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  1. Hydro added a post in a topic Are you PvP or PvE player? POLL   

    You should add an option ''i would be PVP player if it wasnt so laggy''
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  2. Hydro added a post in a topic Our awakening   

    Allso we need to remamber that on EU / NA spinning slash and Scars of dusk dont do downed attack bonus damage, so our damage is even lower than the KR version of sword and board... (On the video scars of dusk has downed attack bonus)
    Fun times ahead!!
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  3. Hydro added a post in a topic For Those Who Missed the Warrior Tournament   

    Sounds like somebody kept practising?
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  4. Hydro added a post in a topic Poll: Would You Elect to Play PVE-Only BDO If Given The Option?   

    Yes, I would prefer if BDO had a PVP-off toggle while maintaining current server structure. Have you guys who voted for this even considered how badly this would be abused? Just read it properly and think on it for more than 20 seconds.At this point you should realise that this feature would allow endless amount of griefing and trolling. I might accept a feature like this if you suffer -50% 90% xp, -50 90% % silver, -50% 90% move speed when you use it past level 50. Allso you should only be able to activate / deactivate this once per day week.
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  5. Hydro added a post in a topic How to help fix PvP with one minor tweak.   

    This is not a bad idea, however i do not aggree with increasing the resistances you can get. you can already reach 60% going above that is not a good idea in my honest opinion.
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  6. Hydro added a post in a topic How is this fair? New Players get 16mil, we get 3   

    First of all good luck sniping liverto from marketplace. Second... you would gimp your charakter if you bought liverto +7 liverto gives you way less AP than +12 yuria.
    I get it your 1 of the last persons to hit 50 before patch and it might suck a bit. But out of all the reasons this 13 mil is the reason to come to forums for?
    As a fresh player, would it have been bad for you to get more money while leveling up?
    I dont understand why in BDO Forums people are demanding and rioting for free stuff any time something changes.... Or something goes wrong its amazing.
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  7. Hydro added a post in a topic How is this fair? New Players get 16mil, we get 3   

    Give me examples how this is a bad thing? New players will have more currency to help them level up faster and catch up to other players.
    If you are a player who just reached level 50 before the patch, what a shame? Go hit level 55 and claim your 10 mil.
    13mil is not going to make or break your charakter and i think new players deserve it.
    Why should we who have played the game for quite some time now and have a solid head start to new players on both xp and currency be compensated for this?
    Its ridiculous how some people just instantly jump to forums and demand  Daum for free xp, free silver, free loot .
    I think every time Daum for a real reason compensates the community it gets even worse.
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  8. Hydro added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    I cannot wait to get to try this!
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  9. Hydro added a topic in Suggestions   

    BDO and lag...
    Anyone else feeling like they are fighting the game and the lag more than the opponents or the content presented to you?
    Has anyone heard or read anything from Daum Games about the state of the servers?
    Are they planning to improve the servers, have they mentioned if its possible / impossible?
    How long do we have to make do with what we have now?
    Both Pvp and Pve are a mess!
    Now i need to mention here this is not a rant or a hate post, i really like the game and these things have been troubling me for a while now.
    PVP charakters are just jittering around while CCd sometimes running away and then being pulled back, grabble desync, Sorceres i frame problems... Now with the fresh Musa / Maehwa are dashing around the red battlefield and you cannot rely on any visual feedback where their charakter actually is.
    - Sidenote: Anyone have an idea why sometimes the game just does not draw the visuals for spells? This could be on my end but especially at red battlefield (without altering my visual options) i would say approximately 30% of wizard spells are invisible and the other 70% are displayed just fine, (this isn't because of the distance to the target or the caster + allso it is not specific spells that do not get visuals)
    PVE the monsters hit you good 1-2 seconds after the visual attack is done. (Especially all ranged and caster mobs: IE shadow wizards, Sausan cannoneers are the WORST)
    Anyone who has killed ogres know that when they do the big ground slam the actual hit comes 1 second after the crater appears.
    Cyclops roar keeps doing knockback and damage a while after the visual is done.
    At the moment on EU you can wait for shadow wizards to cast a bolt, let the visual hit you, give it a good 0.5 seconds and slap your block key to soak the hit. Doesnt make much sense to me.
    And lets not go into Daum having to restart servers mid week because mobs simply stop functioning properly.
    ...Field bosses / Scroll bosses.... Lets not even... ok... on a serious note they are a mess...
    It would be amazing if we could have any kind of response to give us some kind of hope for the game turning into something that you can enjoy for years to come? (even a nod of acknowledgement?)
    PS. Anyone know if there is a command or a hidden option view your ping to the servers?
    PSS. Are these problems same on US side?
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  10. Hydro added a post in a topic [POLL] RNG WUT ?   

    Maybe you should just focus on buying the item from the marketplace? (I KNOW... in current state its retarded hard to actually snipe items in marketplace but that is a separate topic)
    What i am saying is that you dont HAVE TO get lucky to obtain an item you really want?
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  11. Hydro added a post in a topic [POLL] RNG WUT ?   

    I think the RNG is fine (im talking gear specifically), the game is built around it.
    You'l be bound to fail enchants and get pissed, but get even more excited when you succeed.
    If something would HAVE to be changed i wouldnt mind something like following example:

    When failing to enchant lets say a Mark of Shadow, rather than losing both you'd lose 1 and the next enchant even if succeeded would be less valuable (Rather than from 5->7) your pri 1 Mark of Shadow that you previously failed to enchant would be AP 6-6. 
    (I would only support this when enchanting PAST Pri and i think normals should behave like they used to maybe excluding yellow accessories like: Ogre ring and other upcoming accessories.)
    With this, enchanting very valuable accessories IE: Ogre rings / Tree spirits or other accessories past Pri wouldnt be as punishing but would still greatly reward you for building up your failstacks and getting lucky and ending up with ''perfect'' item. (with no reductions from failing the enchants).
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  12. Hydro added a post in a topic How to possibly get any loot from Worldbosses?   

    Do you guys think or consider that if you play melee well you will be getting Back attack damage bonus and barely any downtime if you dont get killed?
    This is 1.5x Damage buff. Get in a party with some friends with buffs (Sorc for AP, Wizard / Valk for attack speed) and go ham with the juicy buffs?
    I havent done enough world bosses as a warrior to give solid evidence, but in theory this should provide you with great deal of bonus damage that could potentially surpass average to high ranged dps?
    Are you using Frenzy Elixirs? Fully food buffed? Are you getting naked before the boss in fear of losing gems and gimping your damage?
    Can you survive boss attacks with your block up if you have your gear on?
    I keep seeing these complaints that melee ''we cant get loot, ranged op'' but then on the other hand i see well geared melee players say that they have absolutely no issues to get top tier loot...
    Id like to hear your thoughts ^^!
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  13. Hydro added a post in a topic Looking for a game that fits to my needs (no enforced PVP)   

    Yea its RPG, its the closest thing i know where you cant get negative interactions with other players.
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  14. Hydro added a post in a topic Community is concerned that fishing needs a buff   

    Could you provide a link to these polls?
    You probably understand that the link is essential and without it pretty much everything you say is just a representation of your own opinion.
    Edit add: ''ingame poll's'' What are these? (I legit dont know what they are so im curious if anyone can educate me on that?)
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