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  1. Sarre added a post in a topic BLACK Friday sales   

    I just read the patch notes. Yes it should be 20% off  im not Ingame to see yet tho
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  2. Sarre added a post in a topic BLACK Friday sales   

    Artisan memory on sale please, p2w all day
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  3. Sarre added a post in a topic Bheg's gloves are cursed!   

    Used 300 mem frags to +14 kzarka and 3x40fs. 
    Used fs to tri accesories.
    Sold the +14 and bought a tri kzarka. 
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  4. Sarre added a post in a topic             

    My daily grind is: start grinding, kill those who enter my rotation, get karma griefed. Go Somewhere else to get karma back. 
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  5. Sarre added a post in a topic Desert Shovel Exploit   

    I would rather see people rolled back to before valencia patch hit! Would be amazing
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  6. Sarre added a post in a topic Halloween Events   

    Is it possible to collect cookie on alt and stock up on candy in warehouse to do the quest on an alt everyday?
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  7. Sarre added a post in a topic Halloween Events   

    This is a really good event but I have to stay on for 2 hours every day if I dont want to miss out on anything??? I did not know of this yesterday because the event page gave me an "this page cannot be found" error and Therefore I missed 1 Box?!
    Also I have No plans on visiting heidel everyday, but now I have to, to finish a quest? Otherwise ill miss out on loot?!
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  8. Sarre added a post in a topic Anyone running BDO on an Evo 850 in Rapid Mode ?   

    If Im correct rapid mode does not work in windows 10. Samsung software is not updated. However you can Download some versions lower of the Samsung Magician to enable it. I know this actually hasnt much to do with your post, just letting you know.
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  9. Sarre added a post in a topic Why are all these lower level spots packed with level 59s?   

    Like said before XP and cash is shit in Valencia. Going for repair or vendor is atleast 20 min downtime and No matter where I go in Valencia the density of mobs is also shit. 
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  10. Sarre added a post in a topic The Best Way To Store Your Money!   

    And when everyone sells their Stones prices Will be back at 100k and you make 0 profit?  
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  11. Sarre added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance July 13th   

    "resolved issues"
    "AlienFX added, keyboard turns yellow when logging in to bdo"
    Are you -----ing serious? Was this the biggest issues on your mind? Servers are unplayable and on top of that we are forced to gathering if or when we log in
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  12. Sarre added a post in a topic Could i skip all storyline quests   

    You can just skip all quests and grind all the way, its No problem :)
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  13. Sarre added a post in a topic Spirit healing never buffed.   

    Yes. But the spirit healing is not buffed. I have tried it out and still regen 14 mp every second. 
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  14. Sarre added a topic in Ranger   

    Spirit healing never buffed.
    Spirit healing was never buffed even tho it clearly says it patch notes that mp recovery for all spirit healing lvls would be increased. At lvl 56 my mp recovery is still +14, please fix. 
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  15. Sarre added a post in a topic Pls fix Ranger Shotgun   

    Yes my bad, just miss typed
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