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  1. Mattaus added a post in a topic Dark Knight Skill Build   

    Well im only lvl 57 and i have 808 Skill Points, so this is my current Pre awakend skill build that im using.
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  2. Mattaus added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    This is the dark knight i made ready for when we can play

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  3. Mattaus added a post in a topic New Attendance Reward Bug   

    i'm having the same issue, cannot obtain due to memory, then log onto my alt and the attendance thing says its been obtained. now i log back over to my main i tried to obtain it on and i haven't received the item yet
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  4. Mattaus added a post in a topic Problems with tamer looking like a lttle child   

    Bascially i spent along time with my tamers creation and i think i managed to make her look alot more mature than the presets usually look.
    this is what i ended up with and is in the beauty album aswell.

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  5. Mattaus added a post in a topic Not sure how i should build a tamer, LF some help   

    well this is my latest updated build for my tamer in total i have 955 skill points i have Skilled Hunter also at the 2nd lvl and 2 skill points not spent
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  6. Mattaus added a post in a topic Valencia Story Quest for 7ap/dp Ring   

    ok i got to the last quest where you have to enter the chamber at valencia castle, the part in which it teleports you to the balenos stone chamber, the gates to valencia castle as closed which means i cant be teleported but yet the quest marker shows in Balenos where i will be teleported to.
    im wondering if it is bugged? or do i just go to the Balenos stone chamber and not the valencia castle to be teleported there?
    ok update even tho the castle gates are closed, there is a cave to the side of the castle which also can lead to the basement, so the finaly answer is 2nd AP ring obtained so you can get 2 rings 
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  7. Mattaus added a post in a topic Valencia Story Quest for 7ap/dp Ring   

    im doing the questline on an alt class, so im wondering will it offer me a 2nd ring to choose or just wont give me the quest for it? since i already have the 7AP ring on my main 
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  8. Mattaus added a post in a topic Not sure how i should build a tamer, LF some help   

    i main a 57 tamer and this is my current build http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/8624
    8 points are missing due to the Skilled Hunter i have upto the 2nd one on that skill also and this calc doesnt show this skill. 
    Also i went for Flash 10hp + 10mp, Jolt - 20AP + 10% Attk Speed, Trample - 20AP Acc +3% on awakend skills for now
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  9. Mattaus added a post in a topic Exp Event?   

    Yep same for me and its now an hour late, but it looks like no EXP atm either on NA server as i jumped over and checked the server list there so im guessing they are having issues? it would be nice to have some kinda of answer to why we dont have it when the past 2 weeks its been up over Fri - Mon
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  10. Mattaus added a post in a topic Exp Event?   

    Yep i was looking for a nice long grind tonight, but still no EXP showing for me on EU Jordine, ive tried logging out the server and back in and still no show
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  11. Mattaus added a post in a topic Valencia quest ring ?   

    well im using x2 blue and x2 blue ring atm on my Kuno both PRI so i think i can replace maybe one of the rings and not suffer too much even if i got the HP one itll help fatal blow :combo just a little more i guess
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  12. Mattaus added a post in a topic Valencia quest ring ?   

    i wasnt given a choice  of ring when getting far enough in the valencia story, it just gave me the 7AP 25 HP ring as a reward from the king unless there is other quests after these which i havent given to me yet which will allow you to choose another ring later on or in Part 2?
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  13. Mattaus added a post in a topic Issue With Pet After Patch   

    Also my beef with the Pet is that you never really know how long you have left on your pet until it decided to just randomly despawn and needs recasting, we dont even have a buff icon or any visual thing to say how long is left on our pet, so having it despawn while pulling like 10 mobs and he disappears and needs recasting, it is just a pain having the no indication on duration left on pet, casting animation of pet and now the pet being in follow once summoned.
    With the only thing that allows tamers to recast a pet without putting it actually on cooldown is put points in (Absorb Heilang) i think a good suggestion is to maybe add some visual aid to show remaining time left till pets despawn im sure its not too hard to add this feature as many times since this last patch ive been in the middle of alot of mobs and having my pet just desummon and be in follow after being recasted.
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  14. Mattaus added a post in a topic SKILL ADD ON SYSTEM BROKEN!   

    i have the same problem with this, even picked up and used my Cliff's Skill Add-On thing and used it and still will only let me pick the skills i've not bothered with, cant reset skills ive already awakend
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  15. Mattaus added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard