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  1. Davados added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    The whole zone is lvl 60+ good luck doing anything
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  2. Davados added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    Unless you are lvl 60+ and have high ap/dp forget about Kamasilve it's end game grind spot. The mobs are a joke xp to kill time is worse than Valencia.
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  3. Davados added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 28th **Update**   

    Not just DP look at the HP this is a extreme example
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  4. Davados added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    Nope it doesn't I had the loop of corruption and tried a full uninstall and reinstall and still loop of corruption.
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  5. Davados added a post in a topic Anyone else stuck at 48%?   

    This loop is bad really bad so much data eaten........
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  6. Davados added a post in a topic Anyone else stuck at 48%?   

    Upon checking Task Manager it's using roughly 35-39mbs network so I can confirm it's re-downloading the whole 41.30GB
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  7. Davados added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    Just feel lucky i got corrupt files now i'm stuck re-downloading the whole game 41.30GB
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  8. Davados added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    Get's to 28% file checking then shoots down in speed. Upon looking into task manager it's re-downloading the game  at roughly 35-39mbs this will take a while.
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  9. Davados added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    OMG got to 52% then corrupt now i have to download 41.30GB. Well that's really bad.
    Edit: Just checking files.... well that's a relief.
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  10. Davados added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    48% stuck at downloading. Restarted and tried again  and also gets to 48%.
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  11. Davados added a post in a topic DUO FS?   

    That's the problem i have way too early
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  12. Davados added a post in a topic DUO FS?   

    For me when i go accessories (Bares necklaces) smashing i get duo between 8-27 for the most part it's around 12-18. I've smashed 100's if not 1000 odd at this point.
    Edit: Of course there has been rare exceptions with 1-2 or 30-40 but these are really rare.
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  13. Davados added a post in a topic [EU] Trading Company [Alustin][International][Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore][Family][Discord]   

     How come you wish to join us?
    I have got to a point where I have achieved most of what I set out to do as a solo player. I looked to see what guilds was available and your guild really stands out for me. 
    * Have you been involved in other guilds in this game or others?
    Forsaken Gamers - Archeage .

    * What can you, just you, bring to the guild?
    A lot of dedication.

    * How many hours do you play weekly?
    Roughly 30 - 40.

    * What level are you?
    53 - ranger main character.

    * What will you choose to specialize yourself in, in regards to life skills?
    Training - skilled 4.

    * Are you interested in any type of PvP?
    Yes I enjoy PVP especially team based.
    Family name: Davados
    Character name: SweetLips
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