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  1. Plink added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Thanks Kakao!  Keep up the great work, looking forward to the announcements!
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  2. Plink added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    This has to be a miscommunication of a miscommunication. There is no way any legit company would treat their customers like this...
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  3. Plink added a post in a topic Coherent UI   

    This is still an ongoing problem. I minimized the game to tray, and was wondering why my cpu fans were still spinning like crazy. Oh, what do you know, coherent UI is still consuming 50% of a 4 core i7 7700k cpu.... sigh.
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  4. Plink added a post in a topic Can we please have a VSync option   

    Unfortunately, I have tried this, (both methods) and this does not actually disable VSync within BDO.
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  5. Plink added a topic in Suggestions   

    Can we please have a VSync option
    It is very annoying to be forced into VSync when you have a GSync capable monitor. Please add a toggle that allows us to disable VSync. And on a related note, adding an option to set the frequency/hz of the display would be ideal as well.
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  6. Plink added a post in a topic Make valencia grinding more worthwhile   

    Yeah, this it a strange thing why the harder mobs in the game give less xp and money than Sausans. The harder the enemy the more of both they should give in my opinion.
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  7. Plink added a post in a topic Solution for Dungeons and PVE content   

    Now those ideas I could get behind. I think 'scheduled' invasions would be amazing. Where even a whole army of players have to work together to stop a massive npc army. (with bosses too) 
    Something like 1 or 2 smaller invasions per day. Then 1 massive scale invasion per week. Maybe multiple bosses at the same time. So it would be similar to the pvp seiges/node wars, but a PVE version of it.
    And if they had bonus combat xp handed out if you participate/succeed, with potential at loot boxes and other goodies, this would attract a huge number of people. (like sharps and hards)
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  8. Plink added a post in a topic Solution for Dungeons and PVE content   

    Don't like this at all. Doesn't fit BDO. The reason BDO is great, is because the seamless integrated environment. Any PVE content needs to keep the same 'all in a single world' methodology. 
    Lets be honest, we do the 'instances/dungeons' in other mmos for the bosses. In bdo they give us 1 boss scroll a day, which is essentially a dungeon boss without having to do the trash. If you want to kill the trash, then go to any of the grinding spots in the game. I don't see what your suggestion is adding to the game, that isn't already there. With BDO we simply get to do what we want, when we want, much faster. I don't have to sit through 30 minutes of trash farming to down the one boss I care about.
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  9. Plink added a post in a topic Diving/Swimming/Margoria Is GARBAGE and BROKEN!   

    You need to find the air bubbles on the way down. Ala sonic the hedgehog. 
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  10. Plink added a topic in Suggestions   

    [SUGGESTION] Sharp/Hard Production
    I think we need a way for Sharps/Hards to be produced through the melting of weapon stones. If you could 'make' them this would balance out the economy a bit as well. (as there is a large amount of extra weapon stones) Of course, this should be at a 'loss', so weapon stones are only purchased for this purpose when people are desperate for more sharps. For example. It could take 15-20 weapon stones to make 1 sharp.
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  11. Plink added a post in a topic Imperial Fishing Delivery Vendor   

    Agreed... just a huge annoyance with them even having a limit.
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  12. Plink added a post in a topic Menu Screen FPS lock to stop wasting Electricity.   

    There needs to be a frame limiter put in for the entire game, not just the main menu.
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  13. Plink added a topic in Suggestions   

    Alt Friendlier Leveling
    I would like to suggest that once a player reaches a specific level on any character, hitting that level on an alternate character becomes half or even quarter the required xp. ie. it takes approx 100 hours to level from 59-60, if I already have a level 60 character, my second character would only take 25 hours.  It could even be made that every character after lowers the xp required even further. So a third character going for level 60 would only take 8-10 hours for 59-60. (this boost would also ideally have to be applied to skill xp)
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  14. Plink added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I welcome this change. This is only the pearl shop items. I have friends who can't afford to invest real money in the game, and to have an alternate method to get costumes and inventory expansion, etc, would be great. It really just levels the field.
    Basically if you don't have a few hundred extra dollars to spend on this game you are always going to be way behind everyone else. This evens things out a bit.
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  15. Plink added a topic in Suggestions   

    Beer Crafting Amounts (at professional)
    So I have leveled from Cooking Professional 1 to Pro 8. I have only crafted beer, and a very few 'good feeds'. (I have crafted around 3000 beer so far at professional) During this entire time I have received on average 250 beer, and 30 cold beer per 100 crafts. This doesn't seem to be scaling like other food. I have never received 5 beer, and I quite often only get 1 beer per craft. (Sometimes 3 to 5 times in a row) Should the amount of beer received not be increasing? When I craft the couple 'good feeds' I can get 5 from 1 craft, and rarely ever get only 1. It almost seems to me like beer is locked in a specific range regardless of level. Is this intentional? Has anyone else noticed anything different?
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