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  1. Varin added a topic in Off-Topic   

    New gaming laptop
    Hello everyone 
    For a little while now I've been saving up some cash for a new laptop  I have a decent desktop but where I work I can only really bring a laptop and not lug around a 2nd desktop.  I have about 3k saved up willing to go to 3500. I want something that'll push bdo on max settings with the understanding that cities will fluctuate fps. Just looking for suggestions, I have been looking at the MSI titan series but haven't done much research.
    any help is appreciated 
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  2. Varin added a post in a topic Missing Pearls no resolution for months   

    It seems to be that way. @GM Axion @GM Creator @GM_Axion
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  3. Varin added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Missing Pearls no resolution for months
    When trying to buy pearls during DAUMS fiasco with payment failures and so on, I was attempting to use a credit card, and received payment failure message several times. I would check my character and there would be no pearls. I submitted 5 tickets with the same response from the GM, try another method. Finally, I linked up my bank/debit to paypal and it allowed me to make my purchases, little did I know the failed charges went onto my credit card, a card i only use for gaming purchases and such and the card from the multiple purchases was pushed above its limit, somehow, I have no clue. When speaking with Daum about the issue and stating I would like the money in pearls or cash back due to not getting anything, they stated you have gotten everything according to our records. I am not one to argue typically but this is just not true.
    Somewhere along the line the Daum cash purchases have failed at either tracking the pearls or the money or both. I was out my cash and again several  ticket attempts resulted into basically "too bad for you responses, you got the pearls." Which I did from the several hundred I spent thorugh my debit but not from my credit card. So my credit card took action and took the money back I could have charged back ALOT more if I was trying to just steal my money back, I only took what I know was mine. Daum has now prevented me from making any other purchases at all and I feel this is not right, even with paysafe cards which cant be charged back wont work I cant even get to the check out section it goes straight to payment failure every option every time. The money is really not that big a deal considering the cash I have sunk into this game and again if I was just trying to steal my money back I would have charged back 4-5 times that the bank kept asking me if I wanted too.
    Daum goofed up and wouldnt rectify it and I made sure I didnt just give up my money and took action due to their inaction, now I am the one who pays for it. I hope sincerely this is not the business practice Daum holds by basically doing nothing when there is a legitimate issue, the barrier of CM's and GM's who just brush off as many responses as possible is ridiculous. As I am sure this one will be ignored too but it is my last ditch attempt to reason with Daum before reaching out to the company through other means. Hoping for a positive resolution.
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  4. Varin added a post in a topic I got "Purchase failure" and lost $30   

    I have 4 transactions that went through, yet no cash/pearks after saying payment failed......
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  5. Varin added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    DAUM is indirectly "unknowingly" stealing my money "clarification inside"
    So, several times while trying to buy pearls I like many have gotten failed payment etc. Well now 3 of those failed payments posted on a CC I know never worked for the site for whatever reason and I am being charged for it though never received pearls. Any clarification on this Daum GM's?
    Ive also seen several people on here being charged with FAILED purchases. I would assume DAUM is working on a way to rectify this situation.
    Since there is no response from GM's I will have to contact my CC company and make a claim against the several charges.
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  6. Varin added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    This is the response for website daum purchase failures.

    Unfortunately, due to fraud issues, we are unable to accept your card for payment.

    Please note that it does not mean that your card has been used for fraudulent purchases or that you are in any way involved in any kind of fraud. We simply cannot accept your card.

    Please use another payment method.

    For more information about payment methods we accept, and how to set them up, please visit the following URL:


    We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.
    GM Cairag
    Black Desert Online Customer Support

    So basically atleast one of their payment options are not available for the US, I have tried the other 3 including paypal with 3 different cards from 3 different companies/banks. ALL MY CARDS CANT BE FRAUD.  What a joke. Visa, Mastercard and debit all fraud, come on Daum. Dont put stuff in the game that we have to buy then if you cant sell it properly.
    FYI tried a CC my wife had and you guys still declined it. Same response? lol
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  7. Varin added a post in a topic BDO Won't Reply My Refund Request   

    I think ill be quitting this game, put in a ticket cause I am trying to buy pearls and it keeps failing, and its not my debit/bank or CC company they said everything is fine. The CS here sucks.
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  8. Varin added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Failed transaction for pearls
    Each time I purchase pearls now it says payment is failed, I have purchased in the past with no issue. Now debit and credit cards, nothing works. I called each company and my bank and they all said it was not them, it was the merchant. I waited over 24 hours to get by the fraud detection. Still waiting for a response from support. Getting pretty ridiculous now.
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  9. Varin added a post in a topic Looking for guild   

    Thank yo ufor the replies I am currently checking out all of ya  Hoping to talk to you soon.
    Not on any server currently
    Starting from the ground up.
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  10. Varin added a topic in US Guild   

    Looking for guild
    Hello possible future friends and adventurers!
    My name Is Varin or some variation of in game.
    My past experience for MMO's began with ultima online then on to EQ1, after a few years there I dabbled with SWG, DAOC and tried EQ2, I also played WoW with a top guild for over a decade and just got too bored and the game was getting stale, the community I gamed with refused to leave and I couldnt pull myself to log on anymore and waste away the same old grind year after year, So here I am. A few other games I have played, Eve online, Vanguard, The division, secret world, Lineage 2 and more I am sure I am forgetting about. I am looking a for a fun active guild that is serious about pvp and end game fun. I may be starting out new but it wont be long before I am capped out. I have an awesome wife and family who basically love letting me and watching me game.... weird right? lol 
    I hope to find a good home for the foreseeable future. Looking to build up a character and help the guild make a name for themselves. If your elitist, I think ill pass simply because pissing contests get old fast and I am here to have fun with people, not listen to people whine if someone made a mistake. I had enough of that in WoW. I am an easy going guy, good sense of humor, I dont offend easily. Would love to see whats out there that is willing to accept a new player. 
    Hope to hear from you soon!! 
    Ill be rolling my character on the server of the guild I join so just waiting to hear from someone to begin the adventure. Till then I will be goofing with the character creator, after this maitenece is done lol.
    Hope you have a good one, thanks for checking out my post.
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