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  1. Goodvibesguy added a topic in Ninja   

    Ninja Awakening Basics Guide
    Hey fellow Ninjas! I made a basic guide to the Ninja awakening, and hope you guys enjoy it or find it useful. Please feel free to comment on things I left out or you think are good tips and tricks as well. Stay gruntled and happy New Year!
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  2. Goodvibesguy added a post in a topic Ninja and Kunoichi Celebration Tournament!   

    Thanks for the respectful response. And I totally agree, and I indeed want to host future tournaments, whether it's class specific or not, where there are strict gear limitations and buff restrictions for a purely skill based tourney. With more planning and hopefully some help, I'm sure we'll be able to get something going! I'll be sure to let you know when we do the TRUE skill tournament.
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  3. Goodvibesguy added a post in a topic Ninja and Kunoichi Celebration Tournament!   

    Sorry some of you are having such upsetting reactions to this fun tournament. If you'd like to participate then great! If not, that's great too, feel free to watch if you'd like.
    Thanks for the info! I'll definitely keep that in mind and if anyone has a special request I'd be happy to oblige.
    The point, is as I stated, to have FUN. Sure the people with a lot of good gear are going to do better in the end, but does their effort they put in to get said gear not matter either? To me it does, and it would be nice to have regulated gear caps in the tourney, but unfortunately I don't have any means to regulate a gear cap.
    @Acheros, if you have any ideas on how I could regulate a gear cap please let me know. I don't appreciate your aggression towards me for hosting a completely optional and fun event, but I understand your concerns and wish I had the tools to regulate it like that. I disagree with no pots, purely for an entertainment stand point, because the fights would end very quickly with no pots. Ninjas and Kunoichis are squishy and do not have strong inherent heals, so pots will allow the fights to prolong and hopefully be more entertaining to watch. It does not take preparation to implement no pots or food buffs, and it would require a LOT of preparation for everyone else to come up with a gear set of 150/200. As stated, once again in my post, I'm allowing 1 food buff for people who may be running more unique builds. With only 1 food buff, that also forces you to make an actual strategic decision about which one to use. I would love to host another tournament in the future that is purely skill with a gear cap. If you have an idea, or anyone else, as to how I, a mere player of the game, can ensure that people do not equip different gear just before the duel starts, I'm all ears. Until then, stay gruntled and hope to see you there!
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  4. Goodvibesguy added a topic in PVP   

    Ninja and Kunoichi Celebration Tournament!
    Hello NA Ninja and Kunoichi friends! With our awakening weapons coming just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to have an informal FUN tournament to showcase the skills that Ninja and Kunoichi players have! Before our class changes and becomes 100% the best in every way, let's celebrate the classes we've held out on and stuck with even with all difficulties and disadvantages we faced occasionally.
    The tournament will be on December 6th, 6pm PST, on Balenos 2, Heidel Arena, and will be live streamed on my channel. You can register here. The rules are simple:
    Single elimimation best of 3 matches. It will be a best of 3 match to decide the winner who will advance to the next round.
    Only ONE food buff, no elixirs or outside buffs. Really all these would do would make everybody spend more silver to get the extra buffs, since there are pretty much clear "best" options and not much variety. One food buff is allowed for those who may be running a unique or lesser used gear set up.
    No gear restrictions. This was a difficult decision to make. I value both pure skill on the class as well as the time and effort people put into their gear. I believe both are valid forms of showing your strength as a Ninja or Kunoichi, and ideally should be separated out. Unfortunately, since I do not have the tools to regulate this to ensure fair play, this tournament style will be any AP/DP level.
    Level 57 required. This is just to cut down on the number of participants.
    The main point of this tournament is to HAVE FUN and to showcase what us Ninja and Kunoichi players can do! Hope you all enjoy it and are as stoked as I am for our awakening weapons!
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  5. Goodvibesguy added a topic in Art & Media   

    Goodvibesguy's 24 hour charity live stream!
    Heyo! My name is Goodvibesguy, and I'm doing a 24 hour charity live stream of Black Desert Online this Friday at 9pm PDT! I hope we as a community can come together and do something awesome! For this week, consider spending the monetary equivalent of a costume or a pet that you would buy in the game on a donation to people who need it much more than ourselves. I have a goal of $100, so every dollar counts!
    What charity are you raising money for?
    The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. My dad runs triathlons with Team In Training who also raises money for LLS, so I thought I'd continue the family tradition by doing my own 24 hour marathon for the same charity!
    What will I be doing during the live stream?
    Grinding. I'll pop a Kalmisive Blessing for 24 hours, and grind away! Most likely at Crescent Shrine. I have over 300+ boss bundles saved up as well, and at the end of the stream with the Kalmisive still active, we'll open them all and all the Soiled Rings as well! Assuming I manage to survive to the end... There will also be dancing and other fun things going on throughout as well. 
    Even if you don't donate, your support would mean a lot and helps tremendously!
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  6. Goodvibesguy added a post in a topic Calpheon wood boxes   

    There are two types of crates you can make from wood. The ones you're seeing are lumber crates which make crates from raw logs which only sell for 1~5k per. The other type are plywood boxes which contain 10-15 plywood and sell for 30~50k each. To make plywood, your process 10 planks to make plywood, but you have to have high enough processing skill and you must complete the quest to gain the knowledge of making plywood which is in Heidel.
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