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  1. 752signal added a post in a topic Auto-loop & AFK activities available Offline   

    By automatic I mean this something like this video:
    They did have a way of training breath with waypoints in the beta, but removed it on the launch version. They probably have their reasons to remove them. I'm not sure if they are going to re-implement this or not (it is on the Korean version right now).

    Once again the offline feature that you mention can be abused so badly so people can make money with multiple accounts. Let me do some math here for you, if we were to implement offline auto-fishing.
    3 hours of afk = 180 minutes / 5 minutes per fish =  36 fish x 24,000 Silver = 864,000 Silver x 5 accounts that are offline fishing = 4,320,000 Silver.
    3 hours is about how long it takes for a yellow fish to start to lost value
    At an exhausted hotspot with a regular rod and a fishing outfit, it takes about 2 minutes to catch a fish + 3 minutes it takes to reel it in. 5 minutes
    The minimum a yellow fish sells for is 20,000 + 2% per node + 18% from the trade manager (I'm not even going to include the bargaining mini-game which would mean the fish would be around 28-32k) = 24,000
    Then if your offline gathering is a thing then I would have 5 accounts.
    This would by far be so broken for the people who have the money to buy 5 or more accounts. Even if we were to implement your feature of the automated activities being even less efficient say, auto fishing would take 10 minutes, that would still mean I'm bringing in  2,160,000 Silver with only 5 accounts in 3 hours. This is just fishing, other activities such as farming + horse breeding / training that you suggest should be able to be done offline nets 2-8 TIMES the amount fishing does. While I do think it is a great idea for these things to be able to be done offline, it allows for so much abuse. Not to mention the strain on the server.
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  2. 752signal added a post in a topic Monsters ignoring attacks   

    I have the same problem with my Ranger using Will Of Wind + Explosive Evasive Shot on  Chimera + Horned Chimera's 
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  3. 752signal added a post in a topic Costumes not bounded character plz   

    I agree with your point that you should be able to transfer your costume from character to character, however I think the reason why they want to keep it bound to the character and not the account is because then people could make one class and just share the same outfit between characters as long as they are of the same class. This would effectively allow people to power level multiple characters.
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  4. 752signal added a post in a topic Enchanting Accessory fails, only lose 1 item, not both Poll   

    Maybe if you lost the higher tier item, then I would maybe agree to this. Right now enchanting seems pretty balanced.
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  5. 752signal added a post in a topic Amity is a real problem and a large barrier to playing   

    I think amity being in a story quest line is fine.
    1) It adds to the story and the realism
    2) Putting it in a quest forces the player to understand the mechanics of the game
    However I have to agree that there should be a guide that Black Desert should provide to explain this mechanic. I have only a vague understanding of the minigame, but it is a nice touch. I just think you're frustrated with the minigame.
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  6. 752signal added a post in a topic Costumes not bounded character plz   

    Ok, so I get that you want the costumes that you buy from the pearl shop to be not bound to the character, but your English is preventing me from understanding why.
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  7. 752signal added a post in a topic Silver to Pearl conversion   

    I would have to disagree on this. 2.9 Million for an outfit would be a joke, as a player that has played for 2 weeks and has 32m. I could make that amount of Silver within 4-5 hours. Not to mention if someone were to get a boss drop that ranges anywhere from 5-62 million they would basically buy out the PearlShop no problem. Not only this, but Daum would be losing out on a massive amount of profit. If they were to implement this into the game, they would have to have an established player base with lots of silver to make this game last long. Somewhere in the range of 60-120m silver sounds fair to me now, even generously low for players that have guild income and have their own money making method.
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  8. 752signal added a post in a topic Make the Pearls more valuable   

    I think you're missing the point here. They are the ones trying to make money here...
    Also if $20 could get me 20,000 pearls then I could basically buy all possible things to make me OP
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  9. 752signal added a post in a topic Convenience cash shop items I would buy   

    While I do with upping the amount of quests you can accept I don't know about the marketplace adjustment. Although you would have to pay for it, it would make the marketplace more cluttered than it already is. With the active tool slots, I would have to straight up disagree with. This is because if you were to say go to dead weasel and you have a Butchers Knife, Tanning Knife and Fluid collector in your bought Active Tool Slots, how would the game know which one you want to use? 
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  10. 752signal added a post in a topic Auto-loop & AFK activities available Offline   

    1) You used to be able to train Breath + Strength automatically while AFK by auto-pathing between two point in the beta (you could also do this on a horse). Auto-Eating however is still a thing with macros repeating every 30 minutes to eat food on your hot bar. I think they took out Breath + Strength being able to be AFK-able as it in my opinion is too OP to train 2-3 skills that impact PvP without even playing. Macros on the other hand they really can't stop. I agree though auto-filling bottles should be AFK-able.
    2) Auto-Eatting should not be a thing. Auto-Water gathering should.
    3) I think this feature of being able to log out and your character still being able to complete these tasks such as, Cooking, Alchemy, Processing, Fishing, Sleeping is too much to implement as it would require the server to hold all the information of that character and keep on updating them on a timer, thus putting more stress on the server. The server is already laggy and for it to keep track of more people doing things afk wouldn't be a smart thing. Also with this suggestion it would encourage people to have multiple accounts and just AFK fish on 5-6 accounts while still playing on another account.
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  11. 752signal added a topic in Suggestions   

    Bunch of Quality of Life Changes
    Quality of Life:
    1) When pressing navigate on a quest alternate between quest giver and location 
                      - When clicking the button to Receive information of the quest / To navigate to the required location automatically, you are directed to either the Quest giver or the location of the mob you have to kill (or gather material for that matter). It seems random when you click the buttons whether it will direct you to the quest giver / the location of the mob. My suggestion is that when you click either of the buttons it alternated between gather location and quest giver.
    2) Smoother UI for marketplace

                       - Allow for sort by Quality (Grey, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red)
                       - Have the legend spaced more equally
                       - Filter seems to have no order. Sort it alphabetically.
    3) After completing a title show what triggered getting that title

                        - I have gained most of these titles just progressing through the game and others by following a guide that shows the requirement. It would be nice to go back through the titles and see how I achieved the title.
    4) When hovering over Basic Information (Horoscope, Karma, Experience, Weight)

                         - Horoscope: Show the qualities of the sign
                         - Karma: Short explanation on it (I still don't know what it does)
                         - Experience: When hovering over it show the %. or even how much exp you have instead of just a %
                         - Weight: Just like the inventory when you hover over the bar show the exact window as in the inventory
    5) Make a check box to auto open Equipment

                         - Playing on 1920x1080, the screen feels cluttered even when Simple UI is turned on and most things turned off. Sometimes I just want to see my inventory to see what I have gathered or to quickly take a buff while in combat, while still focusing on a battle.
    6) Separate key for equipment

                          - Would just be nice to just have on a hotkey even when turning on and off outfits instead of having to open the inventory. Heck even just to check durability of amour / weapon
    7) When you close inventory it would open in the same spot
                           - This one bugs me the most, if you move  the inventory window then close it in a certain spot of the screen, it should open in the exact same place. The equip window does this but not the inventory???
    8) Move hotkeys (Mail, Edit UI, Journal, etc.)
                           - Why are these static? I don't use half of these hotkeys and would prefer different hotkeys. Like a separate Equipment hotkey? Personally the customization of hotkeys of" Maplestory personally is very user friendly and optimized to fit the player.
    9) Be allowed to close the notice “Ran out of HP/MP Potions. Please buy more potions”
                            - I personally dumped all my pots so I could have more inventory space and less weight. As, I said before the screen feels cluttered, this bubble that is constantly up if you do not have any potions or remove the potion from the quickslot. People should not have to constantly readjust their quickslot.
    10) Have inanimate objects (pots, imp amulets, etc.) a different colour

                             - Imp amulets, Barracks, Tents that are considered enemies should be a different colour on the map other than red or at least a lighter/darker shade of red. This will improve clarity of what is actually on the map.
    11) Have fish have a freshness timer (item has a grey circle that grows as it becomes less fresh)

                              - Rather than scrolling over all the fish in the inventory to find the oldest fish can be difficult when you have 50+ fish in your inventory and have auto arrange on, or have personally reorganized your inventory.
                                 http://imgur.com/At12OF4 - something like this
    12) Every time an item is moved, animation of Black Stone (Armor/Weapon) resets

                              - This isn't anything big. Later note: all animations reset when moving another item.
    13) Add Character Change name (in addition of family name)

                               - This one doesn't make any sense to me. In the pearl shop I can buy a family name change but not a character name change? I would pay the same amount for a character name change and more for a family name change/
    14) Pearl shop space efficiency

                                - Move the window all the way to the right
                                - The durability slider to be right next to the buttons
                                - Eliminate the space between the combat stance button and the others
                                - Tabs moved all the way to the top
                                - Cart will remember what you have saved in it when you close + reopen it
                                - Filter should have shoes too
                                - Filter should have weapons
                                - Filter should have off-hand
    15) When scrolling over the Costumes show each items equip bonus – Not all equips have this
    16) High ranking equipment can not be disabled in the UI
    17) Have nearby NPC have a checkbox so you can always see the icons

                                - I'm pretty sure the Korean version has this (???)
    18) Have buffs moveable UI

                                 - It is in a place right now, where if you move into a different node, the white line that show up get overlapped by the buff
    19) Have two different Auto-sort (one for the specific selected inventory, the other both pearl and inventory)

                                 - Just to have more organization options
    20) If you close the Equipment window (with the "x" button) while your Profile window is open, both will close but the inventory will stay open

                                 - I have no clue why this happens. It seems like a bug.
    21) When adding ingredients when cooking make them stack and not make a separate

                               - When adding the same ingredient it will go into 2 stacks, taking up 2 spots, instead of stacking with the same ingredient that was previously added
    22) Worker list hotkey
                                  - Just a better way instead of having to go to the World Map / pressing Control + the button
    23) Show which workers have nothing to do in the list
                                  - Allow this to be one of the sort options
    24) Favorite way-points
                                  - So people can auto navigate to favorite spots 
    25) Pet level up popup
                                  - This one seems pretty self explanatory

    26) Pet window hotkey
    1) Be able to open map while fishing, will close when fish is on the line / is caught
                                   - It makes no sense that I can open the Marketplace and Pearlshop and not the World Map
    2) Allow to cancel workers work within 30 seconds
                                    - It is very unforgiving if you accidentally press repeat and then having to wait 20-60 minutes for them to finish again
    3) Hire someone like me, that plays this game, that just cleans up chat and bans people who break chat rules, such as the spam bots (like $10-15 an hour)

    4) Item optimization

    5) Allow Rangers to use their secondary weapon without having a main weapon equipped
    1) Worker stuck at 0S on a task (stuck at Heidel)

                                     - This seems to happen where for some reason the worker keeps running into a wall
    2) Clicking the exit button on the “Recover All Workers” does not exit
    3) Random crashes while running to destination
    Note from me:
    I absolutely adore this game. I wish it becomes even better. Also please hire me as I would love to work on this game to make it even better for the players. Sorry if this is wrong section?
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