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  1. Two-Tu added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    Aww really?
    I got quite excited about BDO being brought to Steam. Thought, I could just link my existing account with my Steam Account. Would have been really convenient - BUT NOOOOOOOO.
    Why not? 
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  2. Two-Tu added a topic in Warrior   

    Best Gear for Warrior? (2017)
    I'm new to this class and wanted to ask you, what gear I should get for my Warrior.
    It would be very helpful and appreciated to give me the name of the item for the certain slots. Example:
    Thanks in advance!
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  3. Two-Tu added a topic in Musa   

    Musa: Best Alchemy Stone?
    Which Alchemy Stone should I get for my Musa?
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  4. Two-Tu added a post in a topic Getting attendance reward without going ingame?   

    So when I get the "Connection lost to the server" message, the only thing I can do is to "Ok (Enter)". There is literally only one option. After doing so, the game closes itself. Now this problem, "Connection lost to the server", is known to me and many other. But in this case, I guess, it's just that my computer can't handle the game and loads way too long so the game decides to kick me.
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  5. Two-Tu added a post in a topic Getting attendance reward without going ingame?   

    So I already set the settings to the lowest possible within the launcher.
    There is a GameOption.txt file in Documents though. In my recent reply, I posted my current settings. I am not sure if these settings are set to lowest aswell already.
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  6. Two-Tu added a post in a topic Getting attendance reward without going ingame?   

    Mhhh, expected that. 
    I have got the GameOption.txt here. Is there a way to put the graphic settings even lower so that I could get into game with this laptop by any chance?
    Here is the content of said .txt file:
    As far as I remember, there was a time where I could get into game with this computer, even though it lagged very hard, but I could get the reward. Can't figure out why this isn't possible now. 
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  7. Two-Tu added a topic in General   

    Getting attendance reward without going ingame?
    Hello guys!
    So this is some really stupid question: Is there a way to get the daily attendance reward without actually going in game?
    Well sure, this is kinds dumb to ask, 'cause what sense would it make to name the event "ATTENDANCE reward" if you don't have to "attend" the game after all - but lemme explain you: I am currently not at home (like my real home, where my glorious computer is at), so I got this this trash laptop with me, and guess what, it's not designed for gaming, meaning: It doesn't have a graphic card T.T I can log in though, select a character, but whenever I try to get into the game, it loads for a century and then gives me the classic "Connection lost to the server" thing.
    I already thought of asking a friend to do this for me, but I don't wanna bother him (I am not even sure, if he still has the game installed) and account sharing is illegal.
    I am aiming for the last 7 rewards and those are always the most important rewards. I don't wanna miss them out
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  8. Two-Tu added a topic in General   

    What's with this "Connection lost to the server"?!
    So I don't know if it's due to my internet connection (quite sure it's not), but BDO never lets me get into game for the first time I try it for the day. It always requires at least 2 attempts to get into the game, liteally ALWAYS. Like sometimes even, it takes 3 to 4 attempts. It always loads for a felt decade, and all of the sudden, after all the waiting I had to endure, after the bar is at 100% of loading, "Connection lost to the server.". But why?? Why does the game decide to close itself after I have been loading for the whole time. Why not say "You damn suck, you disconnect now from the game" right at the beginning instead of forcing me to go whole through the whole loading process just to see this damn error.
    This is some serious issue, which I still experience. I have checked on my internet connection and it's all fine. This can't be the source of problems.
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  9. Two-Tu added a post in a topic Connection to the server has been lost.   

    damn unoptimized bs.
    fix your game ffs
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  10. Two-Tu added a post in a topic Connection to the server has been lost.   

    Now this is some serious bs, tbh. I have a stable connection and decent specs, however, the game just decides to loose the connection to the server and to shut itself down. 
    Like, I am waiting for this unoptimized s*** to start up, and after the bothersome loading, after watching the loading bar painfully loading, it just gives me this error, like wtf.
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  11. Two-Tu added a post in a topic How do I set a Guild Emblem?   

    Where exactly do I get guild funds from? I saw that there a guild missions which give guild funds, but are these also possible to be done solely?
    I've made that guild on my own, and for my own only because of ... reasons, you know.
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  12. Two-Tu added a topic in General   

    How do I set a Guild Emblem?
    So I am a Guild master and wanna set a guild emblem. It's Monday, so it should work. However, having 400k Silver in my pocket, I wanna purchase the Guild Emblem Certificate but it says: "not enough money".
    How do I do it now?
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  13. Two-Tu added a post in a topic Does Awakened Weapon's AP count towards total AP?   

    Thank you guys!
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  14. Two-Tu added a topic in General   

    Does Awakened Weapon's AP count towards total AP?
    Does the AP from the Awakened Weapon count towards my total AP?
    Example: I have 100 AP, AwakenedWeapon has 50 AP. If I equip the Awakened Weapon, will I have 150 AP then?
    Also does this apply on Secondary Weapons, too?
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  15. Two-Tu added a post in a topic Guild name restrictions!   

    Necroing this topic, as it's still desired.
    I also would like to have more freedom in terms of Guild names. Guild names of 10 characters? This can't be real. Group/Guild names are difficult to choose if there are only 10 characters available. Character names are easy, but for a group of players, more freedom is required.
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  16. Two-Tu added a topic in General   

    Attendance Rewards Event: Comeback?
    So hello!
    Today's the last day of the Attendance Reward event and I want to know when this event will come back again.
    Thank you!
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  17. Two-Tu added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    [Problem solved, thread can be deleted]
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  18. Two-Tu added a post in a topic Non-Ultimate + Ultimate item: Does the set effect trigger?   

    psssssh, I am actually an "AFK Farmer" (farming daily logins) so I have no idea - psssssh
    EDIT: So I looked that up and now got the idea from the stones. There are several Reform Stones, Grade 1/2/3. I have a Green "PRI: Taritas Armor", which one do I have to buy then to upgrade that one to Ultimate?
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  19. Two-Tu added a post in a topic Non-Ultimate + Ultimate item: Does the set effect trigger?   

    Well well well, upgraded from Green "Grunil Helmet" and upgraded to "Ultimate Grunil Helmet" since it seems like the extra 5 AP from the set effect is being hidden so I thought that having each a Green and Ultimate item of the same set wouldn't trigger the set effect.
    There go my 8 Million (8 Mio. because it was PRI) Silver coins I've lost to the Marketplace taxes as I sold my Green "Grunil Helmet" to get the Ultimate one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  20. Two-Tu added a topic in General   

    Non-Ultimate + Ultimate item: Does the set effect trigger?
    Here comes my dumb question: If I have e.g. an "Ultimate Grunil Helmet" and just "Grunil Gloves", will the "Helmet, Gloves Set Effect: All AP +5" still trigger?
    Also: I do have an "Ultimate Grunil Helmet" and "Ultimate Grunil Gloves", so that said set effect should trigger. But somehow, my AP doesn't increase by 5 as it should while having both pieces equipped. Is this common?
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  21. Two-Tu added a topic in Musa   

    Musa: Best Outfit?
    Hello guys!
    Simply question: Which outfit for Musa do you think looks the best in your opinion? I am thinking of getting myself one. For now, Karlstein looks pretty good to me as it resembles that certain Rhonin/rogue/lone wolf flair for my character.
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  22. Two-Tu added a post in a topic Connection to the server has been lost.   

    Doesn't matter how old the thread is.
    I also keep getting this error message frequently. I have no idea, why this happens to me. I just disconnect from the game and then I'll have to restart the client, it's annoying.
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  23. Two-Tu added a post in a topic Stuck at Lv. 24   

    Yeah, I see.
    I have no problem with that at all, but figuring out that this game wants you to figure it out on yourself was apparently the thing I needed to answer my question in this topic.
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  24. Two-Tu added a post in a topic Some Questions! (How should I play this game?)   

    Thanks for answers here aswell
    Okay, then I'll stick to levelling ... or grinding and once I am high enough (level-wise, ofc), I'd start enjoying life in BDO and start crafting and trading all that.
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  25. Two-Tu added a post in a topic Stuck at Lv. 24   

    Thanks for the answers, guys!
    Yes, I expected BDO to be grindy, but I thought like "Blade and Soul"-grindy. The quests in "B&S" were repetitive, like "Kill Monster Y X times"-repetitive, but they also gave me  "reason" to kill them. Here it's like: "Oh well, you apparently ran out of quests and the next quests are too hard right now, but *psshh*, no one is telling you, you gotta think of it yourself. Now you gotta grind your way up and kill monsters for levelling purposes only without any reward."
    As explained in this topic though (-> http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/78093-some-questions-how-should-i-play-this-game/ ), I left out crafting quests in the past but now I've caught up with them (= I did all of them now). The map says that I have accepted all quests that I could have possibly accepted, so those at the Ork camp are the only ones to do for now. I went on fishing in Velia for some bucks (at a very bad spot tho, have no idea where to fish else) and that's it for crafting, so yeah.
    I thought that the game would kinda lead me through the game but it seems like that I'm all on my own forcing to me grind up, damn T_T
    But thanks though. Now I know that it's supposed to be that way and not my stupidity having me to miss out quests in another area (okay, this might be still the case lol).
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