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  1. RosewoodTrickster added a post in a topic Using Chakram block taking you out of block-jump?   

    Been bugged like that since we got awakening. 
    As far as I recall some skills - like ranger shotgun - will force you out unwillingly. Weirdly enough does the courtesy of putting us straight into guard stance when it happens. Whether we want it or not.
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  2. RosewoodTrickster added a post in a topic Necklace of Magical Power   

    Quest appears when you enter Calpheon Region.
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  3. RosewoodTrickster added a post in a topic Enhancement loss for red -karma   

    I don't get why 2 is the LEAST reliable source.... but that's how it works atm.
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  4. RosewoodTrickster added a post in a topic Your Ninja's HP   

    Warriors naturally have high hp values.
    in fact every class has a sort of unique hp value with the same gear on. Assuming lvl 60, 30+ HP Fitness and no gems in armor or offhand giving hp and no accessories giving hp, Berserkers/Giants should have the most at about 3.5k hp. Warriors, Valks and DKs have the next tier at about 3k. I'm not too sure where the others range between but Kuno and Ninja reportedly have the least - I personally have about 2.2k at the standards set above - no armor on and guilded. So nothing is wrong there if you have different hp.
    And you say full tri but that's a value for full duo armors with maybe 1 pri assuming you're using an offence offhand. - or full pri with an evasion offhand at about pri going for evasion. So it really just throws a wrench into us trying to find a reason to why you have less hp if you just give us weird values. (293) dp for full tri boss gear + tri Rosar/Tadd - is the norm.
    For surviving, as Ninja doesn't have proper frontal guards to tank damage with - and Valencian mobs do sometimes chunk pretty hard - you really ought to be using your mobility as a ninja to get around and avoid hits, only dipping in to do damage. Like per se using block jump and following it with serpent ascension, then side/back ghost stepping through them to their back to continue attacking and dodging around whenever ghost step comes off cooldown. You can block to wait for cooldowns too, against mobs.
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  5. RosewoodTrickster added a post in a topic Karma is just plain stupid   


    Scroll down to the chart. 
    Tldr, you do lose stuff if you're negative.
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  6. RosewoodTrickster added a post in a topic Be fair to ninja/kuno   

    I find it amusing how you two blew up at each other and yet neither of you managed to understand what the other was saying.
    Templarak means being out of the literal fighting area, or the area where the fight is happening - out of the fight - since you're invisible and as such no one can directly aim for you hence being knocked out means you got hit when the attack was aimed for someone else meaning you weren't out of the area/fight yet.
    Xenn means out of the fight in the way one would say down for the count. You being cc'd out and killed immediately hence being removed from the fight - through death.
    Enjoy your jolly conversation.
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  7. RosewoodTrickster added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    Actually by definition @Wollbert superarmor is only the CC immunity part. Which makes it worse because you can take 100% damage from the front too.
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  8. RosewoodTrickster added a post in a topic About to join the ranks of the others who have left this class....   

    Well I mean first off..... those are the damage %s for a single hit..... most of our skills range between 3 to 12 hits mind you, and average at about 8... other classes kinda cap out at about 7 max, with an average of 3 hits.
    The other classes that do have "the big hits" have fewer hits in general. So it's not entirely that our skills are just weaker - it's more really that they kinda take longer to play out for the same damage is all. - though that means lower dps...
    What we do have is our stupidly good CCs. 9 hit stun skills, floats, stiffnesses + superarmor+invis. What other class can appear from nowhere and cc chain upwards of 6 people for about 8 seconds - and doesn't have to rely on a grab at all? - though we do have one if we need.

    Now I can't convince you that Kunos have the best damage. What I can say though is that it is a solid class that can fight just about anyone. You could go play a warrior and complain that your CCs never work because they're all 1-3 hits, you can go play a Musa and be super fast and a dps wrecking ball but you'll have no grab, you can go play a ninja and have all the best single target damage combo in the game but you'll have no superarmor. You can go play wizard and kill 10 people in a single mighty spell, but you'll have no way to survive afterwards. Or. You can play the Kuno that appears from nowhere, blankets an area with enough CC that anyone that walks close in the next 3 seconds is going to have to suffer the entirety of your 8+ second CC chain - being entirely in superarmor while you do so/also with enough ap, maybe 4 of those 6 will be dead or at least severely maimed hp wise - and can log+grab anyone that poses an issue for an extra second and a bit of iframe and CC, and just tendon cutter ghost step ghost greeting lunar dash danse macabre out and go invis after.
    Though. We're not super mobile, in my opinion, having one of the least sustainable movement in the game, but we can zig zag REALLY well and just go invis after it. We do have enough CCs and Superarmors and a good enough iframe with block jump that we can basically annihilate anyone that comes into range though - if they can be cc'd, if not, well then switch out and grab, if grab desyncs...... pray? xD. Pre-awakening was our way to bypass any opponent defence, and awakening is our way to do damage and throw down so much CC and Superarmor that we're basically the immovable object.
    Honestly I've never had any issue dealing with Sorcs. Their iframes are short enough that if they stop you'll cc them, if they don't stop they burn out their stamina, remember, 6-8 short dodges and 4-5 long dodges is their limit. Their frontal guard doesn't mean anything if your CC covers yourself and they phase through you and CC themself on your blanket of CC, their superarmor doesn't mean anything if you can just block jump and grab them out of it because it takes them so long to cast, their ranged CC doesn't mean anything if you can just block it with ease.
    The one issue I can attest to is Kuno's lack of a sustainable forward moving mobility. Personally I can't manage to keep up with anyone. I can outrun anyone I please with the invis, but with the burst mobility most have, the moment they stop rendering on my screen I'm done.
    And maybe the damage is lacking in a game where being cc'd doesn't mean you stop healing. In any proper game, being CC'd should mean you lose the ability to heal or drink pots- in my opinion one of the key reasons why CC classes are classed as "bad" - coming from Vindi and Dark Souls where drinking potions took time and an animation - Vindi even had a minigame to drink faster if you held the button down for the perfect amount of time - a skill called Potion Mastery available to all classed. Imagine if you could be interrupted during potion drinks, having enough ap to out damage pots wouldn't be a thing anymore, you could just cc them every single time and they'd die eventually.
    But, I digress.The damage is sub par, but it's not horrible. It's no pre-awaken level where we could be outpotted by someone who had just 30 dp more than our ap - exaggeration. And, someone has to have the worst damage, we have the best close ranged CC and superarmor so why not us?
    Personally I love my Kuno. Never had an issue that was too big to bear personally. I also personally love that underestimation I get. Where basically every class will walk into the rotation and think they can fight me, yet don't even know my mechanics.
    PS; horrible computer and Aussie so bad net.
    PPS: - yes I do get nuked to death from range sometimes before my first skill ends. Yes it is a thing. Raw damage kills us really well. No this is not an issue with our class.
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  9. RosewoodTrickster added a post in a topic Awakened boss scrolls.   

    Correct me if I'm wrong but you don't lose anything from scroll boss deaths, never have.
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  10. RosewoodTrickster added a post in a topic My first PVP experience...   

    Eventually you'll reach the domain of power where a current level potion is not going to stop you from one/two comboing the person so don't worry. Just be sure to start trying out combos. Random comboless dps won't really work unless you're a ranger or a witchard.
    PS, I like how this thread is a direct contrast to the one below with people running around crying hell about the possibility of being oneshot.
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  11. RosewoodTrickster added a post in a topic CC types and comboing questions   

    Fun little tidbits then.
    Stiff is 2 seconds, stun varies around 2-3 depending on the skill used. Knockback seems to be 1. Floats I'm not sure really but I'd place as 3 when you combine the floating time and the ground time, Maehwa characters for some reason fly further when hit with float and knockdown skills though....
    Bounds is 2 and knockdowns is 4. However you can tap some inputs to get up after 2 seconds with knockdown. Just if you don't move it can keep you down for 4 before your character stands up automatically. Correct me if I'm wrong with numbers.
    The great thing with knockdowns though is that it is the only status effect in which one cannot "V" out of.
    Additionally, some preawaken 100%s have a stun property that will make you stand up from being grounded, however they are conversely immune to any grounding CCs while this is in effect. You can grab them still though.
    Also, pretty sure the pvp modifier for down damage was 2.0x. Air damage is 2.5x. Crits also being 2.0x.
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  12. RosewoodTrickster added a post in a topic can someone link a good guide with the pvp rules   

    Basically people will attack you if you in any way impede or are perceived to intend to impede their progression.
    This could be basically killing the mobs they were planning to kill or are killing, or being in the area when people on pk hair triggers fuelled by paranoia decide you MUST only be there because you're an asshole who's trying to steal their mobs and not just running through or checking to see if someone's there already, it's the ONLY explanation right?
    But generally people won't mind duoing if they are there for money, especially for sausans. Any more is usually a no go as the money starts thinning when split.
    If they are there for exp... and they have gear they will generally decline. As most of the time exp is just better solo - when you get decent enough ap.
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  13. RosewoodTrickster added a post in a topic How Do You Activate Black Spirit's Rage on Ninja?   

    Blade Spin Blade. You need to hotkey it.
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  14. RosewoodTrickster added a post in a topic Cannons?   

    Ooooh, someone that is crazy enough or new enough to not fear being outgunned. Nice, keep it up.
    Not saying it wouldn't be awesome to have an 80 cannon formation roll in from the fog of war, in fact that would be amazing and just the right kind of diversity the game would much benefit having. If... there was a way to equally gear a counter, like maybe being able to properly gear a cavalry unit. And if cannoneers were forced to wear a cannon crew armor that meant they couldn't act as soldiers...
    But it would kinda get old realll quick if every node war consisted of who had more cannons.
    That said, being able to advertise that you possessed a cannon ready for war in the old warehouse would be a lovely way to get into a guild.... but then you'd have every guild require it on entry or something >.>
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  15. RosewoodTrickster added a post in a topic Cannons?   

    Opposite actually. They got removed. Streamlined the process.
    Just buy the cannon observatory from the guild manager and place it down on your fort before the nodewar. Then during the war you run up to it and interact to start crafting the cannon. 1 cannon can be out per observatory. You still need to bring your own ammo though which is made in the siege workshop.
    This way you don't have to go through the trouble of having someone make a cannon and you can't have a guild bring 80 of them.
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