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  1. shadowsfall added a topic in General   

    When is class balance going to be addressed?
    I mean I keep coming back to this game to see if major changes are being made about class balance, but I've yet to see any fixes. It's bad when classes can be listed from best class to worst class.. I mean I can easily say that ninja/kuno/tamer/valk are easily the lowest tier classes to play. Why not look into ways of addressing that??? or maybe some of the other classes need to be brought down a bit. I really like the game, but I can't seem to get back into it when it's forcing me to re-roll to a different class.. I like the class I play, and I'm sure other like theirs as well. Make it fair for all  
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  2. shadowsfall added a post in a topic Ninja Awakened Skills Discussion   

    I guess the big thing I've seen is that as a whole most classes are balanced for large scale pvp. All I've seen for our kit is we're balanced for 1v1's but have a huge disadvantage in large scale due to our lack of frames inside awakening. But for the most part I can agree with you to an extent.
    Murderous intent: I have said for the most part the same running or chasing but the stiffness is unreliable due to the extent of most players super armor.
    Drastic Measure: unless a player is already downed the length of animation at the end of the skill being used can lead to taking a lot of damage.
    Silent Charge: I agree with you here, I actually personally find it great to use for a quick back attack. Though I never can get the cc from it to ever work lol...
    Seamless: I really only can seem to use this as a finisher, since if they are standing while I have this skill being used they can easily get out due to how short the cc lasts.
    Shadow Cloak: when I say quick cast I mean it like how we can use smokescreen into invisibility when in our short sword stance.
    Flow:Execution: me and a buddy tested that way as well, the beginning of the seamless sudden decapitation also does a knock down just like regular sudden decapitation. So for the most part the flow execution will only apply the launch if you do not hit the enemy with any of the prior skill. Which I can't seem to understand why they set up the skill in that way.
    Vacuum slash: for the most part I don't disagree with you, I just only seem to be able to effectively put it in a combo where they're already on the ground and I use a grab to animation cancel it.
    Thanks again for you input I don't disagree with you in any sense, but I just find it weird how the ninja's awakened tree is set up. I almost feel like they're a ton of animation cancels that I have yet to learn or if they are not put into the game as of yet.
    Also quick question to put out there. Dunno if this is a bad translation but for "Asura" Our Awakened buff. It says that we get super armor while using the skill. Isn't it supposed to be for when we are attacking it adds super armor?
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  3. shadowsfall added a post in a topic Ninja Awakened Skills Discussion   

    @Frozen Yogurt
    I understand where the use of vacuum slash can come into play after a log jump, but in large scale you normally want to chain log jump with a reliable framed skill as to avoid knockdowns or stuns on your character from other enemies. In a small scale scenario where you are cornering a person or can properly keep an enemy at your front side it can be used effectively as such. I find myself using for the most part though 90% un-awakened and 10% awakened mostly for when I'm in a combo to use serpents ascension and a grab.
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  4. shadowsfall added a topic in Ninja   

    Ninja Awakened Skills Discussion
    So I'm just curious if other have kind of noticed the same as me, but I have found that out of our entire awakened tree truly only 3 skills are actually used on a consistent basis for anything pvp oriented. Not sure if this was meant to be the way they intended it or not, but I thought I'd start a bit of a discussion on our skills to see if maybe there's more info I am missing such as cancels for our attacks or quick casts to make them more viable. Here is kind of a list of the skills a bit in our awakening and kind of where I see the use and where I don't find any use.
    [Flash Bondage] - Our grab: good use inside of group fights since it has a super armor to start and a invincibility frame while active. So now we can safely use a grab to start an initiation or to extent our combo's.
    [Asura] - Our E buff: used for grabbing some extra hp more than anything but not framed and the hp recovery has a delay to it so if you're in a fight and your using that to clutch some final hp. You may die instead of healing.
    (skipping the basic attack)
    [Corrupt Sword Dance] - back + left click: This skill has a long wind up no frames but a decent bleed to it. It's a little quicker in transitioned stance, but I've honestly found no use for it due to seeing no quick cast and lack of down attack/damage.
    [Murderous Intent] - shift + left click: prior to awakening this would have been a great initiator, but now with the over-abundance of super armor is very unreliable. Outside of running away or using it's i-frame to do a quick chase I've found this skill to not be very reliable.
    [Sudden Decapitation] - back + left click: Amazing damage skill, but due to how slow it is to use I can't seem to find a way to add it into anything. Transitioned stance is decent to use a bit in 1v1, but at the same time the knock down from it is very unreliable do to de-sync and rng. In group fights this skill is a death sentence due to it's slow stature. Great skill, but also very much useless without some for of quick cast/skill cancel.
    [Serpent Ascension] - back + f: Our hands down best skill. The ninja's one trick pony skill. This skill is pretty much one of the only reasons you go into awakened stance. Pretty sure it's a bug, but transitioned stance damage gets lower the closer you are, causing it to do less damage than normal stance though it has more hits.
    [Bloodthirst: Katana Shower] - shift + f: Our big group fight skill. Very great for surprise cc's for people but if used improperly gets you easily killed. This skill is for the most part our only super armor skill. Heal seems to be quite lackluster compared to what I've personally seen in the kr version.
    [Drastic Measure] - shift + right click: super armor with charge but the length of the charge makes the damage output from the skill very lackluster. Can't find a use for this skill outside of the 100% black spirit version even with using the quick cast or ghost step with it.
    [Silent Charge] - Transitioned stance + shift forward or back: good way to catch people off guard. Usually not used due to awakened tree's lack of mobility.
    [Seamless] - space bar after an attack: useful for finishing someone off but only a block frame at the first attack so use with extreme caution elsewhere.
    [Shadow Cloak] - Invisibility: As long as you're in awakened stance you can keep invisibility up the whole time. Sadly we can easily be knocked out from any cc. So very difficult to use in group fights. No quick cast option viable unlike short sword so very much use it in a safe location where you wont be spotted immediately.
    [Flow: Dopple Dummy] - shift + q: what makes a ninja so tricky to catch. A good combo starter and a good what to get out. Has invincibility shortly after activation. No frames during log throw animation so you can be easily stopped from using the skill in a group fight.
    [Flow: Execution] - Used after Sudden Decapitation: Great skill if it could be quick casted. Causes a launch on the skill. Unfortunately the prior skill before has a knockdown so if you try to use this you need to either miss that knock down or aim it away to get the launch effect to happen. Probably the most useless skill in the ninja awakened tree since there's no quick cast for it to my knowledge.
    [Vacuum Slash] - f: Has a block during first 3 attacks can use e to cancel the skill. The skill also has a float to it. Problem is it is very much like threading a needle to hit with it. Really only time you'd want to use it is if the enemy is on the ground and you're fighting solo. Since the lack of super armor in a group fight this skill can lead to a death sentence.
    [Sura Chaospree] - back + e: the amount of times i've used this skill instead of grab is annoying. Very situational has a good stun but range is mediocre. good for small scale fights but can be a death sentence with large scale.
    [Flow: Mach Explosion] - hold right click after drastic measure: Pretty much useless in pvp and in pve, but hey if you wanna look like a bad-ass, then why not?
    Let me know you're thoughts I keep feeling like I'm missing a lot that I should know about ninja but, after the video's I've watched and the stuff I have tested we really lack skill cancels inside of awakened stance. Don't know if it's my play style or not but it's seemed that you really only use 3 skills out of the whole awakened tree. Grab, Serpents Ascension and Bloodthirst. Outside of that I don't seem to find a true reason for our awakened skills. Thank you for listening to me and I hope to hear how others feel as well.
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  5. shadowsfall added a post in a topic Post your awakened ninja pics   

    http://prntscr.com/dibdyn made my character look like raiden a bit.
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  6. shadowsfall added a topic in Ninja   

    Would you rather..?
    Would you rather..?
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  7. shadowsfall added a post in a topic Did we receive a buff?   

    The reason I say anything is because I went from having to 2 combo my musa buddy to 1 comboing him, and the only change was 3 ap so I'm sure that was not it.
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  8. shadowsfall added a post in a topic Did we receive a buff?   

    If someone would care to test it. I deffinitly feel like I'm doing more damage.
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  9. shadowsfall added a topic in Ninja   

    Did we receive a buff?
    So today with the musa/meahwa release I helped some guildies train in pvp. One of which I used to fight quite frequently. Today though after fighting him it seemed as though I was seeming to do more damage than I normally would. So I'm wondering if others are noticing the same thing.
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  10. shadowsfall added a post in a topic Ninja Damage Tests   

    I'm more curious to know if our awakening will be delayed and if they will actually adjust the dmg % to match the actual tooltips.
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  11. shadowsfall added a topic in General   

    When are we receiving the fixed boss gear box?
    Just a quick question if anyone may know. I've been out of commission for black dessert due to a my video card dieing on me (thank god for warranties.. lol) But Anyways I was wondering if any1 knows when the box will be getting replace? I heard it was after the event originally, but the event ended today and I saw there was nothing outside the ordinary in my mail. Besides that I also saw that the original boss gear box post was removed from the pin. So thank you if anyone could clarify this for me!
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  12. shadowsfall added a post in a topic What is your current AP/DP?   

    I will agree that the AP is more than enough but my current issue is if I run into battle with no accuracy food buffs. The misses show heavily in the difference in damage that I do.. I go from taking out 40% HP of my buddy's musa with shadowstomp to about 75-80%. Accuracy matters! especially on someone with muskans lol.
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  13. shadowsfall added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening can use Ninja Step in latest KR update   

    I'm really hoping when our awakening is released we get the newest version of it over the first version! 
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  14. shadowsfall added a post in a topic Its time to fix kunos and nins NOW!   

    Am I one of the only ninja's that think I'm still op? I think it may be because I played pre-awakened warrior for too long... lol
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  15. shadowsfall added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    Well I am pretty disappointed with rng. I've been to roughly 40-60% of all bosses since the game began and I have yet I have only received 1 liverto(from guild boss) and 1 mark of shadow(from mudster). It can be easily noted boss gear hasn't been out since the start, but it still doesn't change the fact that it's disappointing having to buy 95% of all gear.
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