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  1. Zephyrsong added a post in a topic TRI FAILURE yet again   

    welp I guess the world needs it simpletons to prop everyone else up....
    enjoy your meme life
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  2. Zephyrsong added a post in a topic TRI FAILURE yet again   

    are you trying to use sarcasm to assume something?
    sounds like that old saying, how does it go?
    Oh. Yeah. I Remember.
    Assuming makes an ass out of you.
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  3. Zephyrsong added a post in a topic TRI FAILURE yet again   

    This guys balls of steel.
    I approve. I wish you luck in your next Tet.
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  4. Zephyrsong added a post in a topic TRI FAILURE yet again   

    I know that, I never implied anything to the contrary either. Been playing for a long time on and off(since march) I can safely say I know the ins and outs of enhancing.
    Even if it still caps at 44(27.7%) failing that over 17ish times if I remember right is pretty damn lucky albeit bad luck. Not so sure about the resolve part as much as masochism for shits and giggles tho.
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  5. Zephyrsong added a post in a topic TRI FAILURE yet again   

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  6. Zephyrsong added a post in a topic TRI FAILURE yet again   

    well considering I wrote that about 6-7 hours ago yea I was kinda salty but wow I guess you just don't get it....
    ignorance and hypocrisy suit you to a tee.
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  7. Zephyrsong added a post in a topic TRI FAILURE yet again   

    what? you kidding? You think swearing infers a certain mood or state of being? Especially on the internet? You do not see me comfortably reclining in my chair, smoking, while reading? I do not know about the rest of you but I am relaxing the shit out of this nice Tuesday afternoon and am having a decent time making a fool out of you in the meantime.
    Yes you have the right to be here doesn't mean your welcome but by all means please make an ass of yourself by assuming more.
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  8. Zephyrsong added a post in a topic TRI FAILURE yet again   

    I'm chill as ----- reading a book while I afk fish.
    I keep hearing that same phrase about leaving and yet I'm still here. looks to me like your the one who cant take a hint, I said your not wanted here. Go fondle rng some more.
    you realize your complaining about other people complaining????
    How original and yet hypocritical.
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  9. Zephyrsong added a post in a topic TRI FAILURE yet again   

    So yea lets just waste a tet stack.
    yea your advice is rock solid.
    Rude as ----- per usual sizer... Did I say anything about quitting or stopping? The Rng will continue after a short commercial fishing break.
    on a more petty level, you'd think after 4000 posts you would grow a conscience and stop being a captain obviousdick. 
    but no please do not hesitate while kicking me in the nuts at my moment of weakness.
    no you just come here to boast about your epeen and how rng strokes it....
    which is a lot worse.
    Your arrogance at the fact that you solely know everything about enchanting is also pretty disgusting. I could've sworn I told people like you and sizer that come into a thread solely to berate and prop yourselves up on others misfortunes to ----- off.
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  10. Zephyrsong added a post in a topic TRI FAILURE yet again   

    How cute you say? To that I say you are adorable.
    Welp at least I'm not as bitter as you, yet....
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  11. Zephyrsong added a post in a topic TRI FAILURE yet again   

    yea its shit like this that is why I say RNG is -----ed up.
    Every time you try to failstack with duo items somehow you get TRIs out of it. It's never when you want it or what you want.
    Happened to me with grunil armor by accident at 21 stacks when I was building stacks to TRI my tree armor long ago and far away....
    RNG really is a cruel mistress
    Yea that I Grinded hours for and lost a shit ton of sleep over. Also no crying here just venting and sharing, sounds like you need to slit your wrists less and go seek out a hug.
    Your passive aggressive is showing.
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  12. Zephyrsong added a post in a topic TRI FAILURE yet again   

    that means you achieved tri 26 times already....
    I can't even get it one time.
    yes your life sucks but at least you have some luck.
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  13. Zephyrsong added a topic in General   

    TRI FAILURE yet again
    So after another 6 TRI fails this morning and almost 120mil spent I am now broke as ----- and stuck with 49/69 stacks on my two main chars.
    Honestly after getting 103 stacks attempting TRI to see how bad my luck was for shits and giggles on a awakening weapon awhile back I thought "damn that must be the peak on my bad luck."
    BUT NOPE so here I am venting.
    So in total failed 7 times starting at 41 stacks to get a whopping and lewd 69 stacks and somewhere between 250-300mil I could've used to better my char is gone.....
    Laughed so hard at the 61/65th fail I decided to reset to a 33 stack I got from duo fails attempted to go for TRI again(yea 33 -----ing stacks for a duo and nothing, that was 5 fails starting at 18)
    SOOOOO I thought new stack better luck but no dice after failing another 4 times.
    This is all for 1 TRI piece of muskans....
    Just 1 piece, Just 1 piece, Just 1 piece.
    I am getting tired of hitting a wall of RNG at TRI while others go for TET and PEN attempts. I mean seriously how do all you people fail at TET so much and get TRI back so easily when I cant even get my muskans to TRI once. Just 1 time just a nice rough 27.75% chance x 11 times. There is something seriously -----ed up going on here.
    For the record I'm 185/259 ATM with all duo acc and all TRI weapons(main,awake,off) and Duo muskans/bhegs and TRI tree armor/Grunil helm. I bought all my weapons to not enhance as you can see my luck is abysmal. But the problem with buying tri Boss gear is that you cant unless you snipe it and well GL with the terrible bid system.
    So now I am back where I started this morning only broke and irritated at how -----ed up this is. I'm not quitting so ----- off all you flamers who only coment to say gitgud or quit and all that douschebaggery, this also applies to the no lifes who say "well I make XXXX in a week, get on my level" you guys can also go ----- yourselves as well.
    Just thought I'd share my unbelievable story of misfortune in hope of making someone else realize it can always be worse.
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  14. Zephyrsong added a post in a topic patch notes?   

    actually MATE, they weren't up when I posted so instead of throwing that jab in like a bogan maybe just add a link and go about your business.
    They were put up a little bit after the thread was made, I had just hopped online and saw nothing hence my question.
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  15. Zephyrsong added a topic in General   

    patch notes?
    Patch notes? where are they?
    Also tried to click the new topic on the homepage under "play your way" and its a dead link.
    just a heads up.
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