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  1. Mischievous added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    I'm not impressed with the +2 silver embroidered items.  +3 hell yeah.
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  2. Mischievous added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

    Gee what a surprise.
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  3. Mischievous added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 22nd 2017 [Updated]   

    Dark Knight aka Ranger
    Can't the artists come up with an original looking female character?
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  4. Mischievous added a post in a topic Valentines Day Events [Update]   

    I don't get why there's only 1 vote for the first week?
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  5. Mischievous added a post in a topic Farming Life Skill advancement   

    Farming is good to level up if you are growing crops and have 2 or more fences.  The exp is more when you gather weeds so no workers should be tending it if you want sharps *I have probably gotten 1 once) or unless you are too busy. Maybe all you want to do is farm so  you will need more fences. Farming works for me because I need it to do alchemy.  I hate buying stuff when I can grow it.  I'm not a hardcore farmer though. I'm currently skilled 9. Also if you grow sunflowers, carrots some people sell it on market or you can crate it and trade it for silver.  It's worth it for me may be different for you.
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  6. Mischievous added a post in a topic Preparing for Margoria   

    The Elixir of Seal which is made through Alchemy life skill helps with breathing underwater.  Unless they come up with something new for this expansion.
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  7. Mischievous added a post in a topic Nerfed Sharp and Hard Crystal Shards   

    1 sharp 680 sheep blood just collected 100 energy. Just got my 2nd sharp and 6th jewel stone with 734 sheep blood now . BTW BDO i don't give a crap about jewel stones i want shards!!!!!
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  8. Mischievous added a post in a topic Nerfed Sharp and Hard Crystal Shards   

    How much sheep meat did you get?
    I just gathered 500 stones 500 pig skin 60 bear blood 0 shards but lots of jewel embedded stones ... 100 energy. I am master 2 gathering. I'm getting nothing... im so frustrated. I've been using magic tools
    I had kamisylve blessing and got nothing from it for 7 days except 1 or 2 shards and I did lots of gathering.
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  9. Mischievous added a post in a topic Nerfed Sharp and Hard Crystal Shards   

    So I did deer meat gathering....
    50 left on my magic butcher knife got 1 yes 1 hard crystal shard.  I used a shining steel butcher knife 250 usage and got wait for it .... a big fat 0.  I have 1008 gdamn deer meat.  Yet 0 shards. Meanwhile someone is saying in guild chat said they got 5 hards and 2 sharps butchering deer meat. WTF.  I gathered 750 stone in the desert yesterday 0 shards.
    this is why i'm so mad... done with this game.
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  10. Mischievous added a post in a topic Nerfed Sharp and Hard Crystal Shards   

  11. Mischievous added a topic in PVE   

    Nerfed Sharp and Hard Crystal Shards
    I hope there is a shard drop event on the 4th of January because I have done 4 hours of gathering with Kamisylve's Blessing and I have gotten NOTHING even with 700 shovels in the desert.  What has the Kamasylve Blessing given me? nothing but crap!!! I usually get 1-4 shards at least but nothing with the last update. I have had to resort to buying them on the mp which i have never done before.  BDO needs to quit making this game less challenging in gathering. How can I upgrade gear when there is nothing to upgrade with?  Are they wanting me to quit and lose a player that has put up with a lot of bs in this game.
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  12. Mischievous added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 28th   

    I am very unhappy that the drop rate for crystal shards have been nerfed!!!!! I haven't gotten a single shard and I've been gathering for 3 hours.  Fix this. We need shards or make another event.
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  13. Mischievous added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Kunoichi and Ninja   

    Care to explain the Lavientia event?
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  14. Mischievous added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 23rd   

    That feather for my witch toon's Lahr Arcien outfit fix was of utmost importance to me. I couldn't play bdo because of that .
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  15. Mischievous added a post in a topic Imperial Fishing Delivery Vendor   

    This is an issue! After today's patch notes I have traveled to 3 fishing vendors VElia, Glish and Epheria.  (I even invested points to hopefully sell my fish in Epheria).  i was originally in ser 2 on edan then switched to ser 1 on edan and could not sell my fish!!!! I have full inventory. It's ridiculous that I can't sell my fish and I have to wait 10 min to find out on another channel that I can't sell them there either.  I am not traveling 15 min to another fishing vendor to find out they won't accept my fish. So now I wait with full inventory unable to do anything. 
    It is now 3 hours I have been waiting to sell my fish to the imperial fishing vendor!!! 3 *&^(*^*%^* hours
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