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  1. Lalugah added a post in a topic << Harvest >>   

    Yeah bois! Gogo!
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  2. Lalugah added a post in a topic [mod] delete please   

    Get up there!
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  3. Lalugah added a post in a topic [mod] delete please   

    Rangers Zerkers where are thou?
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  4. Lalugah added a post in a topic Alustin and Croxus Node War Tales.   

    Well even the 30+ guilds (us) sign up for conquest :3 I mean come on!
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  5. Lalugah added a post in a topic Blessing of Kamasilve 7D does not work.   

    Read the mail, it clearly states that the attendence one will not work.
    Just activate both if you want. But only one will work
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  6. Lalugah added a post in a topic Blessing of Kamasilve 7D does not work.   

    This is fixed
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  7. Lalugah added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Blessing of Kamasilve 7D does not work.
    So the energy recovery doesn't work again on the kamasilve.. I'm guesseing the 20% is bugged aswell then..
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  8. Lalugah added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    https://www.twitch.tv/gammnuckan Alustine Protest Velia 2 Heidel! 
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  9. Lalugah added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Well a discord for debate would be nice. 
    I can tell you rushed through the post, since I never quoted myself. I quoted the official statement PM_jouska posted a while back about these concerns. I know what concerns means. That's why I emphasized it aswell. 
    You want an definite of the term Pay-to-win? I would like you to give one to me aswell then. I could go and make a deep search in scientifc articles to search for an accepted definition of the term. But I can't just be bothered doing that since I feel this is a utterly useless situation to take this into a universitylevel debate about a game. 
    Also needed to point out urban dictionary? When I clearly stated that it's not a reliable source? But the only one that I could find right now since I'm also in abit of a hurry.
    But if you want me to, I could sit down and spend hours writing a post that probably could be used as a definite for the term Pay-to-win. 
    You're claiming to be educated in the area, and you might be. But the way you're going on about it. Stating it every now and then makes me think that you're just a person pretending to be something you're not. 
    "One of the biggest criticisms was aimed at pay-to-win, which means that the players with the most money to use get unfair advantage over players who do not use money." (Alha,Koskinen,Paavilainen,Hamari,Kinnunen , 2014) 
    Free-to-play Games: Professionals Perspectives
    University of Tampere
    There you have a definite in an published article from a university.  It's about free-to-play games. But since it was more about the definite meaning of the term pay-to-win I surely think I stated fact now. 
    I also hereby will not reply to anything else you write since you're just trying to nitpick on small things at the moment. Not even reading the whole context and building your own conclusion and therefore missing the bigger complete picture.
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  10. Lalugah added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

     Ok, I'll try as good as I can to give you some defintions not coming from me. We start with PM_Jouska and Kakao/Daum them selves
    So here he clearly state that they are aware of the P2W concerns for dyes.
    And here he talks about Gear2Win vs Control2Win and Pay2Win vs. Time2Win
    Then he goes into the costumes with the approach that the community agrees that this advantage is to small to be Pay2Win so here the Community defined it as not Pay2Win atleast the vast majority.
    And as I understand his words is that Pay2Win is something that has a major gamechanging mechanic. 
    As I see it. What they introduce now, has that power of being a major gamechanging mechanic. It all depends on what the prices will be on the market really. And why I see it like this(this is my own opinion to clearify) is because I can spend 20 hours farming grinding money to buy shards to upgrade my gear. But depending on the prices these item will have. I could've spent 30$ on a costume and earn instant silver to do this. Wich means it saves me time spent and I'm actually paying someone else to grind that money for me basically. And in my eyes this is pay2win. No other way to see it for me.
    Urban-dictionary(not the most reliable source though) defines pay2win like this: 
    Games that let you buy better gear or allow you to make better items then everyone else at a faster rate and then makes the game largely unbalanced even for people who have skill in the game without paying. 
    What I think you're doing is that you're trying to take the definition of the phrase out of it context. And you try to express what is your opinion about the term. You might not see this as pay to win. But by defintion, this is exactly what it is. You're paying money to gain an advantage. And with that said all the items that gives you an advantage are by DEFINITION pay to win. Then Daum came to an agreement with the community of how much advantage is considered pay to win. 
    WIth that said, I would say that from what I read in this thread. and all the thread's popping up on the forum. That the vast majority of the community thinks that this is actual pay-to-win. But I will not make my final conclusion about it until I see the prices on the market. Because even for me, it's about the amount of advantage it gives. If it's 30$ for a costume and it sells for 5 million, then I would say it's not really pay-to-win in my opinion. But by definition it still is. IF it gives an advantage. No matter how small it is.
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  11. Lalugah added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I'll let you in on a little secret. First of all , stupidify people with writings of the likes " If you're using a definition that is not the defacto of the word, please go into depth as to what the ----- you mean because to us that are educated- this makes no sense outside of useless fallacy." followed up with not to offend is just a poor attempt to make yourself look superior to others. Which honestly you fail quite grande on. Trying to use fancy words mixed with clear insults will not get you anywhere. Or well. It might do in the short run. But in the long run you'll end up sad an miserable as the ones you try to diffrentiate yourself from.
    If you have an education in economy you must've failed that if you're missing out on what's going on here.
    We do a simplified calculation for you.
    Buying the game. 30$ (just to make it simple we take the cheapest version). In theory this is all it takes to play this game and end up with the best gear in the game. Thus this is lowest possible amount of money you can spend on this game. 
    Now here is where it get's interesting. We throw in the variable time. Which also is confirmed by PA/Kakao/Daum is what this game is classified as. Time 2 win. Which means. More TIME spent on the game will get you higher level and better gear.
    So how do we define Pay 2 Win? Easy. If you can pay real life money to give you advantages in a game. THIS IS PAY 2 WIN. Then there's some different levels of it as we have seen.
    Buying a costume for pearls (10% combat xp) Shortens the time you need to reach level 60 by 10% compared to people that does not have this costume. Paying real money to gain advantage to others = Pay 2 win. Now I don't see this as pure pay 2 win. More as a convience item. But we'll keep going.
    Pets for pearls (Gives different kinds of xp gains depending on RNG and loots for you.) = Shortens time you spend on looting stuff ,leveling stuff = Gaining an advantage to others = Pay 2 win. I see this as I see costumes but lets keep going, I will get to the point soon.
    I could keep going with this for the different items but they apply the same type of rule basically. They are convience items.
    But then we have some stuff that sticks out.
    Dyes (Colors your gear, doesn't give bonuses) = Dosen't really do anything other than makes you look fab! = Not gaining an actual advantage = Not Pay 2 win. Or is it?
    Well yes. Because you can sell some of the dyes on the market for silver = Paying reallife money for ingame currency. = shortens your time spent grinding the same amount.
    So what does silver have to do with P2W? Well this game cost's you alot of silver if you're not really lucky. You'll need silver to afford to enchant stuff in this game. Off course time is also a factor here. Because you could basically get the best gear without spending silver on anything else than repairs, pots and upgrading your workshops. Because you could grind everything. But grinding takes time. And as we said in the start. This game is time 2 win. So more time = better gear.
    Valuepack = only thing here that I would consider goes towards p2w is the 15.5% deduction on tax. And maybe a marketingtrick to give all one for free because noone would want to be without it after a month = subscription?
    SO to get to the end of this and a tldr; for people that don't want to read it all. 
    We concluded that the game is based on time spent = better gear.
    We have items in pearl shop that can shorten that time spent = advantage over others.
    Now we can even buy those items and sell them for ingame currency = More $$ spent = More silver ingame.= Shorten your time spent on grinding = advantage over others that can't or don't want to spend $$
    And there we have the real problem. Not everyone can spend a ton of money on pearls which gives the people that can and want to a huge advantage depending on the prices this items will sell for. 
    This game follows a very simple rule. More time spent on grinding = more silver = better gear.
    This rules is now changed to: More money spent in real life = more silver = better gear.
    So time spent became money spent. = T2W became P2W.
    If you can't see that with your fancy education in economy, then sue that school.
    Yes you still have to level your character. But that doesn't matter.
    //Education in marketing/Socio-Echonomics and Sociology.
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  12. Lalugah added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    At the same time, me that have a hard time grinding in this game can spend RLMoney on costumes and such. Sell it for a nice chunk of silver and try getting my bossarmor and all my accessories to PEN. With out even have to worry about the cost in game. The only thing that I have to worrie about is if my bankaccount can handle it.
    I mean, If I would have a billion silver right now. I would not even hestitate about trying to go to PEN Bheg gloves or some other piece. I wouldn't care if I broke my duo jewelry because I could just buy new ones from the market and keep trying. Because as long as I have the funds IRL I don't even need to leave heidel.. Sure if you dont have boss armor and such you might need to do some grinding. But you could easily gear your self up to extreme proportions and then go doing bosses without even have to leave a city... 
    How is this not P2W? 
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  13. Lalugah added a post in a topic [mod] delete please   

    Website's still down, still waiting on reply from our host...  In the meantime check this nice nodewar video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjf5OZ6rkl8
    Contact leaders ingame.
    Phorica - Skullflower - Niyu - Twinki - Sarseya 
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  14. Lalugah added a post in a topic [mod] delete please   

    It looks so good! #BestWebsiteOnAlustin
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