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  1. Fenet added a post in a topic [EDAN] <HouseFabled> Small growing guild seeking active members. 18+ Expanding for node wars. GvG | Scrolls | Guild Bosses | Arena PVP | PvE | Discord upon recruitment   

    They're a good bunch, been with them since B&S. As a guild hopper, they're one of the few groups that have kept me.
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  2. Fenet added a post in a topic Most Attractive Male Class!   

    +1 to Warrior cause biased. Blader is really damn good looking though. He's got that look of a wanderer that's honed his skills for decades.
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  3. Fenet added a post in a topic Prettiest Female Class   

    I'm torn between Ranger and Valkyrie. Based off the base models. Ranger is pretty and all, but a red headed swords woman.You just can't resist that. Also lance awakening hype.
    +1 to Valkyrie
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  4. Fenet added a post in a topic blood   

    I want to see enemies get cleaved in two when enemies die to zerker/greatsword skills. Elemental deaths like a burnt corpse from wizard fire or a twitchy mess from lightning. Screams of pain would be lovely too.
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  5. Fenet added a post in a topic Why Melee Awakening?   

    Can't wait to find out how this'll fair in pvp.
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  6. Fenet added a post in a topic Weirdest stuff on the internet   

    I want all his stuff. Also i will never look at recorders the same again.
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  7. Fenet added a post in a topic Valkyrie Awakens   

    Whelp, guess i'm going to sub main Valk now. That lance looks amazing. Between the greatsword and now the lance I am very satisfied with what weapons the classes are getting.

    Would be really nice if she got some form of wings for some of her attacks and movements. Feel like they would be more ethereal than physical and it would be a neat way to emphasize her mastery and growth of her divine powers as a Valkyrie. Seeing her flying up and crashing down on the enemy or using them to dash around quickly would be immensely satisfying.
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  8. Fenet added a post in a topic Best Anime [POLL]   

    FMA:Brotherhood is definitely my favorite from the list. Ed's height complex made me laugh and  I was always rooting for Al to get his body back so he could eat all the food he had on his list. Any Mecha or Mainstream Shounen stuff i tend to like. Gundam, Evangelion, etc. Lull in the Sea gave me way too many feels but i still like it. Basilisk and Ninja Scroll also hold a special place in my heart. Mostly because I caught them on afternoon TV when i was around 5.
    PS: Don't let a 5 year old watch Basilisk and Ninja Scroll. Ever. My mind was not ready to interpret what i saw.
    PPS: Monster Musume cause obligatory lewd. 
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  9. Fenet added a post in a topic POLL: Choose your main class - Non-released classes are added as well!   

    I'm definitely going to main a Warrior.I learned to love the sword and board again in MH4U and if feels pretty satisfying in BDO too. It also feels so good to just choke slam someone and then pick them up and do it again. Plus we get a greatsword eventually and it looks so fun.
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  10. Fenet added a post in a topic Class for low FPS   

    I would say Wizard/Witch would be a good choice since their AoE damage is great for mass PVP and PVE. Plus they have the best party support with their heals and revive.They're also great for mounted combat since horses let them cast their heavy damage spells while mobile. Personally I didn't feel that the Wizard's spells effects hurt my fps that much if at all when i played it.
    Warrior also is good alternative since we can block when the fps drops hit. Though I wish I was a Wiz instead of a Warrior during the boss event in CBT1.  The horrible frame drop from all the people/effects on screen got me one shot so many times. Still love my warrior the most though.
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  11. Fenet added a post in a topic So, where is e everybody from   

    Ontario. Canada. The glorious land of maple syrup and poutine.
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  12. Fenet added a post in a topic NA server location   

    Just gonna say for my Canadian brethren that we would love a Chicago based server. The ping to most servers sucks when you live in Canada.
    (Going from 100+ to 25-30 when League did the server move was a godsend.)
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  13. Fenet added a post in a topic Hey   

    Welcome to the community! The punch is on the table to your left and everyone else is sitting on the right waiting for a release date. Enjoy your stay.
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