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  1. Thiago added a post in a topic Awakening Weapon Skills and Level Exp   

    if no exp adjusted I think everyone will complain lol
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  2. Thiago added a topic in General   

    Awakening Weapon Skills and Level Exp
    Awakening weapon skills are from 56-60 and the good ones of course are 59-60 but right now its pretty hard to reach 60 even for hardcore players, casuals u forget about it
    So I can assume that when they get released the level EXP 55-60 in Valencia will be adjusted like Media 50-55 correct?
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  3. Thiago added a post in a topic MEGA SERVER   

    oh if wasnt during peak hours I would quit already, and only 1 up out of 6 and sometimes none
    What about people that cant play during peak hours, how they pvp?
    Multiservers are not the way to go where theres no competition, the game was designed for mega, why do u think all other bdo versions runs mega
    Multiservers has no competition for siege/node wars and battlefield plus u fight the same players over and over, is sad
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  4. Thiago added a post in a topic MEGA SERVER   

    Oh no, dont merge the servers
    Keep the way its
    Take your free node and free territory enjoy your guild emblem in it and have no pvp
    Battlefield dead all the time
    Its great
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  5. Thiago added a post in a topic Value Pack sent by Snail Mail   

    34hours here and nothing
    feels great
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  6. Thiago added a topic in General   

    gj on multiservers
    siege war 2 out of 4 as free take with no competition on Edan server, so was several nodes during the week, again
    red battlefield dead on Saturday night
    u guys doing great with multiservers
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  7. Thiago added a post in a topic Information about EXP 50% event + 50% scroll / milk tea   

    can someone provide me wheres the info about this weekend exp event? 
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  8. Thiago added a post in a topic Siegewar   

    I thought u need at least node lv2 in a specific territory in order to participate on that territory conquest war too, apparently not. So basically all nodes lv2 and 3 owners  can go for the same territory that causes lag and unbalance war, kinda sad
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  9. Thiago added a post in a topic Where Is The Megaserver   

    Another wave of node wars and same thing, unclaimed nodes and several free ones with this multiservers no competition shit, territory tomorrow probably same
    Friday night and red battlefield dead
    u kidding me?
    wheres the god dam MEGASERVER?
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  10. Thiago added a post in a topic July 6th - Extended Downtime Compensation   

    wheres the -----ing life EXP 
    stop thinking that all players do only combat shit
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  11. Thiago added a post in a topic 190 AP Warrior still weak AF   

    and u think i would be here if i was at home playing? u only know if someones mad when they call it a 1v1 after a discussion lol i heard ur guild(wafu or something right?) spent way too much money on a node war to make sure u get it and still lost, is that because u mad? It happens man 
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  12. Thiago added a post in a topic 190 AP Warrior still weak AF   

    nop, spend time 1v1ng to see who win or loose with no rewards, benefit or progression omg why im not doing this all day
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  13. Thiago added a post in a topic 190 AP Warrior still weak AF   

    so u probally dont get much attention with ur stream cuz u no good so u keep streaming every node war and advertising in game, so i guess thats not enough so u create an excuse ogre damage to call attention on forums 
    If u win a 1v1 u gonna post the video here also? lol i think u are in a desperately need of help irl u just dont know yet
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  14. Thiago added a post in a topic 190 AP Warrior still weak AF   

     i seen hes streamer once hes far from a good warrior and clearly that damage on ogre is not an issue
    so hes braging about average gear and being no good at the class with a video thread, thats sad lol
    people needs attention, even if its a negative one but he thinks is positive so it counts for him
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  15. Thiago added a post in a topic Where Is The Megaserver   

    Because they thought with mega they wouldnt have a chance to compete, but its the opposite now they dont have anyone to compete
    Everyone take your free Node and your Free Territory, enjoy your guild emblem in it and have fun with pve and life professions 
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