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  1. DocHObo added a topic in Suggestions   

    Fashion proposal.
    I posted this idea a few days ago, and id like to repost it again with some figures. If a dev or mod reads this, please post in the comments.
    Proposal:  User submitted and dev created fashion options available in store for a dollar or 2. 
    Rationale: Black Desert Online is a Korean MMO, that has been brought to the western world and as such, i can understand hangover cultural differences, but the western world is HUGE on its cosmetic items to make themselves feel separate from everyone else. We're a materialistic culture and as such, the cash shop leaves much to be desired in that aspect. 
    In short, we're naturally predisposed to wanting to look different than everyone else. 
    Reason to bother: The reasoning couldnt be any simpler. Money.
    Micro-transactions are big business in both mobile and online video games. For example, GTA online made (*1) $500 million just through online transactions, Candy crush is estimated to make (*2) $300k DAILY through micro-transactions and Clash royale (New game on the market) is estimated to be making (*3) $1.2Million a day. 
    How to get a slice of that fat cash pie: Introduce fashion options to the shop, cosmetic options that allow players to separate themselves from the other players through various clothing options and such. There are some items on the market already but lets not kid ourselves, they're horrible.
    As little as 30 Pants, Shirts, Hats and boots could increase income substantially.  Just look at the estimated revenue of Team Fortress 2 and how much people are willing to pay JUST FOR HATS! Different horse armor styles, cart cosmetics, Fireworks, weapon skins.
    When to introduce: ASAP.  Black desert recently released, the hype is large and the player base is growing. Get in before they lose interest. 
    Cosmetics in MMO's: Not all MMO's do this, and that's their prerogative, but i legitimately enjoy Black Desert Online enough that i want to see it thrive in more aspects than just an AFK fest.
    World of Warcraft has fashion options. Not necessarily store options but you can get armor pieces to look like other pieces via transmogrification. You cant do that on BDO because all the armor looks the same.
    Rift has fashion as well as the cosmetic choice, you can wear old armor in your wardrobe.
    Perfect World International has TONS of fashion alternatives for you to wear instead of your armor.
    Guild Wars 2 is almost exactly like Rift in its fashion method
    Star Wars The Old Republic has cash-shop fashion and it sells like hotcakes!

    That is just a short selection of the top MMO's currently popular on the western market. I hope BDO follows the trend and introduces both eastern and western themed fashion alternatives. Keep the gender locking of classes, it makes BDO unique in that aspect, but let the western market do what they do best. Let them give you their money to make themselves feel different.
    What fashion to introduce: Poll the players, see what they want. Themes, styles broad ideas that you can work with. There are some guaranteed basics, such as plain colored T-shirts, jeans, cargo pants and such, but follow the players ideas, ask for renditions and work from there. No one is expecting this to hit the game in an update tomorrow, this is a medium term goal. Offer rewards to players who create fashion worthy of being in the game, such as their name being on the items description (As done by Trove) or ingame rewards such as pearls or even Modelers-only "Bragging Rights" skins for things. Stuff like a horse armor that makes flame inprints on the floor that fade, weapon skins with effects, only available to people who's models were accepted and introduced into the game.
    As a player of many MMOs who's downfall can be directly attributed to this, please dont do random boxes. Yes, they generate a megaton of money but it destabilizes economies in-game like you wouldn't believe. No one likes to pay a weeks worth of grinding for something simple because everyone gets them from the store and you cant afford to.
    (*1) http://www.ibtimes.co.in/rockstar-made-over-half-billion-dollars-revenue-gta-5-online-674663
    (*2) https://thinkgaming.com/app-sales-data/2/candy-crush-saga/
    (*3) https://thinkgaming.com/app-sales-data/93650/clash-royale/
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  2. DocHObo added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild Navy
    I want.. guild naval battles.   Craftable ships that can only be made by a guild, requiring vast amounts of resources, but capable of transporting huge amounts and fighting other guilds.

    I'm thinking along the lines of:

    Warships:  varying in size between single, double and triple rows of cannons. Slow, Powerful, large carrying space. Weak to fast ships if they're good enough to get in and avoid the cannon fire. More ranged units than the corvette can take up positions on the deck and use their skills. If along side other corvettes and warships for any period of time, melee classes can jump aboard and assault in melee.
    Corvettes: medium ships, single row cannons, capable of firing forwards and backwards as well as side to side via front mounted cannons. Medium cargo hold, these would be the bread and butter of guild sea merchants. Fast, compared to warships but targets for pirate NPCs and players alike. Ranged units can take up positions on the deck and use their skills. If along side other corvettes and warships for prolonged times, they can board the vessel and attack via melee.
    Schooner: small ships, faster than the corvette, little storage space, only armed with small anti-personnel cannons. Designed to speed up and strafe the cannoneers of the larger vessles, leaving them vulnerable to the corvettes and other warships. Weak, but capable of DoT Fire attacks.
    REWARDS FOR OCEAN BATTLE: Loot from destroyed naval ships such as partially recovering what they were hauling, Wood and parts from the wreckage to make building your own ships easier. 
    Losing a ship at sea: You can hire a recovery crew for a few million to bring back the ship from the ocean. it will take time and the ship will need to be repaired, but it will be much cheaper than to build a new ship. This means losing a ship in the water isnt the end of it, ships would be reusable as they cost a ton and one-time-use would be unfair.
    Ultimately, all i want is to watch massive, gorgeous ships blow the living crud out of each other. Make trading on the ocean interesting
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  3. DocHObo added a topic in Suggestions   

    More clothing options
    To be plain, i want more clothing variations available as costumes. Dresses, Pants, robes, suits, shirts.
    You can keep it lore friendly, old timey but they had some pretty fashionable stuff back in those times. Or you can make it pay2looksweet and have good looking stuff from modern era clothing.
    My issue is i'm two days into the game now and the only thing separating players from NPCs is shiney hair and mounts. It's a beautiful game, everyone's gorgeously rendered, but their clothes are hideous. The options in the pearl store are lame and outdated.
    I'm not saying i want top of the line gucci stuff, i'm more thinking plain T-shirts (give it a burlap look for old timey, i dont care) and the ability to put guild stuff on them. Long pants with SOME flair to them, like chains/patterns/interesting elements. shorts that look good.  

    My reasoning behind this request is: I used to play the hell out of Perfect World International, and the only reason myself and most of my guild played is so we could keep buying new clothes, whatever they came out with we'd buy. It was as much a fashion simulation as it was a boring ass grind fest.

    This game isn't a grind fest, you can AFK and do most of it automatically, but i'd like to do so in something that doesn't look like i found it in the bargain basement of a 2nd hand retailer who's shop resides in the more fragrant section of a sewer system.
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