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  1. Neo added a post in a topic So NA/EU get screwed out of $30 for no reason   

    They will eventually allow cash shop items to  be  sold on the auction house, we can then use ingame silver to acquire these costumes without forking out real cash.  
    As for the game being "free" on other regions, they kinda have more p2win stuff there.  Although this version will become p2win sooner or later as well.
    As for the pricing, it is steep and can probably get clothes cheaper irl, I  hope they do reconsider and see another perspective.  I'll definitely buy more if the prices are reasonable instead of just getting 1 or none at all for my character.  Unless it is just marketing and they will eventually do some sort of limited sales.  Maybe, the limited choices of costumes is what is making them gouge the price.  However unfortnate that is, it is what it is.  On the other hand the costumes do have more functionality and feature that other costumes on other MMOs.
    I can't get myself to buy something virtual at 30$, maybe 1 at most but if that was 15$ I'll be less inclined to keep my money.  I spend the same or more for the same virtual stuff but that is part of the marketing.  But maybe they do make more money doing it their way.
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  2. Neo added a post in a topic Are we bit paranoid about gold traders/sellers ?   

     I like the current system being able to trade potions, but it needs to be limited.  The player giving as well as the one receiving should have a daily limit on how many potions they can receive.  
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  3. Neo added a post in a topic Enchantment 16-20 discussion v2   

    Now you've done it.  Don't you know everyone wants to be Rambo?
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  4. Neo added a post in a topic The number one thing Daum should improve to BDO EU/NA   

    Voted same as Flip for the same reasons 2 birds in 1 stone.
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  5. Neo added a post in a topic Do you guys think the $100 is worth the Conquerors pack?   

    For me it is either the 30$ or 50$, what made me go for the 100$ was the costume only. Taking the 25$ credits aside, it was just a 25$ difference for an exclusive costume, 1 extra char slot and 2 days headstart plus other small bonuses I wouldn't have bought anyways).  The 50$ has everything you really need, pet and horse that are really helpful (donkey would actually be more beneficial since it has few more inventory slots compared to a horse).
    If you have played the game before and know what to do and you plan just to level as fast as possible then the 100$ would be what you want because those 2 extra days of headstart means less competition on grind spots.  I expect to be a slow leveler as I will be guiding my partner so the 50$ would have been sufficient but I really wanted the costume.
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  6. Neo added a post in a topic Someone Explain This Please   

    Ahead of the guest passes maybe.
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  7. Neo added a post in a topic Karma System Griefing   

    Yep and chance to break gems in your gears.  Other gems are more resistant to breaking though.
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  8. Neo added a post in a topic Karma System Griefing   

    For example they reduce the karma for Pking from 60K to 30K, I can potentially kill a player 9 times before reaching negative karma then stop.  That player i killed over and over just lost 18% of his xp + gems and I who PK'd him walks with no risk.  I just do my normal grinding until I get enough Karma again to start griefing another player/s.
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  9. Neo added a post in a topic Karma System Griefing   

    It is for me, I can grief someone and get a few free kills with max karma then stop before reaching negative karma.  Then I just proceed with my daily grind to get max karma again and repeat griefing.  I get to kill without repercussions if I play it smart. 
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  10. Neo added a post in a topic Karma System Griefing   

    Yea this is why i agreed he should have been automatically flagged when he attacked you after coming back so you could had the choice of ignoring him or not when you were close to the negative karma range.
    Once they fix that, I'm good with the current penalty for PK because if the reverse happened and it was a non-troll player, A Pker could have potentially made the player lose alot of  XP and gems and basically stop before reaching negative karma.  Still doable with the current system but to a limited extent.
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  11. Neo added a post in a topic Karma System Griefing   

    You also have to think about what the ones you killed have lost each time you killed them.  XP and gems perhaps?  Now if there were more of them than the two of you, I don't think you should have been able to keep the spot anyways. At lower levels the xp lost is nothing, but past 50 I think is alot of grinding lost and it just gets worst.
    I do agree though that if they came back to keep attacking you, they  should have been automatically flagged for pvp and both of you shouldn't have lost karma. 
    Just wanted to point out that you were not the only one who lost stuff during that PK encounter.  If you stopped after killing them before you got negative karma, you wouldn't have lost anything vs them who have lost xp each time you killed them.
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  12. Neo added a post in a topic IP block depression   

    Forgive my ignorance, how will they buy the game?  Not to mention they will not receive support if something wrong happens to their account.
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  13. Neo added a post in a topic Enchantement level   

    Diminishing returns for me, sadly they don't seem to care about this issue or maybe something that requires alot of work or they think they will lose money from it .  This will greatly affect the population when we get to the realm of +17 and higher, suddenly alot of the players will not be able to compete anymore because of the massive difference from +15.  It's going to be harder and harder for new players to matter in pvp unless they are very lucky.  Game will get very few new comers and might even quit early.
    This is one of the biggest reason I do not join games that have come out for 6 months and longer unless there is a new server,  unless I no life it or pay2win it I won't ever matter.  
    If they choose diminishing returns, Pay2win will even have less of an impact.  They would be killing 2  birds in 1 stone (maybe more birds  )  but it's too bad they won't change this.  I paid for this game knowing it will be pay2win, gear based pvp, small population, luck based enchantments, going to enjoy the ride though and hope they will realize a change is needed.  Knowing these, It will limit how much money I will be willing to throw because I know the game won't last (it might last for the other players though).  
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  14. Neo added a post in a topic Enable Trading? Version 2.0. PLEASE READ OP FIRST   

    Voted Guild trading but I know for sure this will still be exploited albeit still better than full trading.
    If Daum allows limited items to be tradeable, I guess it should also be easier to spot gold sellers as the items they need to monitor will be specific ones, making it easier than monitoring every  item.  Hopefully they monitor it though.
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  15. Neo added a post in a topic Gating Early Access behind a 100 dollar price tag   

    I guess the 30$ pack will be ahead only from guest players?
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