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  1. euismod added a post in a topic Painfully low exp rates.   

    People tend to forget that the KR version is way ahead (with added content/patches the starting lvl's were made faster), so getting to 50 can be done in 6-8 hours in KR. Fastest in EU/NA was either 18 or 28, can't remember. Probably more like it used to be back when the game was fresh (although that's a guess on my part).
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  2. euismod added a post in a topic Painfully low exp rates.   

    This isn't Korea. They altered the XP curve (meaning it's slower).
    OP: if you really already have trouble at 23 you might wanna consider not going for max lvl and just do what you enjoy, like gather/trading/whatever (maybe even another game)
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  3. euismod added a post in a topic First Boss Armor EU?   

    you have almost the same UI setup as me, amazing <3
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  4. euismod added a post in a topic 10% exp buff from costumes   

    they need to be from the same set, as it's a set effect
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  5. euismod added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   




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  6. euismod added a post in a topic Please Set Days for Maintenance   

    Regular maintenance ^
    Although i agree that a post in news & announcement would be nice
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  7. euismod added a post in a topic Server Lag is Unbearable   

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  8. euismod added a post in a topic Hmmm so a mine for Zinc ore please?   

    Ghillie suit might be able to help you, alternatively, starting from apprentice 10 (iirc) you can wear the costume that so mobs no longer attack you (except "guardian turrets") - Ghillie suit has this same ability.
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  9. euismod added a post in a topic Inventory stacking nonsense   

    Although true, how would stacking 500 carrots make any sense then?
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  10. euismod added a post in a topic Transporting between cities.   

    You don't have to physically be there to send/receive transports btw
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  11. euismod added a post in a topic Unable to purchase Daum Cash   

    By any chance you get 'Internal Server Error'? If so, i've read (will try to confirm later) that its a browser issue (apparently with Chrome). Might wanna give that a bash...
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  12. euismod added a post in a topic lvl 45 or 50 for PvP   

    45 (outside of arena's etc that is)
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  13. euismod added a post in a topic Investment banking work time increased?   

    Not that I know off, did you know that workers only work when their supervisor is online?
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  14. euismod added a post in a topic Epheria Fishing Rod   

    No, you don't increase max durability when you succeed an enchant, you only get max durability by sacrificing another item.
    No, needs to be same type, so aswell goes with aswell, kalis with kalis. Otherwouse Liverto wouldn't be so expensive
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  15. euismod added a post in a topic Epheria Fishing Rod   

    If you fail an enchant, you lose max durability. Sacrifice an equal item (same type, same quality) to get that max durability back. Since you can repair this one, once you're done enchanting you're set for life! (also you could use lesser with extra silver, not sure if worth in this case)
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