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  1. Roguefire added a post in a topic How do you increase guild size?   

    Thank you for your time
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  2. Roguefire added a topic in Guides   

    How do you increase guild size?
    Can someone take a screenshot of the button I press and how much guild points I need? I have 15/15 people, unsure how to increase population.
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  3. Roguefire added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   


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  4. Roguefire added a post in a topic [Suggestion] Timestamp chat   

    Yes, please continue to bump this into the current until it is implemented... very simple thing to add.
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  5. Roguefire added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Petals Removed?   

    Honestly why didn't they just add an expiration to the item just like they do scrolls? That would have made a ton of sense.
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  6. Roguefire added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Petals Removed?   

    Yeah I don't see the harm in keeping them... The consistency is what got me. At least if they were going to remove them they could have gave us the vendor value for the item... had a few hundred worth saved up for the buffs... the millions of silver would have been nice.
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  7. Roguefire added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Petals Removed?   

    What was the point in removing them?
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  8. Roguefire added a topic in General   

    Cherry Blossom Petals Removed?
    I figured like the Easter event, the vendor would disappear, but the item (eggs/petals) would remain. Not only did the vendor disappear with this event, but also the trees I planted are gone, the seeds I gathered are gone, and most importantly the Cherry Blossom Petals are gone from my warehouse. They had buff value and at the very lease vendor value of 10k... I had hundreds of these petals saved up... Is this a bug???
    • 37 replies
  9. Roguefire added a topic in General   

    *Resolved* What Balenos Sea Node Manager am I Missing?
    Update: Nevermind i figured it out... it was Blancy on Staren Island
    I attached a screenshot... I am trying to figure out which Balenos Sea Node manager I missed. I have discovered every island but I must have forgot to talk to one of the managers. Normally when you hover over the question marks it gives you a name, but it just says "Sea Node Manager" so I can't see the name. 

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  10. Roguefire added a topic in General   

    Story of Cron Castle 1/2 Stuck
    What do I do next? I've dug all across the internet to find what to do next. Please can someone help me get this quest out of my quest log since there is no abandon button.
    Nevermind... Skill instructor in Velia... could add a navigate button or show the next objective.
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  11. Roguefire added a post in a topic Disconnect -> Change Character causing BDO to crash   

    This happens to me about 75-90% of the time whether I go to character select or just try to swap. Same for dozens of others I know. This has been an issue since launch and needs to be a high priority. Should have been fixed the first month.
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  12. Roguefire added a post in a topic PvEing and PvPers Killing me   

    Nox struck me again while I was afk in Sarma Outpost. Lost XP again which I guess it doesn't matter if you are not even in combat with PvE. I didn't realize that it wasn't a safe zone. It was 5 of them again, and they were talking shit like they are so tough killing people who are afk. I hope that others have recognized this guild as scummy individuals and everyone will go into all out war with them and kill them on site. They truly are the scum of this game.
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  13. Roguefire added a post in a topic quest chain issues   

    Please can we get some incite on these quests... 1/6th of my quest log is permanently filled and its absolutely hurting my progression of multiple quests.
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  14. Roguefire added a post in a topic PvEing and PvPers Killing me   

    The fact of the matter is PvE oriented players are not enjoying this aspect of the game and there is no doubt that some will leave if a very simple solution isn't put in place. You guys are arguing against having a couple PvE channels in each server for what reason exactly? If something doesn't bother you but bothers others, and the solution doesn't effect you but helps others then what the hell are you arguing to not add a few channels that you will never join or have the freedom to continue as you are? I'm not saying remove the whole system for everyone, I'm not being selfish and saying my way is the only way, but you guys arguing against this point sure as ----- are. Think before you post, and please don't be a bigot. Give an exact reason how adding 1 or 2 channels for PvE is going to hurt you instead of spewing bullshit about "it is what it is" or "you should have researched the game before". I saw what I liked, so I bought the game... The devs seem pretty smart, and I'm sure if they see there is enough interest in PvE channels, they will cater to that.
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  15. Roguefire added a post in a topic PvEing and PvPers Killing me   

    What a great story 5v1... wonder how it plays out. Go feed that horseshit to someone else. Don't force feed people one way of playing, allow the player the freedom to choose. You like PvP? Go for it! I don't -----ing rain on your PvP parade, so don't shit on us. Why not fight with others that want to play that way??? Give us PvE servers... I like the idea of going to war and all that... but to go around with your 4 other teenage punks and stab random people in the back 5-10 levels below you is complete bullshit and unbalanced PvP that I want no part in... and once many of my friends see this shit once they hit 45 they are going to go straight back to Guild Wars 2. I brought in a ton of people to buy this game, and I can hear them already... this shit is going to drop their future profits significantly. You want to argue that PvPers are where the money is at? So ----- PvEers? That's the shittiest marking perspective I've ever heard. It's not that hard to give both types of players options, its been done in MMO's for over a decade. Give us a PvE channel... simple problem solved.
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