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  1. Eights added a post in a topic RANT: Stop taking items out of game without warning RE: Laventia   

    Last official post I saw about Lavientia was that inventory items wouldn't be deleted after event ended. Okey, it's lazy to wait this long to use them, but I kinda forgot about it and I always check beforehand on maintenance changes which didn't mention this at all like it normally does.
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  2. Eights added a post in a topic lost all on Skill bar   

    This bug has always been in the game. L2LiveWithIt.
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  3. Eights added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Bug?   

    Same here. Last 3 days including todays reward I haven't collected yet are greyed out now with that gibberish in the upper right corner.
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  4. Eights added a post in a topic giant worker irrelevant now   

    Funny how everyone assume OP stray logged in 24/7 cause they do it. Yeah, Giants are useless now for those that don't play the afk game.
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  5. Eights added a post in a topic So, I overclocked my CPU to 5.0GHz   

    The draw distance is locked short range for an MMO, so even with the best machine you'll see pop ins if your field of view is beyond that limit. Maybe OP means the time it takes for models to go from black shadows to actual models, but that usually not an issue for any newer computer with a SSD.
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  6. Eights added a post in a topic Game is grainy, jagged edges everywhere, Shimmering, Unplayable   

    This game has laughable draw distance and I've honestly never played a game before even close to the pop-ins we see here. You can play around with gamma and contrast and force AA and AF in the nvidia settings, but your screen looks normal to me. The combination of Velia, that lightning and that distance isn't the best place to take awesome screenshots.
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  7. Eights added a post in a topic "File is corrupted"   

    I think most get corrupted files from time to time, usually after the game's been patched. Had one myself today actually, ontop of other fun things like random bluescreens while event afking for a while now. This is just a badly ported Korean game with a lot of issues left ignored that keeps piling up after each content patch is added. 
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  8. Eights added a post in a topic "File is corrupted"   

    You shouldn't replace the PAZ manually, When you rename the version.dat (just delete it), the next time the launcher is started it will automatically download the missing files you delete based on the error logs. Next thing I would do is to backup and delete all the temp files like the cache folder in the game directory and the whole black desert folder in your user directory. If it doesn't fix the problem you can put back the backup so you don't have to redo your settings etc.
    Another thing is googling that error code and follow the suggestions, it seem to be commonly related to Bitdefender AV program.
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  9. Eights added a post in a topic Multiple Crashes Per Day   

    Same here, bluescreen crashes daily in this mf'ing joke of a game. And it's not related to performance, cause it's just as likely to happen in optimized mode with nothing special running in the background.
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  10. Eights added a post in a topic Game crashes PC?   

    Sounds like a memory problem. Your GTX card has 2GB VRAM so you're kinda capped at medium settings to avoid performance issues. On top of that this game has gaping memory leaks for some users that adds additional burden on the system over time. Also, the latest nvidia driver seem to run unnecessary hot so it might be good to try an older driver like 368.69 if you haven't already done that. Here's a video showing the difference in temperatures between the latest drivers; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgMvkRDb9Q0
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  11. Eights added a post in a topic At Sausan what does it mean by "Leave"   

    There's no end goal here except maybe dying in a heart attack. "irrelevant" who cries the most is lv.60 and full boss gear. I don't think I've seen him grind in-game, but he follows a common pattern of over-leveled/-geared players who wants the whole area for themselves despite not using one third of it and their advantage makes it easy to claim apart for the pesky karma limit of course. And no-life usually goes along with anti-social so nothing surprising about it. I see no problem with staying after being killed over and over, karma is part of the game and the only defence you have as a casual player.
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  12. Eights added a post in a topic What is with giving all this stuff away?   

    We should have had wild T5 horses to tame by now if horse people weren't easier to milk than regular cows in this version of the game.
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  13. Eights added a post in a topic so they added artisan's memory to pearl shop. 0.5 cents = 2 memory fragment. 100 euro = over 400 mem fragments   

    Reading the whiteknighting in here is some funny shit, thanks for the entertainment.
    This game is beyond its expiration date anyway. Enchant for what? More nodewars? Upcoming seawars? We got 2½ year of development in a few month to catch up and it was mostly 'meh' and tailored for the cashshop while we continue playing the vanilla game that's getting old fast. This won't last much longer, so smart move to milk those dimwits while they can.
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  14. Eights added a post in a topic I have not recieved 100 Loyalty dailies to claim...   

    I always forget to use the grind, but Loyalty stacks up like before anyway. I would submit a ticket if I were you, faster respone in case the lost loyalty aren't retroactive.
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  15. Eights added a post in a topic Furniture   

    You can rotate furniture in smaller steps by using [ or ] on the keyboard. But there's a bug that can sometimes axe your interior points if you do that.
    On bddatabase there's craftable bookshelves, floors and wallpapers. I assume those are available in other regions so it would be nice to have them here too.
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