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  1. Saiyer added a post in a topic Character Face Details Changed   

    Mine doesn't seem to have any issues and she's existed since early launch with no changes.

    Have you tried messing with her face at all to see if a certain part of the face is causing it or the preset?
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  2. Saiyer added a post in a topic Night Vendor system rollback?   

    It's been a known issue since the newest patch.

    Even before the issue came up, I'd always only roll in the town I have the most funds at just in the event that something like this happens. I don't want to deal with the heartbreak.
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  3. Saiyer added a post in a topic Opposite proposition for PVP server (World of Red)   

    I dunno about the suggested rewards...

    But the biggest issue is that people won't move to a PvP server (or at least not for long). By going on to a completely open PvP world, highly contested grind areas would be chaos and eventually people would realize that the chaos isn't worth throwing away grinding efficiency. This would mean only dedicated PvPers would play on it, and that's a really low number of people.
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  4. Saiyer added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    BDO tried to cater to many different crowds and playstyles. Ironically the game instead functions best when you dip your feet into every aspect, even ones you normally wouldn't care for or like.

    If you play BDO only for PvP and despise the PvE, you're bound to be disappointed. Same goes for the reverse if all you do is grind. You'd eventually get burned out without life skilling or PvPing. If you want a game for PvP or PvE alone, than you should look towards games that focus around those specific gameplay.
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  5. Saiyer added a post in a topic Daum needs to acknowledge the MAJOR issues with their servers   

    I love watching the server derp out for a few seconds just for it to recover and see 5+ people dead at world bosses.

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  6. Saiyer added a post in a topic Peace!   

    Why do people insist on blowing up gear when Cron stones exist? ¯\__(ツ)__/¯
    It might not save you from your bad RNG when it comes to upgrades and it'll cost your first born and a few limbs...but at least you keep your previous progress instead of deleting it.

    BDO should be known by now for being RNG simulator. From progression, to income, to fun. It's all RNG. Don't test it, or it'll bite you.
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  7. Saiyer added a post in a topic New Boss set event?   

    Got my Bheg's from a bundle and got my Giath from Night Vendor. We have several different ways to get boss armor right now. While it's all RNG, it opens up different routes to take in getting your gear.

    World bosses (Bheg, Tree, Red Nose), Scroll bosses, Night Vendor, and market are the ones I can think of.

    I learned long ago that trying for anything 'rare' on the market is nothing but a massive headache. I'll either farm for it myself or try other systems.

    Edit; With that said though, I would like to see an 'aura' system added to the game for the respective bosses and their armors.
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  8. Saiyer added a post in a topic Those BDO Servers are just a pile of garbage.   

    I love watching my character die because the server lags out.

    10/10 would waste EXP again.
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  9. Saiyer added a post in a topic BEST JOKE 2017   

    It's better than sitting around with no attendance items left to get.
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  10. Saiyer added a post in a topic Bro.   


    Server failed to kill you.
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  11. Saiyer added a post in a topic I dont think anythings going to kill this game faster than future tech   

    The great thing about BDO is that it's playable (enjoyable is a different argument...) even on a potato while still offering visuals that put other big budget MMOs to shame. However it seems like they intended to fit as many people into the game, without caring about consistency of performance. The loss of frames on medium settings in a town on a system like mine (i7-6850K, 1080GTX, 32GB RAM) shows that optimization in certain parts of the game were either completely ignored or it wasn't designed with the ever improving hardware and technology we use.
    My Mabinogi days have taught me one golden rule regarding in-house engines; The freedoms it provides are nearly unlimited, but so are the complications and upkeep.

    Overall my three main performance issues are pop-ins, massive framedrops at bosses, and the moody servers. Given time I feel the game can overcome these, but only if the developers care enough to actually fix them. I don't expect the game to run 60 FPS buttery smooth at every given moment with all connection issues being my ISP, but I do expect performance that matches my hardware and for the servers and netcode to be of premium quality given this is a successful buy-to-play title with a cash shop.
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  12. Saiyer added a post in a topic We all roll Cresent ring   

    I'm only a poor 150/180! It's was a big deal to me... QQ
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  13. Saiyer added a post in a topic Olvia servers 200% exp for all or nobody.   

    Exactly this.

    I was gone since early summer of last year, and just recently came back and have been grinding on the Olvia channel. If you compare my gear, silver, and level to someone who's been consistently playing for the past several months, you'd see that people like me actually NEED this kind of thing to do any sort of catch up in levels.

    With that said though, I'd like to see a bigger gap in time to have a player labeled as "returning". Between 3~5 months minimum of not logging in would be great. So that the 30-day quitters can't take advantage of bonuses that are meant for those who are MONTHS behind or are brand new. Olvia works, but it isn't perfect.
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  14. Saiyer added a post in a topic We all roll Cresent ring   

    Got an Ogre Ring and smashed it together with my previous one at 28 failstacks.

    It was an emotional roller coaster of a ride between opening the box and getting that PRI Ogre Ring. RIP my luck for the rest of 2017.
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  15. Saiyer added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Events and more   

    Maintenance is right around the corner and the support team is still trying to fix my issues with the character slot not being applied, and because of that I still can't make a Dark Knight...

    Am I gonna get compensation for "Pre-Registration Event Part 2" and get the items for it, or am I screwed out of them because of this?
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