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  1. Unie added a post in a topic [Alustin] Mayhem Grounds – PvX|18+|Discord|Social|Beginner Friendly   

    Welcome to the guild Mageling!
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  2. Unie added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    Will you be capable of using the seals after the event? My buddy doesn't have enough slots to do the downwards one (12).
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  3. Unie added a topic in Suggestions   

    No more stealth Patches!
    So aparently theres alot of updates on classes and such that just isnt being added to the patch notes.
    We've all seen stuff changing without our notice, i understand its fun to get to find new stuff out by finding it on your own. 
    but when there is small updates that changes the whole way the class plays we all want to get informed about it. 
    Same when you're fixing glitches and such, inform the players so we can try it out!
    Bladers and Plums aparently got alot of stuff that aint working correctly, wish is to be expected since it just got added to our version of the game.
    For an example the DP for Bladers / Plums is wrong. People been testing it out. a Sorc with 100 DP Take less damage then a plum with 130 DP,
    By getting hit by the same attack. Whenever this sorta bug is fixed, let the players know! 
    We need more information for small stuff aswell. Small stuff shall not be swoopt under the rugg.
    Thank you! 
    (and heres a little gif for those who hates Mevo♥)

    Best regards, Unie!
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  4. Unie added a topic in Suggestions   

    Bring back the missing items!
    Heya! some of the cashshop items and costumes havent been added to the game yet, however they were here for the Beta.
    Such as the Eyepatch for an example. When will they add them to the game?? Everyone needs an eyepatch!

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  5. Unie added a post in a topic Mevo Muranan Convo gotta be nerfed!   

    I put love and effort int o that gif!
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  6. Unie added a topic in General   

    Mevo Muranan Convo gotta be nerfed!
    So this got damn annoying dwarf will soon cost me a new monitor! I keep repetely get the fail to spark 5 times in a row. it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to do this. Add more damn npc's to the conversation with lower chanse of succeeding. the lowest one you got is 50% and thats just 1. after that everythingn goes from 79 to 100%, this is rediculess and is literally ANTI-FUN.
    If they ever invent PK on mobs int his game I'll camp this got damn bastard untill his code breaks! 

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  7. Unie added a topic in Suggestions   

    Ingame Chat box time stamp!
    Is time stamp in the chatbox something they are thinking about adding? 
    I have a separate chatbox for whispers and such incase I go afk fishing and comeback to a full chatbox.
    I think it would be a great idea to add this to the game so you know how long ago it was that they tried to contact you.
    Just an idéa~ 

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  8. Unie added a topic in Suggestions   

    Fishingboat Collision
    I cant count how many times I got stuck behind the steering wheel of the fishing boat... I would really recommend fixing this bug.
    Just removing the colission floor with the steering wheel it self should fix the issue.
    Listerally you get locked at place and are forced to spam the jump keys + direction keys untill you get out of there. sometimes you even glitch in to the boat and literally get stuck untill you drown.
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