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  1. Luka_ added a post in a topic Black Flickering effect   

    That's why I stopped playing. Developers do not care, they're too busy creating new costumes. And because they have bad servers.
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  2. Luka_ added a post in a topic Shepards weird behaviors ?!?!   

    there is better way 

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  3. Luka_ added a post in a topic Nouver AP Broken   

    So, if i have Kutum, then is just better IV Kutum at lvl 60 and dont care much about Nouver?
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  4. Luka_ added a post in a topic Critical Screen Effect - Headache city. Halp!   

    GM team, please give us some new info to this "feature", thank you.
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  5. Luka_ added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   


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  6. Luka_ added a post in a topic account security - Black Desert   

    lol, again, i only care about PIN. I dont ever read that redit topic ..but whatever
    I responded to the part about the security and the writing I use google translater. Is that so.
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  7. Luka_ added a post in a topic account security - Black Desert   

    Ok guys, calm down. 

    The only thing I care about is the safety of my BDO account. Absolutely do not care about the affair ban.
    Just my point is that there was a discussion on this topic. That is all.
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  8. Luka_ added a post in a topic Witch or wizzard?   

    its ok my friend  and you are right.
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  9. Luka_ added a post in a topic Witch or wizzard?   

    I play the Wizards since the game came out. On awakening I was waiting and waiting was not easy. Now I'm enjoying it and enjoying myself more than before, so I recommend Wizard. If I wanted to play a simple game class, I play a warrior.
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  10. Luka_ added a post in a topic Resistances vs Evasion build   

    so lets go stack Evasion right ? And Special attack evasion +10% (x2) = it is rly good ? How much evasion you have ... if 20 then 20% is 4. If 30 with buffs, then 20% is 6. 

    So you need stack some Evasion before you can use effectively gem Special attack evasion +10% right ? Or you believe that it is always better than 200hp?

    Evasion gear (wizard / witch)
    TRI gear
    Rosar dagger
    Armor +5 (x2)
    Roccaba helm
    Roccaba gloves
    Protection alch. stone +6

    how much evasion is that , or how is it calculated?
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  11. Luka_ added a post in a topic Witch or wizzard?   

    Go Wizard if you like mid-range combat. Go Witch if you like "more range" combat and ofc. boobs.
    Wizard have grab (Q) but its hard to use and nice debuff (hard to aim). Wizard has more aggressive gamestyle.

    But i like my wizard and gameplay is fun (the best is 100% BS which kills and turns players into a salt)
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  12. Luka_ added a topic in General   

    account security - Black Desert
    account security Black Desert.
    I play the game since release. I have invested a lot of play time and money and I would hate to lose him.
    To start the game enough to know the username and password. Why there are no other security such as a server KR/RU, i.e. PIN?
    Do you think that security is enough?

    edit: google tr.
    edit: link deleted
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  13. Luka_ added a post in a topic New loyal player rewards a bit..."weak" ?   

    They should stop giving things for free (30min in game / day). It is not much, and then people are spoiled. Then there appear these discussions.
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  14. Luka_ added a post in a topic Serious question about Wizard   

    Wizard need buff, everyone know that.
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  15. Luka_ added a post in a topic Conqueror Titles: When?   

    Tekeii: You'll actually use that title?
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