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  1. Walpurga added a post in a topic Weekly loot lockout on field bosses   

     overload. Go play singleplayer; BiS gear is only for the true tryhards. If you're not willing to trade your real life for a virtual one then go play a mobile game or something
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  2. Walpurga added a post in a topic best pve class?   

    Tamer because there's a limit on how many mobs you can aggro at once
    Heilang doubles that limit because you just use him to pull another collection of mobs
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  3. Walpurga added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Another FPS drop thread
    Recorded screen on my phone because ain't no way I can record this game 
    Wondering if any of the other people having fps issues are having this same issue and if anyone can diagnose it
    This didn't happen pre-musa/maehwa update
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  4. Walpurga added a post in a topic Best Food to gain health stat?   

    Timed key press with food on quick bar with programmable mouse and keyboard
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  5. Walpurga added a post in a topic Blood and Gore...   

    I turn it off not because I'm offended but because I run the game on an ancient potato
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  6. Walpurga added a post in a topic How many Grade Stones did you use to get Ultimate?   

    6 so far on Main. Haven't tried again because of finals but just going to save up 30 attempts to do while I play my plum
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  7. Walpurga added a post in a topic Random frame drops   

    I get it every 30-45 seconds. Intel integrated optimization mode and I never expected good frames but I used to have fairly consistent 40fps
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  8. Walpurga added a post in a topic Questions about stuns and knockdows   

    Ranger can knock you down from one end of a battlefield lane to the other end
    Wizard knockdown has pretty okay range but it's flashy and I'm sure you see it.
    Most of the damage is based on knockdown anyways. Stuns almost always exist to set up knockdowns. Put KD resist gems in shoes slots
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  9. Walpurga added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Periodic repeated drops in framerate
    System Specs: 
    Laptop, Intel i5-4200M 2.50 GHz, 8.00gb memory, WIn10 64 bit, Intel HD4600 driver ver.,
    30-40 fps in Optimization mode, fullscreen crop 1980X1080 external monitor
    About 2 weeks ago when occasional large fps spikes started occurring, similar to fps spikes caused by recoiling into a wall (visible stuttering and frames dropped for a brief moment until regular graphics quality returns)
    Unable to reliably replicate/induce fps drop
    fps drop often occurs when opening world map, after Evasive Explosion Arrow->LMB umbrella into Q or F cancel shotgun
    No update for graphics driver seems available (Lenovo builtin update utilities are terrible yet still uses a custom driver, so a driver from Microsoft update does not work)
    At least 1.5 weeks ago I was able to maintain steady fps at the same settings. Uninstalled, deleted cache, ran CCleaner and will restart and reinstall now.
    EDIT: According to http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/graphics-drivers/000005654.html my driver is a win 8.1 version with DX 11.1. I have tried for months to find a more up to date version for Lenovo Thinkpad Edge and have not been successful so if someone can help me out here that'd be great
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  10. Walpurga added a post in a topic Ranger PvP   

    Use tearing Q LMB instead of Q along to cast blasting gust for off-cd knockdown proc 
    And nah, you outgear hardcore fam
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  11. Walpurga added a post in a topic Randomly FPS drops anyone else?   

    periodically occurring fps drops similar to that of a recoil skill putting you against a wall or object? Yes
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  12. Walpurga added a post in a topic Mutant Tree Spirit de-aggro bug   

    You hit too many
    Aggro limit is something like 8 (?) mobs per source of aggro (Tamer and Heilang count separately)
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  13. Walpurga added a post in a topic Plum Awakens (Blader Video out. Plum ETA 5/12)   

    gr8 b8 m8
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  14. Walpurga added a post in a topic Dominating guilds vs rest   

    Weren't all the WoW kiddies crying about boss raiding being bad in this game?

    Oh wait they wanted instanced boss raiding where they're guaranteed to get something, k3k; go play your instanced/singleplayer feelgoodaboutyourself game you're hyping now
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