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  1. HykaroGenji added a post in a topic New patch nothing fixed but hey we add more pearl gifting. AKA shakatus seals   

    Why Family bound this isn't WoW ?
    Who the hell wants stuff to be bound in BDO?
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  2. HykaroGenji added a post in a topic I wish BDO included Tab/Focus-Targeting as an option.   

    I think you are bad in this game if you need an aimbot in BDO.
    Git gud
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  3. HykaroGenji added a post in a topic coming to PS4 when ?   

    I play with XBox Elite Pad almost since release. I guess not every Class can be controlled decent with Pad but it works perfectly fine with my Warrior lvl58 and Musa lvl60. I always had one of the highest kill ratio in my Guild at Nodewars, and also killed a lot Top 5 Guild Players. So if you want to play BDO on console cause of pad controls it also works very well on PC.
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  4. HykaroGenji added a post in a topic hi guys   

  5. HykaroGenji added a post in a topic Pet system [POLL]   

    Just no!

    You would piss a lot of People off who paid 500+ Euro for having 4-5 x T4 Pets

    Add more Pets rewards now and then, --> easier acces to T3 / fine acceptable
    between T3 and T4 is not a big difference its imo *Luxury*
    also we should get an 5. Pet slot incoming in the near future as well

    changing the whole system / not acceptable 
    *yes i'am one of those People who paid for the *Luxury* to have 5x T4 Pets
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  6. HykaroGenji added a post in a topic Dark Knight skill tree   

    works fine for me with google chrome

    my friend told me he can't read it and no preview while using Firefox
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  7. HykaroGenji added a post in a topic [EU] Deutsch-österreichische Gilde „Schattenlegion“   

    Danke euch allen für die netten Worte

    Es ist dieses mal Gott sei dank nicht so schlimm bin mal auf die Visite gespannt.
    Ich hoffe ich werde diese Woche noch entlassen.

    Ach ja *Schattenlegion* sucht noch PvP orientierte Mitglieder !

    Meldet euch wenn ihr eine anständige Deutsch sprachige Gilde sucht.

    Happy Grind@all
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  8. HykaroGenji added a post in a topic [EU] Deutsch-österreichische Gilde „Schattenlegion“   

    Schöne grüße

    Hoffe ich kann bald wieder mit euch Zeit verbringen.
    Ihr fehlt mir Leute

    bis bald euer YamKoo
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  9. HykaroGenji added a post in a topic Zeigt euren Musa!   

  10. HykaroGenji added a post in a topic Best EXP?   

    So i grinded with lvl 59 at exp weekend took me about 27 hours for 25%
    I sold all stuff via Maid's and only repair(Atosa's Villa) after 4 hours and 30 minutes with my branded items.
    I have sold all stuff including scrolls of Pila Fe, Rocaba boots, Compass parts and 2x seraphs for about 170 millions of silver.
    Book of Combat 50 % Villa buff 10% exp Weekend 100% 2x Helmet 10% Outfit 10% Milk Tea 8% Pets 9% Titles 6% Exp Pots 15% and 2 times Daily grind hour 100%.
    Imo Fogans are the best Spot if your setup is good with Villa(repair,currency exchange,exp buff 10% 3h - near fogan's) branded weapons, Node lvl 10 (money) and all Monster on Rank S (more exp) about  5 Storage Maids and T3/4 Pets.

    Debuff and the amount of real money invests keeps most of the casuals away. So way less interrupts from other players.
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  11. HykaroGenji added a post in a topic Lavientia's Event Guide   

    After grinding Pirates yesterday for 5 hours i got 1 Pearl.
    Today i grinded about 10 hours at pirates and also 1 Pearl.
    Daily cap of 1 or just bad luck?
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  12. HykaroGenji added a post in a topic Österreich?   

    Schattenlegion : http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/59850-alustin-deutsch-österreichische-gilde-„schattenlegion“/
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  13. HykaroGenji added a post in a topic Cron-Steine   

    Das System ist einfach bullshit
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  14. HykaroGenji added a post in a topic Reported für auto-loop?   


    Thank you for contacting Black Desert Online customer support.

    No you will not get banned or suspended for using autoloop as it is a built in feature in the game. 
    /soviel dazu
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  15. HykaroGenji added a post in a topic BDO nun pay-to-win ? Kann man aus dem Shop nun Farbe verkaufen ? ????   

    Die farben aus anderen städten olvia aufwärts sind deshalb teurer weil sie zB. Eine art glanz/metalic effekt usw haben. Ich denke das ist der grund.
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