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  1. Windamere added a post in a topic Guild mission - gathering / fishing   

    I also totally agree.
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  2. Windamere added a post in a topic Mailea's Diary {{CLOSED}}   

    Entry 5
                    Amongst other lessons, my father taught me to do what I can to keep my promises. My mother wants me to be a liaison between her and the Syndicate; I told her I would.  At the moment the only thing that I have to offer is my ears, so I have been using them. I’ve been listening around Calpheon for any mutterings about Inkheart or her nobles.
                    I have learned a few bits of information to give to my mother. I know that the group isn’t composed only of nobles. And I have been thinking it over. It is true that Nobles and Mercenaries function on very different levels, but they have do have a tentative symbiotic relationship with each other. Nobles rely on Mercenaries to do some of their dirty work for them, while mercenaries need Nobles and others with silver, to make their coin purses heavier. It doesn’t make sense to me for simple class differences to be the core of the issues between the two groups, but I haven’t heard any rumors about where the rift originated.
    Entry 6
    I lost control. Now someone is dead.  How am I supposed to hide what I am if I try to hold out the bloodlust takes over? 
    Home seems so far away. I wish that I had someone here I could trust. Father couldn’t come. I understand that he had to watch the herd until Ipp returns; if Ipp returns. But why couldn’t Darcey come with me?
    Entry 7        
                    As much as I’d like to stay in Calpheon, but I’m afraid that it may not be safe for me at the moment. Perhaps I’m being overly cautious, but I don’t want to push my luck. I used the very last of my father’s silver to buy myself a horse and am traveling the country side.
                    On one hand I’m ashamed that couldn’t keep myself together enough to stay and help my mother.  I know that she really wants to do what is best for her family.
                    On the other side I am glad that I am getting to see more of the countryside. I’m aware of the dangers around me, but many of the sights are beautiful. I even think the farms are lovely. The world is so much more amazing than I thought it would be. Just reading about it in books doesn’t do it justice.
                    Do other people notice how morning dew glitters on sunflower petals like little diamonds? Or how delicately wheat fields dance in the wind?
    Entry 8
                    I have settled down in Velia. I love the way it smells here. It smells like the sea and I can almost taste the salt from the spray in the air. It makes me homesick. I really wish that I could go back, but father sent me away to learn how to master my bloodlust and I won’t return until my mission is accomplished.
                    I paid to send a missive to my mother. Hopefully it finds her and the distance isn’t too far for her to travel.
    Entry 9
                    My mother met with me and we talked about what I’d learned and I plan I’d come up with. Neither of us have figured out how to seek an audience with this Inkheart, but when we do I would like to approach Syndicate with the truth, or at least a half-truth. I am the daughter of a noble who is seeking sanctuary. I’d let it be known that my father, a Lord, sent me to find my mother, but my mother had been asked to deliver my father’s head to her mercenary captain. She agreed that it was just as good of a plan as any.
                    Honestly, I don’t know how long I will get along with these nobles. I am educated and can be graceful enough, but I would always being hiding a darker part of myself. I’m afraid, with the atmosphere of Calpheon, that if they found out what I am that it would be the end of me.  I’m nervous about approaching these people, but I made my mother a promise.
                    I also talked to her about Ipp and my father. I let her know that father hadn’t come with me because Ipp has always been flighty.  Most of the time it his relationship with father is really good. They love each other and seem to work good together. However, sometimes Ipp just takes off. He will just vanish for weeks or even months at a time. This time he’s been gone longer than ever. The patriarch of the heard and Ipp’s favorite, Yuke, died.  The ram was old and lived longer than most, but Ipp saved Yuke when his first herd was all killed and raised him from little lamb. That was almost seven months ago and Ipp still hasn’t returned. I think father is starting to lose hope that his lover will return this time, but he also doesn’t want to abandon, or sell the herd , in case of Ipp’s return.
                    Mother said she’d talk to her girlfriend (or wife? I don’t really know which) about visiting their home in Hiedel so that I could meet my siblings. It is exciting to get to meet more of my family. I may find a new place to call my home. 
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  3. Windamere added a post in a topic {Character Bio} Mailea Vorkrunne-Windamere   

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  4. Windamere added a topic in Roleplay   

    Mailea's Diary {{CLOSED}}

    Other people’s characters may be mentioned in the Diary. They will be represented as Mai’s sees them, but it is only her opinion.  I do not own them and no offence is meant. Just because Mai shows distaste for a character does not mean that I show distaste for the player. If anyone has an issue with anything said please send me a message and we’ll talk about it.
    Mai's Character Bio
    Entry 1
                    My father tried to hide it, but it was obvious to me that he was holding back tears when we said our goodbyes. He gave me a package with this diary in it and kissed me on the forehead. It is a gift that he gave me along with a warning. He told me that keeping a diary can be both risky and the-----utic for people like us. We have thoughts and secrets that it isn’t always healthy for us to hang onto lest we are poisoned by our own mind. However, it could be our end if someone untrustworthy read what was inked within the pages; for him it is dangerous because he has committed crimes that he’d rather not have associated with his name and for me because I was born with a vampiric taint.
                    There are some things about my nature that he feels that my mother could explain better than he could. He has kept me safe until now, but he’s done all he can for me. It is time that I put my trust in someone else now.  The idea of finding my mother is really exciting, but, if I am to be honest, it is also really nerve wracking. I haven’t seen her since I was two and I was so young then that I really only have half memories. Everything I know about my mother comes from stories told by my father. 
                    I know that she has, or had, purple hair and is an elf. I know that my vampiric traits originated from her. Her name is Ryaj. My father always told me that he had chaos in his blood, and though he will always love her, she was too chaotic for even him.  The problem is that he has a controlled sense of chaos. He feels in control of the ripples and webs he spins; My mother isn’t in his control and he always seemed to end up drenched and wet in the wake of the hurricane of chaos swirling around her. 
                    I am just worried that she won’t want me. Has she stayed away because my father kept me away and she couldn’t find me, or did she not even care to look? What if I find her and she has moved on with her life? What if she can’t or won’t help me deal with my bloodlust? 
                    All the ‘ifs’ make my stomach queasy with butterflies, but I can’t let what may happen hold me back from what will happen.
    Entry 2 
                    I’ve arrived in Calpheon a few days ago and have been drifting around the city trying to find any sign of my mother. I have spent most of the silver my father gave me on lodging and food. It may come down to me having to turn to alternative means. Fortunately, I have been putting my ears to work and have heard murmurs of where I may be able to find my mother.  A woman named Ryaj runs an alchemy shop in the business district. I am going to keep an watch and listen until I know if it is my mother or if it is just a coincidence.
    Entry 3
    I have been watching the alchemy shop for a few days now.  It seems the woman has good business.  There is one woman that comes and goes more than others. This woman is also the first to arrive and the last to leave. At times I haven’t seen her exit at night. At the moment I’m assuming that this is Ryaj. I am not sure if this could be my mother. It is true that it has been many years since my father saw her, but he never said anything about her being heavy set. The woman, Ryaj, has to be nearly 300 pounds and wears it well. She is quite lovely, but there is one aspect about her that bothers me. She doesn’t have purple hair. She is a redhead.Could this be my mother? I guess that there is only one way to find out. It is time to approach her.
    One way or another I need to find a safe way to feed. I’m beginning to look at citizens as they pass by and wonder what they taste like. It is making my skin crawl.
    Entry 4
                    Ryaj was arguing the price of one of her brews with a client when I approached her. He was saying that she what she charged was highway robbery and she was saying that it was guaranteed to work. I approached and offered a third party opinion. Ryaj just looked at me for a moment before she could regain her composure. Her client said that the medicine was for his sick, pregnant wife, and no one else had been able to cure her yet. He was skeptical that Ryaj was going to do much better and the price was excessive. I told him that if he loved his wife and unborn child that the price should be worth it and from what I’d been told Ryaj was a terrible liar. Bad liars make bad con-artist. However, if he wanted to play it safe that perhaps they could work out a deal to receive the treatment and pay in installments. If it didn’t work then he obviously wouldn’t pay any more; if it did work then he’d have a cure for his sick wife.
                    The deal took.
                    Ryaj took me back to her alchemy shop. Looking me over she gave me a big hug and told me I looked like my father. She asked after him and I told her that he was well. She also told me that she was torn between what to do because someone named Knox had asked for her to kill my father and bring his head as a sign of respect. However, she wanted protection for her family and a chance at living in a castle someday.
                    At first I was upset and concerned for her. I wouldn’t give her father’s location, just in case. Thinking of anyone hurting my father makes my blood boil. He’s never been anything but good to me. However, when I think about it I doubt that it is the first time that someone has asked for my father’s head. Even he from his own admittance he is at the least viewed as eccentric and at the worst a villain. It is hard for me to see him as either, but perhaps I am too use to his brand of unique to see it as crazy.
                    I did tell my mother that I’d do what I could to help her family. She will stay a member of the mercenaries that asked for my father’s head and she’d like me to be an intermediary with a group she called Syndicate. She really didn't know much about them. All she could really tell me was that their leaders name is Inkheart and that they are nobles. She would like me to see why they do not get along with Ravens of War. My mother is curious if the reason they don't get along has to do with social class issues or not. I told her I'd listen around town and find out what I could. That way she can get a better understanding of her options without seeming like she is betraying the option she knows she has.
                    I want to prove myself to her.
                    She has also told me to be very careful and not let anyone know what I am. She says that no one else will understand. If I feed it needs to be well away from the city and never in the same location. I’m going to try to help her while finding someplace else to settle. 
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  5. Windamere added a post in a topic {Character Bio} Mailea Vorkrunne-Windamere   

    I can't wait to read it. Have fun adventuring. I hope you had a good table top day yesterday.
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  6. Windamere added a post in a topic {Character Bio} Mailea Vorkrunne-Windamere   

    Go ahead. ^.^
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  7. Windamere added a post in a topic {Character Bio} Mailea Vorkrunne-Windamere   

    Thank you. ^.^
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  8. Windamere added a post in a topic Please do not release the new Ranger / Valk costumes in the NA/EU version!   

    The outfit might look kind of Conan/Red Sonia if take awake the wings and add the proper dyes.

    But really to each their own. I don't think it is any more immersion breaking than green horses or bright pink, feathered barbarians. lol.
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  9. Windamere added a topic in Roleplay   

    {Character Bio} Mailea Vorkrunne-Windamere
    Name:  Mailea Kiara Vorkrunne-Windamere.
    Name Meaning: Mailea means lustful in elven. Kiara means dark.
    Nickname: Mai
    Date of Birth (& age):  16. Born under the sign of the Giant on the cusp of (()).
    Place of Birth: Windamere Manor
    Gender:  Female
    Species/Racial Origin: Half-Elf dhampir 
    Mother: Ryaj Vorkrunne. Mai has spent most of her life away from her mother. All she had of her mother was stories that her father told her. Recently she reconnected her Ryaj. She is looking forward both getting to know her mother. 
    Father: Lord Devonal Windamere. Mai is knows that her father isn’t a good man; she knows that he can be very wicked. He has always been very open and loving towards her. Others may see Lord Devonal as either a figure to lust after or blight upon mankind, but to her he is just Father. He is the one that has seen to her needs and education. He’s protected her and taken care of her. He is the one that bought her first bra, taught her how to do her make up, and to walk in heels. He is someone she looks up to and respects even though she also knows he is a killer that can be both sadistic and lusty.  
    Siblings: Mai was only raised with one of her siblings. She has a half-brother named Darcey. It is a joke  to refer to the pair as pseudo-twins because they were born within an hour of each other.  Mai and Darcey’s relationship is complicated. They love each other, but at the same time have grown up with a fierce sibling rivalry. They bicker and their arguing has occasionally become physically violent. He can be an annoyance to her and she will gripe about him. However, they do share a close bond and will team up to defend each other if anyone else tries to mess with the other of the pair.
    She has several other half-siblings from both her mother and her father that she has yet to meet.
    Other: Ipp – Her relationship with her father’s lover has always been an awkward one. On one hand Ipp has always been kind to her and she views him almost like an uncle. He does love her in his own way, but he’s always been a little skittish and she feels like there is something about him that is almost childlike. She also wonders how much there is about him that she doesn’t know. 
    Social Class: Mai is technically of a noble bloodline. Her father is a Lord and claims her as legitimate; however, due to her dhampir nature, he chose to raise her away from people.  She was raised in mountains herding sheep. Her father has made sure she has been taught etiquette and proper court protocol, but she has not had a chance to use it.
     Community Status: A stranger and newcomer. She is not well known, but people are starting to recognize her around the Velia area
    Relationship Status: Single. 
    Friends: She hasn’t made any friends as of yet, but is in the process of making a few.
     Pets: Hawk named Ethir, the elven word for spy.
    Physical Description
    Height:  6'0
    Weight:  145                
    Hair: Mai’s hair is the color of wild red roses and drops down to about mid-waist. It is mostly straight with a slight wave to it. The wave increases when it gets wet or the weather is humid.  It isn’t unusually for her to wear her hair pulled up into a pony tail to keep it out of her way.
    Eyes: Ruby Red
    Limb Dexterity:  Dexterously ambidextrous
    Piercings:  both ears thrice, but she doesn't always have earrings in all three holes.
    Tattoos: None 

    Detailed Physical Description: Mai is tall for her age and her body is starting to take on a more buxom appearance. Her hips are widening and her chest filling out. One day she may have the classic hourglass figure, but at the moment she still has some of the lanky awkwardness of youth about limbs and body. Mai is not overly muscular, but growing up in the mountains has left her fit and toned. Over all, she appears healthy. She doesn’t have any excess weight, but it is also clear that she has been well fed.  
    Her face, much like her body, is also still in transition between childhood and adulthood. Mai, like much dhampir is rather lovely to look upon.  Her lips are starting to appear lush and her face is shapely. However, her pale completion makes the strange redness of her irises stand out and when she smiles she hasn’t completely mastered the ability to hide that her canines are slight more sharp and pointed than they should be. 
    She does work hard and is often dirty and sweaty from trying to prove herself and earn her keep. With that being said, she has grown up liking to stay as clean as she can. At the end of the day it isn’t unusual to find her bathing in the river before she finds a place to sleep for the night. Her father has given her some lye soap that smells like lavender and jasmine, so she often has a faint smell of flowers about her. 
    would regret cutting it. When it is pulled up her hair is pulled back it is easier to see the slight points of her half-elven ears. 
    Typical Clothing/Equipment:  Mai has grown up dressing for the weather and prefers to wear something comfortable and cool that she can move in. She finds pants more practical, but is getting to the stage of her life where she is starting to want to dress up, wear a little make up, and put on jewelry. 
    Skills/Talents: Animal Husbandry (skilled), Climb (skilled), Cook (beginner), Diplomacy (average), Etiquette (average), Fishing (average), First Aid (basic), Gardening (average), Herbalism (average), History (average), Horseback Ride (average), Lingistics (Skilled), Listening (skilled), Sorcerer's magic (beginner), Research (skilled), Self-Defense (skilled), Swim (skilled)
    Favorites:  Color: Midnight Blue
    Season: Spring
    Animal: Lynx
    Book: It is really hard for her to narrow it down.
    Food: Either smoked fish steaks or fruit pie
    Drink: Mead or water 
    Least Favorites: Color: Olive Green
    Season: Winter
    Animal: Snakes
    Book: Age of Trading (It is boring @.@)
    Food: Either black pudding or lamb chops
    Drink: Dark Ales 
    Likes:  Seaside cliffs and sandy beaches – Cliffs that look out over the water remind her of where she grew up. She loves the way that the roll of the waves can calm her and ‘sing’ her to sleep. Mai likes to walk along sandy beaches. It feels good to let sand squish between her toes and the waves roll in over the top of her feet. 
    Climbing – Mai has been climbing almost since before she could walk. It is second nature and she will climb anything she is able: Trees, cliffs, buildings, etc. 
    Books – Most of what Mai knows about life and people is from what she’s read in books. Her father made sure to give her a proper education even though he kept her isolated. Mai would await new books with great excitement every time her father and Darcey went into town to sell wool. She will enthusiastically read just about whatever is given to her. Books have always been her escape and way she could let her mind go on journeys. 
    Flirting – She isn’t always good at flirting, but she does enjoy being a flirt. It isn’t always a serious endeavor for her; in fact it is usually an act of pure fun.  Mai will flirt with just about anybody regardless of race, sexual identity, or psychical appearance, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s attracted to them. 
    Blood – Mai has a love hate relationship with blood. It fascinates her and she craves it. She thinks that blood is the loveliest shade of scarlet. It is something she views as the bridge between life and death. Blood can be beautiful or horrid and it is often both simultaneously. However, she hates that blood has such a hold on her. She has learned to respect both blood and death, just as much as she respects the sanctity of life. 
    Dislikes:  Snakes – Something about them sets off her danger sense. She’s well aware that not all of them are venomous or dangerous, but they still make her skin crawl. 
    Weasels – They are just creepy. They are like snakes with fur and legs. She loves most animals, but weasels are not on that list. Part of it dates back to when she was a toddler and one of them snapped at her while she was playing in the field where Ipp was letting the sheep graze. 
    Being called ‘Kid’ – She’s between stages and is striving to behave more mature and adult. Being called a child or ‘kid’ feels demeaning towards her efforts. 
    Garlic – It isn’t like garlic will actually hurt her, but it has a strong enough smell that it gives her a slight head ache and makes her stomach turn. She will eat it if it is cooked enough to have the flavor blend with the rest of the dish, but otherwise she’d rather avoid it. 
    Losing control – It is a frightening sensation to know that there is something inside of you that could take ahold of you at any moment. Many adults would have trouble dealing with the inner struggle Mai faces every day. She likes to stay in her clear mind and when her blood lust takes control she feels like her mind and body are betraying her. It is always something that makes her feel shaken and confused when she regains her ability to think logically. 
    Blood – See both blood and losing control above
     Goals/Ambitions:  At the moment she doesn’t really have many goals or ambitions. Mai only really wants three things at of life: to gain control over her blood lust, to find a place in the world where she fits, and to continue reading and learning all she can about the world. 
    Strengths: Improved senses – Mai was born with improved senses. Her hearing is acute, and she’s learned increase it more and focus on listening when she closes off her eyes. Her sense of taste and smell are also greatly heightened. Her sense of sight is strong in the dark and in dim light. 
    Highly intelligent - Mai has always been observant and a quick learner. She knows to wait, watch, and question what she witnesses. Knowledge is something she desires to continue to accumulate and she is aware that she will never know everything. It is no secret to her that she is ignorant to many secrets of the world.  

    Weaknesses: Sunlight – It will not kill her if she goes out during the day and she often does. However, bright lights are hard on her sensitive and keen vision. Particularly sunny days or bright glares off of water, snow, etc. can give her a headache. She also sunburns easily and it annoys her because she really does like to lay out on the beach in the warmth of the sun.

    Bright lights – Mai won’t avoid going out into the light, but her eyes are light sensitive and bright are hard for her to take. It isn’t unusual for her to get a headache from being exposed to bright lights for too long. 
    Bloodlust – She has a hunger she must feed and can’t always control. Mai will start to grow both physically and mentally weaker after half a week without blood and the desire to feed will slowly start to take over after a week. She will also sometimes lose control of her bloodlust when she gets overly excited. In the past it has left her coming to her senses cover in blood with a dead body. It is a part of her nature that she knows makes her stronger, but is also dangerous for both herself and others. 

    Fears: Being considered a monster – Mai is different than most girls and her father has made sure she knows how dangerous this can be for her. All her life she has grown up knowing that at any moment someone could decide she doesn’t deserve to live because of what she happens to be instead of who she is trying to be.  She is honest with herself and knows that being a dhampir plays into how her personality has turned out, but also feels there is more to her than just that. Her mother told her to hide what she is from others and not to let them know. Her nature is a subject she is reluctant to bring up, but will discuss if needed.
    -          Will people watch and often this leads to unconscious (or sometimes even conscious) eavesdropping.
    -           Will try to recite all the constellations and the named stars that are in each of them when she has insomnia.
    -          Collects books.
    -          Fidgets or chews on her lip when nervous.
    -          Prefers a pescatarian diet, but will eat other meat on occasion.
    -          Prefers to be clean. Bathing every day would be ideal, but is a must at least a few times a week.
    -          Is extremely flexible.
    -          Loves physical contact but usually won’t usually initiate it.
    -          Likes to sleep next to someone, even if it is platonic.
    -           Heavy sleeper
    -          Speaks in a careful, delicate, even tone and will try to match whatever dialect the person she is speaking to is using.
    -          Likes riddles.
    -          Can’t resist helping an animal in distress. 
    Sexuality:  She’s young enough to still be exploring this, but she’s pretty sure that it is more about personality for her instead of what genitals a person was or wasn’t born with.
     Education: Even though she grew up in a rural setting, Mai’s father made sure to tutor in every subject that would fit her rank as a lady of court. He educated her in etiquette and made sure she was fluent in different language and dialects in case she needed to be diplomatic. He made her study histories to make sure she understood both the art of war, the value of peace, and the culture and state of the war. He taught her logic, philosophy, and reasoning. He instructed her in arithmetic so she could keep family account books up to date. She leaned about astronomy, herbalism, animal husbandry, and anatomy. He brought home literature for her read and gave her books on religion.
    He also taught her how to use her head: to wait, to watch, to listen. He told her that not everything she’d need to learn would come from the pages of books. She’d need to be able to gain information from the world around her. She’d need to be adaptable and think on her feet.
    In short, Mai’s short life has been filled with a well-rounded education and she is eager to keep learning more.
     Languages: Can recognize and understand the Balenosian, Calpheonian, Mediahian, Serendian, and Valencian dialects. She is fluent in Elven.
     Memberships:  She is currently employed to do odd jobs by Ravens of War AND Ireul's apprentice. 
    Other: Mai's Diary

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  11. Windamere added a post in a topic Cash shop addition: Bathroom furniture/objects   

    Oh, I know that the Romans loved their baths. They had a wonderful water system and even had running water to some degree. Bathhouses were social occupations and they had cold and hot baths. There are some really beautiful ruins of Roman bathhouses with mosaics intact and a few other places they have been able to reconstruct what they probably would have looked like. However, much of that was lost during the middle ages aka dark ages. Most of the knowledge was forgotten between the classical era and the Renaissance. They even started to take the stones out of the aqueducts and the coliseum in order to build other buildings.
    I didn't know that about the Japanese though. All the bathhouses I've ever seen related to japan has been in anime or manga. >,< I believe that there are places in the Middle East that had bathhouses, too, but I really don't know as much about them. All I know is, that much like the Romans, they used bathhouses as one of the places they used to conduct business and make deals. 
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    I don't know how I feel about toilets, but I agree that some bathroom type furniture might be a lovely addition to a home. In the Medieval times they didn't bathe because they thought it was bad for their health. However, that doesn't mean that the world of BDO couldn't have Bathing type furnishings. I found some examples that might look good within the game. 
    Wash Basins




    Washing board, tubs, and lye

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    1. Talk about yourself as a gamer, what games you played, what experience you have with PvP, PvE, and RP.
    My first RP experiences were all forum based games.  I don’t have much PvP experience, but I have PvE and RP experience with Guild Wars, GW2, Runes of Magic, WoW, Secret World, City of Heroes/Villains, Champions, and Aion (I think that is all, but I could be forgetting something >,<). I had experience with running or helping to run guilds on RoM, GW2, and Champions.
    Aion (I’d post Dev’s RoM diary but unfortunately it has been lost)
    2. Give an overview of a medieval character you want to play in Black Desert Online. (Please have a normal name)
    Name: Mailea Kiara Vorkrunne-Windamere
    Race: Half-elf … with an abundance of ‘it is complicated’.
    Age: 13
    Class: Sorceress (Priestess in training to a dark goddess)
    Profession: Gatherer (everyone has to start somewhere)
    3. A short paragraph describing your character story.
                    Mailea does not like to discuss the circumstances of her conception or her birth.  She is the first daughter of Lord Devonal Windamere and Ryaj Vorkrunne and (obviously) had little to do with the chaos that surrounded her parents’ courtship.  Mai very nearly died while still in her mother’s womb; her father made a dark deal in order to save Mai’s life.
                    She was born in her father’s family estate, but grew up elsewhere. Her father, Devonal, retreated into the mountains with his lover and raised her alongside her pseudo-twin Darcey Jack.  Her father needed some peace of mind and decided to raise her away from civilization. She grew up on a Cliffside overlooking the sea with a heard of sheep. It was a simple life, but not an easy one.  She had to grow up quickly in order to survive the rough terrain she was raised in.
                    Recently her father decided that it was time for her to spend some time with her mother because Mai’s struggle between being a natural born killer who wants to be a lover has been growing in intensity.  Devonal sent his daughter to her mother, because he figured that Ryaj would be able to help the girl deal with her growing blood lust and budding sexuality.  She’s met up with Ryaj, but has still been drifting between towns. She tends to spend most of her town around Velia because she loves the cliffs and the sea.  The beach reminds her of home. She also likes climbing (trees, cliffs, buildings, etc), books/reading, flirting (with all genders), and blood.
    Mailea is on the cusp between being a child and an adult. However, she struggles with people seeing her as a child, when the circumstances of her life have pushed her to mature beyond her age.  She sees herself as a young adult, rather than barely a teen; It is hard for her to say if this is the reality of the mater or the arrogance of youth. She wishes that others would give her a chance to prove herself to them as a peer, but has found that is rarely the case. 

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