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  1. Fe added a post in a topic Totem of the Sea   

    It's essentially a 10% speed boost extra you get for a totem over the standard enchanted prow. And yes I know sailing, fishing is all I do. Also for spots for the totems, you don't catch grey fish. If you do, you should probably change spots or your going to be there for the rest of your life haha.
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  2. Fe added a post in a topic Harpoon Fishing Information   

    Bump, keep them harpoons alive. @CM_Jouska
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  3. Fe added a post in a topic Totem of the Sea   

    Only issue is, that I could go and try to +10 enchant the regular fishing boat prow (no requirements for this) which would net me 8% move speed increase. The totem gives a maximum of 18% speed increase and requires master 1 fishing and the huge investment of time. 180 hours is a lot of time, at around 8 hours a day that's 22 days of fishing mackerel only (or whatever fish you chose). I wouldn't consider it quite the same usefulness as upgrading armour and weapons.
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  4. Fe added a post in a topic Totem of the Sea   

    Just note it's extremely time consuming to level up.
    --------------------- EDIT ------------------------
    Well I just levelled my totem after getting it to 82%~, it successfully levelled but gave me a pretty lame upgrade:

     I was hoping that the xp wouldn't reset, but it does. This seems ridiculous, with there being 5 levels of the speed upgrade, and 3 levels of 'colour' upgrade (green,blue,yellow). Just getting my totem to about 82% took me more than 3 days of non-afk fishing, probably 36 hours total. If you get lucky, you gain a level each time you upgrade - 5 times of getting 80%+ xp, that's 36*5 = 180 hours MINIMUM. And that's not accounting for failures, and being as lucky as you can possibly be with the upgrades.
    This seems pretty insane. @CM_Jouska any input on this, will this receive any changes?
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  5. Fe added a post in a topic Totem of the Sea   

    Yea, it replaces the prow. It does initially have a slower speed than the prow. The totem is 2% compared to 3% of the fishing prow when you have the fishing equipment set. Fishing prow can be enhanced to: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/49304/ (+10) which gives a total of 8% with equipment, that is the maximum it can reach. The fishing boat prow of abundance (http://bddatabase.net/us/item/49306/), can reach a max of 10% with equipment. The totem can reach 18% with extra benefits too: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/54224/
    Hope that clears up your questions.
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  6. Fe added a post in a topic Totem of the Sea   

    @CM_Jouska Does getting more than 80% exp increase its chance of levelling? I know this happens with alchemy stones, but in the totem menu tooltip it doesn't say.
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  7. Fe added a topic in Guides   

  8. Fe added a topic in General   

    Totem of the Sea
    Hey fellow BD fishers,
    Since the addition of totems of the sea to the game, I have made it my mission to level and achieve the highest level of totem. However I greatly overestimated how much of a grind this is going to be, especially for the initial levels of the totem. From information I have currently gathered (I assume this data is from the Korean version), there are 6 levels of each totem. With the ability to 'grow' each totem, at the risk of losing EXP or even levels:
    This seems like an insane grind, for what you get, that is 0.5%xp per fish of the totem you're using. I haven't given up. However, I have received very little EXP for my efforts. I've been grinding mackerel a fair amount over the past 2 days and received only about 40% xp so far (this is with pro 2 fishing):

     I would love to know if we have the exact same totem system as Korea, since very little information is given in the patch notes. Additionally, since I haven't even gained a level yet, I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Am I levelling it up in the intended manner?
    I would love someone from Daum to confirm some more details and information for the totem system, since this is beyond the standard grind of any other item I have experienced in the game so far. I've done so much research, even browsing Korean boards and guides, asked many players and still there is little to no information. Some information on the intended method of levelling, and perhaps some information surrounding what happens when you reach 100% EXP (do I have to grow it for it to level?) would be highly appreciated.
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  9. Fe added a post in a topic Totem of the Sea   

    Yea I consolidated this information the other day here: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4dp68h/psa_fishing_totem_levelling/
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  10. Fe added a post in a topic Everything about fishing Hot Spots / Golden Spots + Current Location   

    Pretty sure it varies depending on the hotspot
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  11. Fe added a post in a topic Everything about fishing Hot Spots / Golden Spots + Current Location   

    So i'm trying to level my Fishing Totem (http://bddatabase.net/us/item/54201/). I'm looking for the best hotspot to do this, so far i've had little luck catching mackerel in standard spots. Currently what i've resorted to is the Veila Coastal cave node hotspot, as you get some mackerel. I was wondering if there are any particular good hotspots for farming mackerel? (or the other totem alternatives, that is, beltfish, amberjack, rays).
    If anyone could give me some tips that would be awesome
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  12. Fe added a post in a topic Totem of the Sea   

    Wrong, please don't spread misinformation. I just messed around for ages trying to figure this out. Anyway, to level your totem, equip the totem on your fishing boat. Then fish for the specific type of fish your looking for, when you catch one it will level up.
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