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  1. Aimscoes added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    -----ing ----- 
    Can we please start having the maintenance at a appropiate time soon? middle of the day in EU sucks so damn hard...
    Being home from work for once and having a day of and can't play half day becuase jack-shi.t
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  2. Aimscoes added a post in a topic The 6 days review by a new player   

    Where the ----- did you get that from? Buying silver? LOL.
    The only way you can earn silver from the cash-shop is buy selling certain pearl items and you can sell 5 each week and one costume (the most expensive) goes for around 24M. so you can make around 115M per week buy spending 100 Dollars. 
    Man i farm 100M in a few days and even 1 day with some luck. 
    It's not P2W it's pay for convenience
    EDIT: To the topic: Great review of your feelings, it's appreciated to see what others like.
    I personally love this game nowadays more than any other MMO, i LEFT wow for a few months ago and been with BDO since that, no regrets. 
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  3. Aimscoes added a post in a topic Please optimize the game so we get the same FPS that we used to get 6 months ago   

    Could been a bit better but happy with it  
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  4. Aimscoes added a post in a topic Please optimize the game so we get the same FPS that we used to get 6 months ago   

    It's i7-6700K GeForce GTX 1080 Strix 16GB Ram 256GB SSD
    2560x1440P 165HZ Screen

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  5. Aimscoes added a post in a topic Please optimize the game so we get the same FPS that we used to get 6 months ago   

    I can confirm this with a AsusRogSwift 1440P screen, i have around 80 AVG FPS in open world doing solo stuffs and 40-50 in towns same in Big Team Fights. 
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  6. Aimscoes added a topic in General   

    FREE GUEST PASS. (Picture)
    Anyone who wants it? 
    Got 4 Guest Passes. 
    I Will copy them down below and take them at your will and use it if you can. Enjoy. 
    Code 1 : C196-8501-D5D4-4A52-AE10Code 2 : B869-4D54-C3E9-4D84-93C9Code 3 : D43A-B046-3F0B-4850-A25BCode 4 : 5F0C-77C9-0360-40FD-9B24
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  7. Aimscoes added a post in a topic 30 FPS or 45-60 FPS ?   

    Yeah this is a common issue, even my high-end PC can't handle High End Mode, but yet again maybe becuase i am at 1440P.
    But it's weird since i max out almost any other game on the market but not BDO  
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  8. Aimscoes added a post in a topic 30 FPS or 45-60 FPS ?   

    Kinda same here, tho i run at 1440P with SWIFT Monitor but the FPS is still kinda same as yours, AVG 80 FPS outside towns and 30-50 in towns. 
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  9. Aimscoes added a post in a topic Where to grind for money?   

    I Gamble, won a ogre ring = proffit. 
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  10. Aimscoes added a post in a topic Does kaokao reduce or change definition of channel crowded?   

    Well i can answer a bit on this Topic.
    Many players are returning, due to new class and so on but also for attendence rewards that new players are getting. 
    I started a month ago again and been active on it since that, so has many more people and thus leading to it looking like this. 
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  11. Aimscoes added a topic in Sorceress   

    Need tips on skill-build
    Hey guys, anyone who have tips on what awakening abilitys and non-awakening abilitys to spec into ? 
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  12. Aimscoes added a topic in Sorceress   

    Need Gearing Advice / Skill Advices
    Hey People. i've returned to BDO since a month now and been leveling up a new sorc. 
    My budget isn't the best yet but i am starting to get a more basic income over time due to learning the game but i am kinda stuck now where i am not sure  exactly what to do in the game nor what upgrades to priority and what to buy.
    Same goes for the sorceress skills with awakening, i feel more comfortable there but if anyone has a good build or advices on gearing, please share.
    I have a picture to share on my shit gear tho  

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  13. Aimscoes added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

  14. Aimscoes added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    Where do i find the full patch notes? i only see a few things
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  15. Aimscoes added a post in a topic just bought total war, wasted $60 on that   

    Played World of Warcraft earlier today, when i tried to delete items from my bag i pressed enter like in BDO and nothing happened and i thought to myself, WTF am i doing here. -> BDO. 
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