance in this - the RNG factor to upgrade your gear is okay but the fact that your gear can downgrade or even break in the process, that doesnt show any balance at all especialy when you have put lots of time and effort into this game.
    Maybe i have been pampered too much by the leveling and gear system GW2 has implanted into me, afterall i did enjoy many years there doing PvP mostly on small and massive scale before i came to BDO. But either way the system that game had worked for me so i never felt i was left behind when it came to PvP nor i had never had the feeling that balanced PvP in equal terms is out of my reach due to real life.
    So its possible i was pampered but that system just suited me fine and i was happy with it. But shamefuly after years of playing it got a bit repetitive due to lack of content and the combat + graphics starting to look bit outdated compared to BDO.
    Dont get me wrong, BDO is a wonderful game but the "asian culture" of the game which is grinding and RNG for progress just doesnt suit me. Im hoping for one day a combination of a new MMO to come out with BDO fighting, graphics + GW2 leveling + gearing system with PVE aspects shared from both of the games together. Basicaly waiting for a BDO with more "western culture".
    Anyway it has been fun and somewhat dissapointing that i couldnt reach the PvP goals i have allways had in my mind since joining the game but thats that. Best of luck to you all and dont burn out too much!
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  3. Purrbulous added a post in a topic Trading - Magnate debuff removed from Velia/Finto Farm/Heidel/Alejandro Farm trade goods - Rolling to master 2 viable again   

    Are you dumb or sth? Even when velia rolling was widely used before its nerf, you couldnt get M2 in 2 weeks (unless you nolifed 12 hours a day) so wtf are you talking about?
    Ive had my master trading for quite some time now, hence the M8. It was until margoria came out i started to level it again for the high valued trade items but i was with the blockade of magnate effect which limited my trading exp to 10% a day. Sure i could have continued with 50% decreased stock sold to me but that would have been a waste of time - hence why most master traders were pissed by magnete when they wanted to lvl trading.
    Havent follow a single youtube guide and never have so stop assuming shit.
    I allready have balenos, steel, calpheon and brass crate production empire running since god knows when.
    I dont mind the higher master trading leveling requirements to be high so propobly im still quite sour from the magnete effect that applied a wall for leveling my master trading any further.
    You sir are a jackass, good day!
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  4. Purrbulous added a post in a topic Trading - Magnate debuff removed from Velia/Finto Farm/Heidel/Alejandro Farm trade goods - Rolling to master 2 viable again   

    Eh it doesnt matter at all if tbh. The real trade profit in active trading nowadays is in Margoria trading which you need a minimum of master 8 trading to earn anything and master 10 recommended to make it the most effective.
    Sure you can start the crate crafting empire with M2 but if you want to do any active trading for the real money then best of luck with leveling it.
    I get 1% per 1 full run between velia and the nearby farm at M8 so theres some hindsight on how slow the leveling will get once you get bit more trading up.
    But yeah atleast leveling trading is viable again.
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  5. Purrbulous added a post in a topic Power level trade (help)   

    Boi i guess the GMs of this game must be totaly clueless and have absolutely no internal access to the game and all of the required info from BDO game designers on matter like these. Yup, the GMs are just a random bunch of people who dont know nothing, browsing forums occasionaly while slacking off from work for the most part of the day.
    Thank you for this generous sharing!
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  6. Purrbulous added a post in a topic Power level trade (help)   

    Only months? Thats cute.
    Still not buying it, this is from my own trading experience.

    Only months? Thats cute.
    Still not buying it, this is from my own trading experience.
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  7. Purrbulous added a post in a topic Power level trade (help)   

    False. Its quantity over quality.
    The only reason you may believe that what you wrote is true is due to the long distance applied to trade goods. For example i notice that i can grab 1% of exp from 1 margoria trade run which is equal to 1 velia rolling before needing to channel swap.
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  8. Purrbulous added a post in a topic Power level trade (help)   

    They removed the magnate effect in recent patch from normal trade items so only that effect is applied to specific certain expensive valencia + margoria trade items. Meaning you can level trading again normal without that wall impacting you.
    That being said, velia rolling is still quite viable, calpheon trade run is one way but from my recent experience, velia rolling gives same amount of exp as calpheon trade runs but saves bit more time.
    If youre lazy then put up somewhat 14 workers in calpheon to produce constant trash crates, if youre not into active trading.
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  9. Purrbulous added a post in a topic An item that allows you to turn into a troll, orgre, orc etc?   

    WoW isnt the only game that has those. Usualy those items are called transformation tonics.
    I say yes, have nothing against items such as those and i see no reason why anybody has any reason to have them in the first place.
    Ignore the salty keyboard warriors. I noticed the forums has a lot of those.
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  10. Purrbulous added a post in a topic M2 Trading Here I Come!   

    At first when i read the title i thought M2 trading cause they removed the magnet effect on normal trade items.
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  11. Purrbulous added a post in a topic Can you please add sPvP arenas?   

    Thanks, appreciate it.
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  12. Purrbulous added a post in a topic Can you please add sPvP arenas?   

    There is? Thats great!
    Can you tell more details about it?

    You can drop the sarcasm, you know its dumb off you to say it.
    Either way this topic is irrelevant due to Nacario saying they added this feature in Korean BDO.

    Implanting this feature truly isnt nothing hard for any game developer, in fact i understood that they added this in Korea and we should get it in some time. So yeah, get lost with your smirkyness.
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  13. Purrbulous added a post in a topic Can you please add sPvP arenas?   

    You do understand that if you want to duel you have to start searching for people, find someone with a similar gear score that you have so it wouldnt be a "who has the better gear scenario", put up with refusals and so on. Setting up a dueling is a hassle and time consuming when you want to do sPvP especial with criterias that make it a fair duel.
    Thats why adding sPvP feature removes this time consuming need. Or are you seriously gona say its easier + faster to set up a fair duel with someone who has the same level, same gear score and moving to the dueling spot over simply queuing in anywhere across the world to a designed PvP map with the criterias set in place for you to get a fair PvP gameplay?
    Be real here.
    This feature isnt something new or astounding, there are planty of MMOS out there with this feature and people love it, GW2 is a example of it.
    Nobody is saying to remove dueling, just add a feature where you dont have to hassle to set up an equal duel.
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  14. Purrbulous added a post in a topic Can you please add sPvP arenas?   

    Im talking about a new map made specialy for small scale PvP.
    Like Red battlefield which is big scale PvP.
    Its nothing hard - you open the sPvP tab and you choose to queue for a 1 vs 1 PvP from anywhere across the world where you are against a random player who also queued with the same gear score as you.
    Let the designers implant this and a variation of gear scores so you can only match up with those who share the same gearscore as you. Bam, a new whole world of PvP awaken to us.
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  15. Purrbulous added a topic in General   

    Can you please add sPvP arenas?
    Wouldnt it be a good idea to add PvP arenas where you can solo or team queue up for a matchmaking of 1 vs 1 (solo), 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3?
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