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  1. Hello! 

    Maybe I simply suck at this game (see topic >.> http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/78093-some-questions-how-should-i-play-this-game/ ) but I apparently managed to skip 5 Levels.

    My problem is that I'm currently Level 24 and have Level 28/29 quests only left to complete. The last thing I did was to complete the quest line at the Crimson Monarchy in the South of Glish. After that, the story directly led me to the West of Glish, to the Ork Camps where the enemies are taking quite alot of effort to deal with (more than at the Monarchy already). 

    Did I miss something? Because there can't be a 4/5 Level difference between the quests. Am I supposed to grind? That's what I tried against the Mobs at the Monarchy and each kill only gave me like 1 % of the exp bar :/



  2. Hello!

    I've jumped into the game and have spent 22 hours of playtime. With this experience there are some questions popping up that I'd like to ask the veterans among you. So:


    1. Which town would you recommend me to build up my tiny "settlement"?

    Where is worth the most to have a residence and all that in late game? For now I've chosen Velia to be my hud but I've noticed that my adventure is taking me further south and I have no idea when I'll be heading back to Velia.

    2. How am I supposed all those crafting & gathering quests?

    They've popped out of nowhere. Like I've began to fish and out of nowhere every single NPC around Velia has gathering/hunting/cooking quests ready for me that they haven't before the first time I met them. Similiar to the question above, it remains unknown for me when I'm able to complete them since I just left them behind to take care of the main story line because I also wanted to have progress for my character and not being stuck at Level 20 in Velia doing all this crafting.

    3. What's the most worthy thing to invest Contribution Points in? 

    Currently I've used them up for all nodes I've encountered and to purchase some houses in Velia.

    4. How should I get started into crafting? Should I even consider crafting & gathering to be an important thing to take care of already?

    I am Level 21 and, like I've said, neglected all these quests about gathering and crafting back in Velia. I did some of them but they took so much space of my inventory and they seemed to never end. It was a pain for me since it was so much backtracking and all that. Several times I just had no space in my inventory so that I had to run to my storage keeper and back again ... pure agony!

    5. What should I do while playing BDO in general?

    All I did yet was to carry on with the story. I haven't been much into work management (well, I have 2 workers and let one make an fishing route once), trading (except from connecting nodes and selling some fish from Velia) and doing some of the crafting & gathering quests. I always have the feeling that I miss so many things out during my playtime, like I could be doing so much more during the time I spend in game, for example letting my workers actually work and gathering and crafting awesome things instead of just hunting down mobs for the main story.

    There are so many aspects in this game that I couldn't get through with yet. 

    DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICES ON HOW TO MANAGE THIS GAME IN THE EARLY STAGES? (Most important for me would be the ones about Fishing ^.^)


    Information about my character:

    Character Level: 21

    Map Progress: Currently in Glish

    Skill Progression: 

    - Gathering: Level 1

    - Cooking: Level 6

    - Alchemy: Level 1 

    - Horse Training: Level 7 (Tier 3)

    - Fishing: Level 7

    - Hunting: Level 1

    - Trading: Level 5

    - Cultivation (Crops etc.): Level 1

    (- Pet: Level 3)


    Thanks in advance!

  3. Yeah, took me a while as well. I have two charcters now that i am happy with. My ranger is bothering me tho...so she may just have to go...LOL.

    It is worth just  accepting a character and playing tho', even if you delete it later even if just to learn the game a bit. It is complex and has lots of interlocking parts. Stuff such as knowledge, Amity, nodes invested in etc are still in place when you start to play on a new character.

    mhh ya.

    But they should really lower the deletion timer. It would help me soo much ...


    I can't remember the exact level, but I think you get a free appearance coupon at level 45-50. Someone may know the precise level.

    Oh well, I can't even get started on the game until I have the found the perfect character composition ...

  5. I think you should blow the thousand pearls for the appearance change coupon like the rest of us OCD wanks. ;)


    are these pearls like real life money currency? I don't wanna spend more money into the game than I have done already :(

  6. Spoiler: Yes, this is a highly discussed topic and there have been more than 1000 threads about this, yet I want to give you my point of view and bring it back to the first page.


    Black Desert's character customization is truly unique and complex. Hence, there are dozens of character style combinations and this is the point I'm having problems with: I, as a perfectionist, am struggling with the deletion time of damned 24 hours. 

    I have been creating over 25+ characters on all 3 servers now (which is quite sad, #nolife) and experimenting on so many hair styles. I've bought the game 3 weeks ago and haven't come to fully play it because I have been experimenting on different styels ever since and was forced to wait 24 hours until being able to try new styles out. The character creation doesn't give a real ingame impression which is why I have to enter the game first before being able to decide whether the style is looking good or not.

    Okay, I admit it. Maybe I am too fussy and caring too much about every single detail on my character, but Black Desert is offering me to change every detail on my character so why shouldn't I be doing so?

    I can understand the 24 hours deletion time for maybe higher leveled characters, but pliiiiiis, don't keep this for > Level 10ers. I'd be fine with 5 minutes for all low-levelers.


    What do you think?


  7. Hi 

    I posted this a few weeks ago, it works for getting around the time wait period, and getting a lot of chances to get your character the way you want it.

    It took me 7 tries. LOL


    so u basically suggesting to try out character styles on different servers before importing the final save file onto ur main server.

  8. With great customization comes great possibility.

    I've tried so many characters with different styles and after having bought the game 2 weeks ago, I haven't come to play it yet (mostly because I was waiting for the Blader release on the 20th, but what evs). And now, as the perfectionist I am, I've filled up 5 character slots on the server I was planning to start. and 7 slots on the other servers for experimenting on different hair colors.


    RIP me, next slot will be available on the 23rd April D: 


    PS: Has anybody found out if I can reuse the name of a character which is still in the process of deletion?

  9. 1. Is solved :P

    2. Which ones will be redeemable for any future character and which ones limited on one character/redeemable once?

    3. Yep, thanks.

    4. Sorry, forgot to mention that I'm looking for an European server.

  10. Hello!

    I am a newbie in this and have four little questions:

    1. How do I delete a character? There is no option in the character selection screen. FYI: I have only one character, which was mainly meant for experimentating (and now I can't delete it!) and haven't redeemed the items from the Explorer's Package I bought yet. 

    2. Are the items from the Explorer's Package account-wide and redeemable on all characters I'll create or just on one?

    3. Is there any information about the new class "Blader"? I'm waiting for his release. 

    4. Lastly: What server would you recommend me? I'm looking for a populated server (EU), preferable with an English speaking community.



  11. Hello!

    I'm a potential buyer of Black Desert. I've seen videos of it and hence some pictures of the world and so comes following question:

    Does the world of Black Desert include different biomes/vegetations? I don't know if I'm wrong, but I only have seen Mediterranean/European-like landscapes yet. Are there other areas like a desert or a jungle or something a bit more snowy and cold, or is the only existing biome all green and mild?