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  1. Summer-OS added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    You WAS from an enemy guild long time ago, then why ARE you so eagerly writing in the guild section now, clearly u cant have competent opinion on any of the topics that are guild related, as you said, you got bored of em, so why are you here i ask again?
    And indeed you are spoiled kid, cant deny it. People keep telling you that your place is not here, but you cant resist the attention people are giving you, i pity you thats why i wrote you A mistake if i may say.... Keep bashing, every circus need a clown
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  2. Summer-OS added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    As i know you are not from our guild, and you are not from any enemy guild, the question is why would you care? The only reasonable reasoni could think of is that you are part of some secret cult community, that had launched the divine inquisition and you are hunting all the baddies in the world.
    Well either that, or you are just spoiled kid, who never got any attention, so he decided to search for it in a internet game forum, which is really sad, but i didn't want to suggest it, so lets assume it is the cult thingy :wink:
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  3. Summer-OS added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    If you want to name 11 go ahead, it doesn't need to be 10.... even so we are not counting WolfGirl as 10 for sure... please name the rest.
    Clearly from 100-120 people u cant be left alone with WolfGirl, or a white knight, and true believer of the destiny that the princess might fall for the knight you only need her?
    Ive heard Nanda have a cute GM/Officer girl, why dont u try ur luck with her? Maybe at last u will find the love of your life
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  4. Summer-OS added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    I still whine, cry and sulk like always. Now the 10 people please? Clearly we cant count WolfGirl as 10 people, but the other 9 please?
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  5. Summer-OS added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Lets make a statement here then, i give you a chance to prove yourself as the right in all your previous dramas...
    How many of the original Avalon members still play with you and your community, if there are more than 10 people i will accept your your argument and wont bother anymore. Just name 10 people who still play with you, from the 100-120 people that started the game with Avalon. Clearly all of us cant be wrong at the same time, cant we?
    I dont ask this on a whimp, 60% of the original people who started Zer0 are still here, after so much time, We never had any dramas in the leadership..... i wonder how are we still together, by your Myth that these officers and GM are so bad and power hungry we should have disbanded long time ago no?
    Please answer my question, just 10 ppl.... Thanks.
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  6. Summer-OS added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    We are standing behind our actions pal, people answered you that although we do not support cheating/exploiting, we will give a 2nd chance to the friend that made Zer0 as it is for us, a nice community.... to me it seems, its not like we do not stand behind our actions, it is just you who are unable to understand and move on.
    It must be hard on you, to see that there can be a community that would be based on friendship, instead of "worship me, i have KR experience" theme.
    Also you got that right "it got nothing to do with you" so why are you still barking in the forums?   What do you hope to acomplish? To me it seems you search for a reason to justify yourself, a reason that would make us the bad people that we left Avalon, a reason that would be other than "a very bad GM" that every person that left would say
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  7. Summer-OS added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    We don't support a 30+ old male courting a barely legal 18y old girl, but nobody came to the forum to expose you pal.... Maybe we should have?  Not mentioning u ruined Avalon for us after that, cuz of your selfishness, but hey thats almost crime y know?
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  8. Summer-OS added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    A lot of people told you, nobody is supporting an exploiter, we clearly do not approve what Niker did, and we clearly do not support / approve cheating or exploiting. But we do support a friend, he made a mistake, his account is suspended, he will start from the scratch. So for his actions, he will take his punishment (losing his account), that doesnt make him worse as a person, or worse as a leader. People trust him because he is skilled and good, and most of all, people trust him because he is a friend to all of us, he listen to people, he confront people, he laugh with people. He never had to opress somebody with power, he always tried to help with guild mates. I know alot of this sounds unreasonable to you, but just giving explanation.
    So to summarize it, we do not support cheating/exploiting. We support a member of our community, he lost his account for his actions, and that is the punishment he gets for his mistakes.
    Now that i answered your question, can you please stop spamming the same thing over and over again? Like even you cant be that stupid...
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  9. Summer-OS added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    To me it seems it is more entartaining than a siege vs Harmony...  They should made a mini siege so we can fight for the villas and houses in the territory while Harmony wins all the territories.... good idea no?
    But seriously i dont understand Ammumu.... maybe its just me, but i simply cant understand what a person that clearly dont like being in a guild and sieges doing here.... posting every 2nd comment in this thread.... Maybe its just me.  
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  10. Summer-OS added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Hitted = you asked for the first kiss of your life with the girl, please do i need to explain everything.....
    Now let me ask a question..... Why do you concern yourself with what the ppl in Zer0 support, and who our GM is?  Like why do you need to continue to spam the forum with your propaganda?  Clearly you understand that we do not care about your opinion, and clearly you understand that we will support our friends no matter what. Let me explain this too, Friend is a person that care about, and would help in a difficult situation. Something you never tried to do in Avalon, something i cant imagine yourself having... sorry for the blunt words  
    Now let me end with some statistics... Zer0 is still standing, and as you can see, the ppl who started it are still here, we are awesome community and we would do anything to protect that  WHERE IS YOUR COMMUNITY ? ah wait... you kicked most of em, cuz they werent so obidient to follow ur dictatorship
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  11. Summer-OS added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    True that.... u cant expect nothing from us children.... but then again if we talk about a young 18y old Sweedish girl, we talking business here airight?  Should we remind the BDO community how you hitted one of your officers, then she rejected u, and u demolished Avalon because of that?  (You kicked her, and some of your best members from the guild)
    And a guy like that talking and preaching, god where this game is headed...... lol
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  12. Summer-OS added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Thank you. I am happy we reached a conclusion and you can leave us. It was really a pleasure to read your well formed opinions and comments, and let me just say that im really sad you dont feel this is your place, we could really liked your company.
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  13. Summer-OS added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Nobody is asking you anything, ppl just state their opinions on the current state of the server. If you cant handle it, then you are at the wrong place...
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  14. Summer-OS added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    I will just say again "The Harmony No-Reading Curse".
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  15. Summer-OS added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Indeed, you`ve caused me a heart problems, i know you dont learn about such doctor, but please do something as a doctor.... like you wont forgive yourself if a patient in need suffer right?
    P.S. Ive told you to ask them about shinigami, because you tossed some personal attacks on him. As these ppl were playing with him, and know him better than you. But i guess you misunderstood me, dont worry it is a curse of your guild to not read, just comment. The world will find a cure for it someday, i believe in it!
    Your new leadership must feel the same way tho, they care about their community, they just had 60 inactive slots that they had to kick, yet still managed to pull 70+ attendances on sieges just saying.
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