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  1. GrimElite added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Launcher Crashing recently
    Edit: It seems that it was a local problem of my internet provider. /Closed
    since today my launcher is crashing. It lets me login to my account, then when I press PLAY it's just doing nothing and after a short time windows tells me that it crashed. I am running as Admin and have this issue for the first time. Beside, the launcher takes a pretty long time to start up. Am I the only one having this issue?
    I tried this but it didn't solve anything: https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/de/articles/210761329?input_string=launcher+crash
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  2. GrimElite added a topic in General   

    How do I get this Knowledge
    Hello guys,
    I am having trouble finishing Sophistication II in Academics Knowledge. It is acquired from this Quest: http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/3100/3/
    I looked up all pre-quests and the npcs do not have any quest for me. Can someone help me? It is the last knowledge I need.
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  3. GrimElite added a post in a topic Black Desert Companion App   

    This is a must have for this awesome game!
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  4. GrimElite added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    What the Hell is This?

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  5. GrimElite added a topic in Suggestions   

    My Problem with Outfits and Dyes
    Dear Daum
    I know that these issues have been mentioned and explained in countless other threads, but I will try to explain my personal problem with the current outfit system and why I simply will not use it until some changes are done. It is so sad because you did such an amazing job on designing those outfits. 
    1. When I buy an outfit, lets say the Bern set (I am Warrior), which is the only one that fits my taste, I will also want to buy a set of colors. Why? Because I want to look unique. Can I do that? Well.. "Yes" if I am willing to spend huge amounts of money to play Color Casino. Me and many other players are simply not stupid enough to play that game. I am sorry Daum. 
    2. I would really love to buy one outfit, two outfits, many many outfits, maybe one every few months BUT NOT FOR 29 € JESUS CHRIST. 10-15€ per outfit is a reasonable prize. In combination with the DYE ROULETTE I am never going to buy a single outfit. Very sad because I WANT TO but I am not able to fight my brain. It sais "You cant be that stupid to let ppl do that with you". 
    Please DAUM, we are just players who want to enjoy the wonderful game you created. Please do listen to your consumers. Do not become (I hope you didnt already) like so many other rotten companies, that only interest lies in how to exploit their consumers. I want to spend tons of € on your game but not this way. 
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  6. GrimElite added a post in a topic Goblin cave nodes   

    Thanks guys, that helped me alot. Didnt know that you need to do this first.
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