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  1. Seelensucher added a topic in Suggestions   

    Make worker gather information invisible as an option
    positives first, so: Overall the UI is quite well customizable and can be made to look quite slick.
    Except for one point, which has constantly annoyed me: I don't need to know nor to be shown the information of what any of my 66 workers has gathered at any point in time. In a similar sense, I also don't need to be constantly shown, what loot my pets gathered.
    To further reduce the information overload, which this game's user interface tends to bombard us with, I hereby politely ask for an option in the settings menu to disable the display of the aforementioned information.
    Best regards,
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  2. Seelensucher added a post in a topic Characters don't blink when idle   

    OMG, she started blinking!
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  3. Seelensucher added a post in a topic Characters don't blink when idle   

    Yah, lost cause for us to figure it out. I didn't know that the hair was bugged, too. Omg, I hope now all my characters don't start looking weird when they fix that...
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  4. Seelensucher added a post in a topic Characters don't blink when idle   

    That sounds indeed quite inconsistent.
    If you're talking about this pose option in the character creater, then, yes, I believe I used that for all my characters at some point to check their arm lenghts in relation to their overall height. I probably saved and loaded them afterwards, though, as I usually do head after the body is done. And the head takes a lot more saves and loads.
    Have you got blinking an non-blinking rangers? Because we both got blinking tamers so far. ^^ Could be a ranger-only problem, maybe?
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  5. Seelensucher added a post in a topic Characters don't blink when idle   

    At least our experiences are similar now. I never had trouble with my tamer regarding this issue. I heavily used the loading features (data saves as well as the temporary one).
    Edit: Just for comparison, where is your expression weight slider located when you load your ranger up in the editor? Mine is set to 0 (because the slider didn't appear to do anything, I accidently must have set it to that). Still doesn't change anything when raising it, though.
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  6. Seelensucher added a post in a topic Characters don't blink when idle   

    About 50 % of all ranger I encounter don't blink, but some do, so I don't think it's specifically my client which is buggy. I cannot 100% rule that out though.
     I must say, I got used to it by now regarding my ranger. I'd still change it probably if it should get fixed sometime.
    If not touching the setting when creating a new character does not lead to a blinking ranger, I wonder how those, who do blink, got that to work... As I currently don't need my fourth character slot, I'll try that, too, tomorrow. (Btw who thought deleting a character taking more than a day would be a good idea??! ...)
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  7. Seelensucher added a post in a topic Characters don't blink when idle   

    It seems as if there is some buggyness going on somewhere here with the ranger neutral idle animation settings.
    I am in the process of some testing regarding this. I have created a new char, given her the appearance of the former ranger but put the weight value explicitly at 100. This also got registered somewhere as the value is set at 100 when I open the editor for that char (in difference to my first ranger, whose value I accidently put at 0 as it seems). Despite being registered at 100 for the new char, the setting is still not reflected in neither the character editor while editing the expression nor in game.
    I would even spend 10 (undeserved) bucks to change it back in for my former char, but it looks like that just isn't possible atm. Looks like my ranger will have to stay very observant for now.
    I will try to create a new ranger tomorrow when my current test char is deleted without touching the setting. Unfortunately this way I cannot use the appearance of my first ranger, which I spent a whole day on. (Yes, I am crazy like that.)
    Edit: I just ran around at looked at about 5-6 rangers in idle animations. Half of them didn't blink, the other 50% however did. Not messing with the setting at all when creating the character could be the way to go there... I don't wanna redo the whole process... noooooo...
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  8. Seelensucher added a post in a topic Characters don't blink when idle   

    I just noticed the same problem with my Ranger. My other characters are fine. I may accidently have set the animation weight at 0 when changing the appearance or creating the character (not understanding at that time that blinking would be part of the animation), BUT when editing the character appearance now, the weight slider doesn't do anything for the neutral idle animation.
    In fact, it looks to me, as if the blink animation is being skipped for some reason, for the character slightly but noticably dislocates at the timings when the blinking should take place, in game and in the animation selection (even with weight all the way up). It is displayed correctly when in editing mode without any menues selected. So the animation is in my client. I just can't get it into the actual game... I also don't want to waste 10 bucks just to experiment with it now. [Edit: Disregard this paragraph, the slight stuttering also occurs with other idle animation settings.]
    Edit: I am having problems of getting the neutral idle animation eye blinking for my ranger into the actual game. It is even displayed at character selection (where it is not displayed for my sorc who then does it ingame btw.)
    My tamer is fine (at char selection and ingame) btw.
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