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  1. Valkyrie added a post in a topic Anemos Horse Gear Set still missing   

    Well I'm out so I have no idea if mine is back or not but I hope it is ^^ 
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  2. Valkyrie added a post in a topic What are your Golden Egg loots?   

    Armour stones... Lots of them.
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  3. Valkyrie added a post in a topic Which NPC sells the practice celestial bo staff?   

    Arms dealer in altinova. 120k each
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  4. Valkyrie added a post in a topic Invisible skill on DK awakening   

    Using it on the training dummies in velia. No effect ^^
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  5. Valkyrie added a post in a topic Invisible skill on DK awakening   

    Same problem here
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  6. Valkyrie added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 12th   

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  7. Valkyrie added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    Yay! Can get the outfit for my tamer now.
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  8. Valkyrie added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

    Thanks for your answer ^^ I went and got the accessory! I made a boo boo cause I had been looking at the pearl shop on my ranger and idk my mind dun goofed thinking it was messing with the hair but it wasn't woops!
    If the yukata costume comes out again I will get it for sure!
    Till then I am happy with this
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  9. Valkyrie added a post in a topic Korean tamer feedback post March 3rd KR patch notes   

    No...no it doesn't..
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  10. Valkyrie added a post in a topic Pre-Awakening PVE dmg too low! Help!   

    I put mp and hp recovery awakenin on flash. It would fill my bar completely. Might be worth doing ^^
    ive since changed it since awaken back lmb is decent recovery.
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  11. Valkyrie added a post in a topic I could use some up to date tips   

    There's one in Glish you know.
    Its an easy way to make money and you can sell in Glish as well. I never said it was the be all end all method. Its just an easy one if you don't want to link up nodes etc
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  12. Valkyrie added a post in a topic I could use some up to date tips   

    Afk fish in Velia hotspot overnight and sell ur catch to imperial trader. Grinding sausan is easy money and ok exp for your level also ^^ if you get a group with a decent clear speed you'll make money in no time!
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  13. Valkyrie added a post in a topic (Funny) DK Visual Glitch   

    Come near me with that thing and I'll blow my r--e whistle. 
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  14. Valkyrie added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

    Is that a flower on the side of her hair? Where do you get it? ^^ theres a thing I'm looking for thats like the dumpling accessory but that doesn't change the hair..is it that? Or does the dumpling accessory change hair in pearl shop but you can toggle it off or something? 
    If anyone could answer or give any hints I'd appreciate it ^^
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  15. Valkyrie added a post in a topic Devs, you need to fix Tamer approach SA/iframe because...   

    The i frame rolling that you get hit right in the middle of all the time? And so many awaken skills have SA on them..when are you getting cc'd by heilang? 
    Go pvp in rbf or siege as a tamer or shut it ;3
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