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  1. Marlynie added a post in a topic I reinstalled this game today. (✿◡‿◡)   

    You installed. I uninstalled because the files keep getting corrupted and it's an unplayable crash ridden mess. And since today's update I can't even log in on the launcher, gives me "Error 2001" and shuts down. My patience has finally run out with this garbage!
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  2. Marlynie added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Heidel Quarry = Character Stuck
    I am not sure if others have experienced this issue,but it seems that every time I take a character near Heidel Quarry on the side where the wheelbarrow quest for Vype Stoner is the game freezes and then that character becomes completely unplayable. Once stuck I can try to log in for eternity and will crash within 0.5 seconds of entering the world. Managed to fix last time with repair/reinnstall but again a character is stuck there. Has anyone else had issues with this particular area?
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  3. Marlynie added a post in a topic Tons of freezing (Not Responding) to full crash, all while using ridiculous amounts of and memory and sometimes CPU   

    Also regularly crashing. Had the issue a for a few weeks, did a reinstall and it seemed fixed. Now my lowbie sorc is stuck at Heidel Quarry (same place as before) and every time I try to log into her it freezes before I can even click the welcome window away. Not sure if it's a specific bug to this area (the side where the wheelbarrow quest is) but damn it's annoying. My armor is on her as I was levelling, so now I can't play my main or other higher level characters unless I buy another set of at least +15 of MP.  Also have been getting intermittent freezes all day today. Starting to think I should just quit *sigh*
    Windows 10
    i5 4690k 3.4ghz
    gtx970 sc
    16gb ddr3
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  4. Marlynie added a post in a topic Coherent UI eats CPU ?   

    Unable to run this game all week. Crashes after a couple of minutes being logged in. Not sure why, my PC can handle this easily up until the last week. I don't even get to the lagging phase, screen freezes, mouse comes active, and then after a few seconds either closes or a Windows "app not responding" prompt comes up to kill game. Even just collecting the daily stuff from calendar is darn near impossible, let alone actually killing or gathering anything!
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  5. Marlynie added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    RNG isn't bothering me too much. The fact that this game will no longer run for more than a freaking minute at a time without freezing is. I would like to actually be able to y'know... PLAY THE DAMN GAME!
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  6. Marlynie added a post in a topic Compensation for down server   

    Haven't been able to play this game at all for the last few days. Crashes within a minute of logging onto any character. Have lost patience trying to claim daily rewards. At this rate Black Desert is heading rapidly towards my recycle bin as a useless space-hog.
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  7. Marlynie added a post in a topic game freezez   

    Also having issues with crashing since yesterday. Running with i5 4690k@3.9 ghz and gtx970 sc. Usually can play on high settings at good framerate with only minor dips when entering Heidel at busy times. Now I crash as soon as I try to turn my camera around.
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  8. Marlynie added a post in a topic Please Add $5 Option for Buying Daum Cash   

    Well, £20 to buy a £15 item is only £5. In the time it takes to get a value pack from market  via camping until the wee hours of the morning, possibly for days on end you could likely earn £100+ in a minimum wage job...
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  9. Marlynie added a post in a topic Share your Horse!   

    Horses schmorses... Squirrels are the way forwards!

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  10. Marlynie added a post in a topic Do I have a cursed account?   

    Mmmm, I resorted to credit card for a couple of outfits as I got fed up of trying, but seriously, why even have a system to sell these items for in game money if it's damn near impossible to buy them? Might as well just keep them to credit card only and avoid all the messing around.
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  11. Marlynie added a topic in General   

    Do I have a cursed account?
    Have been trying for months to buy costumes and value packs from the marketplace, so far no luck on either front. Others seem to buy them as easily as picking up a pint of milk. Is my account simply cursed to have horrific luck. Is it worth me perhaps buying another copy of the game in order to get a luckier account? Seriously getting so frustrated at seeing the words "item already sold" or "failed at purchasing the item" every time I bid for something. Is it so much to ask to get a little luck once in a while????
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  12. Marlynie added a post in a topic Restrictions of the game   

    If you want to look good, be prepared to spend real money. Some costumes can be sold on marketplace, but it's a 1 in a million chance that you will actually be able to buy them that way. I have been trying for 3 months and so far no luck.
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  13. Marlynie added a post in a topic Marketplace bidding issue (POLL)   

    The bid system is INFURIATING now it has been applied to everything. Picture the scene, you just upgraded your *insert item here* and you need to repair durability. There's several of the items you need up on the marketplace that are available to be bought and one up the top that's still in bidding. So you bid on the item, it goes to someone else, no problem, I will just buy one of the others. Oh wait, you can only buy the "cheapest" which means bids only. So now the first bid item is gone, you still can't buy because there's 3 more up as bid only, so back to waiting to see if you won the roll, eventually you might get lucky, but when you need to buy 10x "Armor of whatever" this system is a needless frustration. It should only apply to high value/pearl items, not every single thing on the marketplace!
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  14. Marlynie added a post in a topic Please make Value Packs Pre-Orderable   

    When a couple of people end up with 90% of the value packs sold on a server, the system is broken. Who says they even plan to use them as opposed to just sitting on them for a year or so until the price goes up enough to be worth selling them on?
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  15. Marlynie added a post in a topic Please make Value Packs Pre-Orderable   

    I can't see this working somehow, there's simply not enough value packs to go around. What needs to happen is that people who have already bought one from the MP cannot buy another until it's due to expire. There are people with entire warehouses full up with the things while the rest of us get mad after weeks of trying to snipe just one. There is simply no reason to hoard them, you can only use one at a time and putting a stop to those compulsive buyers who hog the lot can only be a good thing.
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