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  1. Kuldred added a post in a topic Efficient way to spend money in cash shop?   

    I'd also add;
    Glasses for better chance at getting knowledge, and extra storage slots in town (The 720 pearl, 8 spaces, 7 towns to me is a deal).
    And yeah, the plus 150LT carrying capacity is gold.
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  2. Kuldred added a post in a topic Ignar's Snack   

    He does say, that what he is looking for is not a dish.
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  3. Kuldred added a post in a topic ATTN; PvE Players, Carebears, and Non-PvP Players   

    Kind of like Wildstar, eh?  We all know what happened there.  I like the PvP aspect of this game, knew what I was getting into when I bought it, and hope it never changes, BUT....
    If you lose the PvE crowd chances are the game won't last very long.  You CAN have both, and that is what I hope happens here.
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  4. Kuldred added a post in a topic Korean and Western Gamer Mindsets   

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  5. Kuldred added a post in a topic When someone comes to your grinding spot..   

    The respawn rate is fast enough that the catfish area could easily support a half dozen people.  I seriously haven't been to a spot yet where I couldn't find my own little corner to grind mobs and give the other people there their own space.  I do make a point to not purposely attack mobs close to where the other people are, and I haven't had an issue.  That being said, I'm also fortunate enough to belong to a guild that would drop everything to come wipe the place clean should I ever be repeatedly attacked, and would immensely enjoy doing so! 
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  6. Kuldred added a post in a topic Fishing saved me ~2 weeks of time this XP weekend   

    Both of your points just prove my point even more, that none of this directly effects you.  This is purely an e-peen situation that is nothing more than comparing rankings.  Ranking that provide zero advantage or rewards, so thus pointless.
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  7. Kuldred added a post in a topic Is switching class after leveling to level 50 a big deal?   

    I think there are a lot of people that get a character to 50 then play a new one, especially warrior and berserker players.
    Yes, you can swap gear all you like, but I don't think the stuff you have on your wizard is exactly going to be ideal for a berserker, plus the big boy can't use a staff. 
    Knowledge is shared account-wide, so a 2nd character is actually a bit easier to level up.
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  8. Kuldred added a post in a topic Thanks for belittling all my effort Daum   

    I always laugh when I read stuff like this.  You signed a EULA agreement before you were even allowed to play this game which basically states that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and that you are just paying for access.  You don't own anything, and they don't owe you anything.  So good luck with those complaints, let us know how they work out for you.
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  9. Kuldred added a post in a topic Fishing saved me ~2 weeks of time this XP weekend   

    "Fell behind", "Enormous advantage".  Since when did fishing become a competitive thing in this game?  Unless you know about something coming up that I don't know about, just how does your higher fishing level directly effect me?  The whole 'earn money faster so I can buy better gear faster so I can kill you faster in PvP' doesn't hold water, never has.  It just seems that people seem to care way too much over something that just doesn't really directly effect them.
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  10. Kuldred added a post in a topic Does preorder t5 list as a t5   

    It isn't a reskinned T3.  It is a T5, but BREEDS like a T3.  I also believe it only can br bred once?  Other than the breeding difference, it is a T5 where all other stats are concerned.
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  11. Kuldred added a post in a topic Farm is too much energy consuming   

    Farming a ten slot fence takes hardly any energy and less than two minutes if you are harvesting/replanting.  You come back an hour later (of course you are using an alt for this, right?) and do it again.  Day in and day out, character never needs to sleep to regain energy.  Want an energy sink?  Milk cows and see how fast your energy reserves hit zero.
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  12. Kuldred added a post in a topic Anyone ever got Cannot collect on a node that is currently connected to two other nodes?   

    It sounds like you are pressing the 'collect' button on the node manager screen in the upper left corner.  That button is to collect the contribution points that you invested into that node, which it won't let you do because you have to un-invest in the sub node first.  But it doesn't sound like that's what you are trying to do, sounds like you want to work the node!  If you have put a contribution point into the sub node, and click on it, and have a free worker, that worker will appear in a separate window.  That's what you need to mess with.
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  13. Kuldred added a post in a topic 2 Attempts at making Tier 3 Pet. 100% success rate.   

    And your point is?  It doesn't make my point any less relevant.
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  14. Kuldred added a post in a topic 2 Attempts at making Tier 3 Pet. 100% success rate.   

    I Don't think the luck is amazing, I think it's actually a pretty high probability.  I've done it three times (2x tier 1, level 1, still warm from the pearl shop), and twice ended up with a tier 3.
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  15. Kuldred added a post in a topic Awakenings - Balance.   

    Wait, so your statement sounds like you are assuming that players will be mostly playing classes with the awakenings, then Daum will release a couple more, and then players will switch to those for a while, etc.  Is that what you mean?  Because that's ridiculous.  People are going to play their mains, and ----- to holy hell if only a few awakenings are released at a time. 
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