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  1. Rapwnzel added a post in a topic What skills to level first   

    This is pretty much exactly what I was planning on going with. 
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  2. Rapwnzel added a post in a topic Reasons for PKing   

    This is why we are playing games, after all!
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  3. Rapwnzel added a post in a topic Carebear Attack   

    You keep repeating "it's a pve game" as if that will make it suddenly true. It is a pvevp game, with pvp as endgame content. You will never play an open world sandbox without getting ganked here and there, it really isn't the huge deal that you make it out to be.
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  4. Rapwnzel added a post in a topic Please launch with a few PVE only servers!   

    Because people would abuse the fact that they could farm and grind their way to the best gear unopposed before transferring to a server where everyone has had to fight for everything they have.
    What on earth does this sexist projection have to do with pvp?
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  5. Rapwnzel added a post in a topic Carebear Attack   

    Maybe you should play a pve game then. BDO is all about combining every aspect of MMOs.
    Aren't those the ones you guys are most salty about? Why punish the average pvper who is trying not to be outlaw. I don't understand what you hope to gain by suiciding into people who aren't even trying to kill anyone.
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  6. Rapwnzel added a post in a topic Funny Memories   

    This might be better in the off topic forum. I didn't really like his interview style though. He talked about himself and kissed ass too much instead of asking the tough questions the community wanted to hear answers to.
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  7. Rapwnzel added a post in a topic Proposed adjustment/tweaking to the Karma System.   

    I like it. My concern would be the amount of guards, because guards can ruin owpvp too. I think after AOC guards just left a bad taste in my mouth tho.
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  8. Rapwnzel added a post in a topic Gear too important   

    People seem to forget that this is an international forum. I see people giving others a hard time about their English way too often.
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  9. Rapwnzel added a post in a topic Pewdiepie trying Creation?   

    Everyone is complaining but ----- you all I love pewds! And the mroe people that play this game the better.
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  10. Rapwnzel added a post in a topic What is the best beverage to drink for mmos   

    NO MOUNTAIN DEW??! What IS this

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  11. Rapwnzel added a post in a topic Lack of ingame variety   

    not to mention, this isn't f2p. we bought the game.
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  12. Rapwnzel added a post in a topic Release a full pk/pvp server.   

    ok heres what i think: we start with 2 diff dedicated servers, 1 pve and 1 pvp. whichever server dies first has to merge into the other one
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  13. Rapwnzel added a post in a topic Requesting all sandboxer players' help !   

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  14. Rapwnzel added a post in a topic Premium Witch Costume [Imgur]   

    I like it, I'm just sad that the pony tail I picked for my toon is gonna clip on that high collar.
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