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  1. Innumerable added a post in a topic Wizard neck   

    This has been fixed, possibly with yesterday's maintenance since there were other character creation changes involved. Happy to finally be rid of that giraffe neck.
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  2. Innumerable added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    WoW is on its last legs and I don't like the idea of supporting a company like Blizzard any further than I already have. GW2 is a joke.
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  3. Innumerable added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    Or the only people who bothered frequenting them after the first few months are from third world countries and can barely speak English.
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  4. Innumerable added a post in a topic I'm getting real sick of this sh*t, Kakao!   

    When 7 hours for routine maintenance just isn't enough. I think returning to this game may have been a mistake.
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  5. Innumerable added a post in a topic Yeah, sorcs are 100% balanced and bad in PVE   

    You know, I think I might just take your advice. The ship is already visibly sinking between the utter lack of communication, constant reports of blatant packet editing, huge content delays and unwillingness to actually balance the classes despite the overwhelming majority wanting it. I'm feeling pretty burned out and it's clear Daum is in the exact same situation as Trion was with ArcheAge. Even if they wanted to do any actual work for the better, I don't think they'd be allowed to by their gook overlords. Hell, not even Trion ever  did this bad with what they were given. Uninstalled, enjoy your dying gook grindfest as one of the most disgustingly overpowered classes I've ever seen.
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  6. Innumerable added a post in a topic Critical Screen Effect - Headache city. Halp!   

    I really wish I knew what the hell people were talking about when they complain about this. I even used to play Valkyrie with a Liverto constantly spamming shield throw with the 80% crit buff in PvE and never noticed this flashing people go on about and I consider myself to be someone with pretty sensitive eyes.
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  7. Innumerable added a post in a topic Found this white horse in Altinova. How is this obtainable?   

    I wouldn't be surprised at all with how this last month has gone.
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  8. Innumerable added a post in a topic Horse Skill Change Coupon - Is this intended?   

    Breeding CS items are some of the worst things in the shop you could possibly defend, no matter how big a fanboy you are. Just stop.
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  9. Innumerable added a post in a topic Kzarka bundles more rare?   

    They should ban you for posting such gibberish. Please, never post again if that's your understanding of the English language.
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  10. Innumerable added a post in a topic @ All QQers   

    That would be perfectly fine if time invested always equaled roughly the same amount of power, unfortunately that is not the case and just about all progression outside of leveling is down to pure luck even if you manage your time efficiently. No matter how much time I invest, I'm not guaranteed a piece of boss armor or a certain enchantment level, but perhaps Joe Schmo who only plays 4 hours a week gets lucky and happens upon a shiny new pair of Bheg gloves or Tree armor. Or even worse than that, a player who invests the same amount of time as me and can easily afford to upgrade those gloves or that armor gets them, but I don't. He has invested the same amount of time as me, done the same routine as me and has still pulled massively ahead due to sheer luck. This is a big problem in a progression-based game with any kind of competitive element, not so much in a single player one. Convenient that your type always ignores this, assuming it's purely a bunch of "entitled" casuals who are moaning that they can't stay competitive while they're barely even playing the game. I invest at least 8 hours a day, every single day and am still a bit behind the curve despite managing my time efficiently. Even if/when I finally get those gloves or that armor I'll still think it's an awful route for a game like this to take.
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  11. Innumerable added a post in a topic When will Valks....   

    Just cut your losses, transfer/sell your equipment and reroll Ranger or Sorc if you're not above 55. After pouring around 300 active hours into my Valk I decided I'd picked the wrong class and went with Ranger. Everything is so much easier and quicker to the point where it only took me a week to solo my way back to 55 and end up with better gear, working on 56 now by soloing pirates of all things, ridiculously easy and only takes a bit of focus to not die at 167 DP even at night. I only wish Valk had that easy of a time surviving.
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  12. Innumerable added a post in a topic Trace of Memory ?!   

    An exceedingly rare drop is somehow comparable to a gather-able resource. You always love to talk a whole hell of a lot without ever actually thinking your argument through, hence "pseudo-intellectual".
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  13. Innumerable added a post in a topic all of these negative posts makes me want to   

    Good goy!
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  14. Innumerable added a post in a topic Ultimate Upgrade Success Chance   

    Pretty damn low, I'd imagine. I've easily gone through 70 stones on a blue set with a 22 luck worker and only have 2 pieces to show for it. I don't actually care about the DP/DR all that much, but it prevented me from meeting the stat requirements to join a top guild before they all started demanding level 56 on top of their universal 300 ap/dp requirement. I'd guess more or less a 10% chance and worker luck doesn't seem to have much of an effect on it.
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  15. Innumerable added a post in a topic Desert Fox is P2W?   

    How is being inflicted with a serious debuff less frequently NOT an advantage?
    "I was just pretending to be retarded".
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