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  1. The Artisan added a post in a topic Dye as a permanent unlock   

    I'd like some permanent dye too, a couple of euros for a one time color change on one part of your armor is just too expensive. Especially if the color is a random chance dye..
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  2. The Artisan added a post in a topic Turkey ip block   

    Turkey is not in Europe, or North America though so it should be obvious that turkey is not included in either of these regions upon release of the game specifically for those regions.
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  3. The Artisan added a post in a topic UI Customisation   

    I'd love more control over my UI as well. Especially the ability to decide the size per element/widget instead of all together.
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  4. The Artisan added a topic in Suggestions   

    Crowded channels/servers
    Hey everyone,

    Lately the servers and their channels are rather crowded.
    It makes things like leveling fairly difficult when there are about 5 people at every spot.

    As such I'd like to suggest to have more channels per server to help spread out the populace.
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  5. The Artisan added a topic in Suggestions   

    Toggle Horses
    Hey everyone,

    I'd like to suggest a toggle option much like there is for the pets in our graphic options. 
    Lately the servers are extremely crowded and I often have trouble talking to the NPC's due to the many horses left behind on top of them.
    As such I would like to suggest an option in the graphics options to toggle off other player's their horses when not occupied/mounted.
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  6. The Artisan added a post in a topic Which warrior skills to take and max first?   

    did you find any yet ? this is my first char and I am kinda trying to rebuild it correctly now 
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  7. The Artisan added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    I'm not a clown, but I am glad you've come to realize that preaching certain doom without any knowledge on the matter does not always mean one is right. 

    I do suggest however that it would help you greatly in life not to call people negative names without knowing anything about them. 
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  8. The Artisan added a post in a topic Spellbound Heart Spell   

    I never had a thing for mages before either, but just like you BDO made me like them so so much, It's a completely new experience for me, I think everyone at pearl abyss did an amazing job in making these classes work the way they do, from design all the way to special effects. I simply love this game. And the fact that I have been having fun with a mage of all things blows my mind.
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  9. The Artisan added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    I don't believe that complaining about one feature being released that is relatively easily coded, will make make the other things that they are working on come any quicker. 

    What you are asking is: Why is that relatively simple code of say 1/4th of an a4 page (probably way less) that requires only one programmer being implemented, when a code that requires several pages and the best of our programmers and requires artwork needs doing too. Instead of calling other people idiots, it might be worth learning about how things like this are made and keeping an open mind as to why people have a need to be able to do things afk in order to somewhat be able to play this game for fun with the little bit of time they have.  

    At the very least I suggest that you do try to show develop some empathy towards those "idiots" who run in circles, because clearly unlike you, they do not have the time to do it all by hand, and clearly, just like you, they like this game for what it is and what it could become and wish to be part of this. Games are made for the enjoyment of all who wish to play them, not just for you but for everybody. Instead of complaining and throwing a temper tantrum, how about simply accepting the positive possibilities that this featur provides you as a player and your fellow games and deciding for yourself if you will use it and how or not.

    For example, you can use it as a trade route and simply interrupt the loop only when you are at a trader to pick up and sell goods, and then resuming it to the other trader where you do the same. It just saves you 2-3 mouse clicks each stop.

    Because really, why would you bother caring how others do something? Because then you might as well throw a temper tantrum for each item on the marketplace, after all, those people are taking the easy route of purchasing that milk instead of milking the cow themselves. 
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  10. The Artisan added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    I am thankful for this feature, being unable to play much, doing such things afk / letting my character do it for me whilst running the game in the background whilst working, is a god send. I don't have the time to farm much and such things, so I got into horse breeding which is a lot of fun, I had been struggling though to level the horses up because this could not be done afk, and I could only fit in about 2-3 trade runs between veila and heidel, or a horse capture or two in the time I had. 

    Finally I can let my character level my horses for me, so I can focus on capturing more of them when I got a little bit of time to play. ^^
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