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  1. Lapo added a post in a topic For those who played over 5000 hours...   

    afk fishing / processing / cooking
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  2. Lapo added a post in a topic Wizard Rotation and Combos [Awakening-PVE]   

    i have a lot of points used in non awakening skills... i have to eliminate them ? other than teleport and co , if there are no skills i use in my rotation, i see no point to level pre-awakening skills ?!
    can someone confirm whis fact ?
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  3. Lapo added a post in a topic 100% on wizard not being used?   

    i'm 56 and i use jail combo... but my black spirit never discharge.. is that the same thing are talking about ?
    i think i was doing something wrong (it is a new class i rerolled the previous weekends)
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  4. Lapo added a post in a topic House ranking P2W based?   

    house system is shared by the server or i find different house changing channel ? (i think the first obviously)
    someone can (in private obviously) give me some advice about some good spot to searching for an house ?
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  5. Lapo added a post in a topic Wizard Rotation and Combos [Awakening-PVE]   

    i dont understand a couple of thing
    Why i dont consume Black spirit power? It is always at 100%
    Acqua jail in theory should consume it but it doesnt happen!!!
    2) i have a lot of points used in non awakening skills... i have to eliminate them ? other than teleport and co , if there are no skills i use in my rotation, i see no point to level pre-awakening skills
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  6. Lapo added a post in a topic Shroud Armor?   

    thank you
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  7. Lapo added a post in a topic Shroud Armor?   

    i did the tarif quest line till "speaking to a guard in antho farm"
    but then i finished that quest and i have no chance to go further
    ps: how can i steal something from a npc?
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  8. Lapo added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    ? do i need 3 coupon for a costume ? one for each pieces ( so i suppose there are 3 pieces from what u are saying) ?
    I thought it was one and only coupon for the costume...
    I was thinking to buy 1 coupon for that costume BUT if i need more than one i prefer to pass  over
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  9. Lapo added a post in a topic I may be the worst wiz in the entire history   

    Take ur pg to 56 .. get awkening weapon and bring it to DUO (or pri at least)
    put a bronze dagger for accuracy that probably will help
    change ur jewels (for example guardian seal + belt are quite cheap at the moment and xhaps u can put a pri of them)
    since it is cheap, pump your DP a little (not a lot but just to be more resilient)
    then ... eat food for god sake .. to boost ap and crit and accuracy PLUS the tea that i see in your inventory
    If you have some money take a +15 liverto as main... with wizard you dont use a lot main weapon but a good main gives you bonus ap and all the bonus weapon has.
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  10. Lapo added a post in a topic What are your Golden Egg loots?   

    yesterday another f***** benshos and today a guardian seal
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  11. Lapo added a post in a topic Wizard Rotation and Combos [Awakening-PVE]   

    i usually play sorc that is very very different since you continuosly switch from 1 skill to another (from awakening to pre-awakening skills)
    ok.. so i'm not so much stupid
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  12. Lapo added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Wizard Rotation and Combos [Awakening-PVE]
    I just hit 56 lv but from the guide i see i dont clearly undestand which rotation i should use
    i see that there are some awakening combos (i dunno , something like watersphera+acquabomb) but i would like someone could explain me the rotation a must use.
    1) which non awakening skill i must train and i will use
    2) there is some faster way to pass from awakening to non awakening state (and viceversa), if a have to cast something (for example with sorceress there asre some skill which allow me to swich from awak/non-awak state without using C button)
    3) in order which skill i have to use and HOW i have to cast them (it changes if i cast them from quickslot or with keyes combos?!)
    Now i have 152AP and 200DP..
    tx anticipately for any help
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  13. Lapo added a post in a topic Can someone point this newbie in the right direction?   

    you need 100 auras to change them for weapon or subweapon.. i dont think you have 100 of them
    they dont drop every time you killa  boss so auras are something not very useful at least you spend a lot of time in boss killing
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  14. Lapo added a post in a topic Unrealistic Aspects.   

    Not being able to determine the sex of a horse before catching it). Various "Look under the hood" jokes pop into mind.
    Way too few breeding chances per horse). Seriously, 1 breeding chance per female.
    Not all gathering things can be gathered by workers) Logs and stones of course being the biggest unrealistic issues.
    Very TRUE
    can i add that guard behaviour is unrealistic : if you kill something or steal something they have to change into aggressive state (for a short period)  IMHO (not only if you are red)
    ùSamething for other NPC : if i kill your ship, at least they should attack me ..
    it is not a big change but it make game better
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