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  1. darkkenzi added a post in a topic Ships on the Sea   

    They can shoot at your ship idk if ramming damages it though sorry.
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  2. darkkenzi added a post in a topic Quest Catching Seaweed not completing   

    Enable junk catch some
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  3. darkkenzi added a post in a topic Repairing durability on enchanted items +1 etc   

    Thank you for the tip...sorry so late with the reply been working the relics for frags AFK fishing every night!!
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  4. darkkenzi added a post in a topic Current AFK Fishing State?   

    I may get 2 relics or as many as 8 in 8 hours of AFK fishing in Calpheon with a +5 Epherian rod with no binding. Artisan 6 with no boosts. Make about 2-300k off the blues/yellows with no bargaining/Imperial trading hafta rush to werk when I come back.
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  5. darkkenzi added a post in a topic Repairing durability on enchanted items +1 etc   

    So changing all my + 15 blue and green armor to Ultimate will make it only have one durability repaired with a frag? If that is the case and I will wait until they are all at least DUO before I turn them Ultimate 😞😑
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  6. darkkenzi added a post in a topic Gathering & Player Kills   

    THAT is cool!!! All ideas listed rock!!! Please implement NOOOOWWW!!!! ☺😲👹👺
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  7. darkkenzi added a post in a topic iiii actually hate the new trade in system.   

    Yes 100g bars should be added most folks aren't whales with 1000+ LT.
    Give the other option with SAME upgraded convenience CashCow 😠 Quit bleeding us.
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  8. darkkenzi added a topic in General   

    Fail stack suggestion
    How about allowing us to use only the amount needed to succeed, instead of all the FS we have...seems a waste for all of them to be spent when 10 will do.
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  9. darkkenzi added a post in a topic Lock for 100%   

    I second & third that please!!! 😭😠
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  10. darkkenzi added a post in a topic Gold bars from trade ins   

    That is ridiculous 
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  11. darkkenzi added a post in a topic Gold bars from trade ins   

    It definitely cripples us who don't have much disposable cash, especially with 8 characters.
    PLEASE make it in 1G lots I can't grind long enough to even get 1000 of anything there, and there are THREE trash items come on!!!! 😑 
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  12. darkkenzi added a post in a topic Best luck you've had recently.   

    2 gold backpacks in 15 minutes mining 2 days ago, then yesterday skinning a pig. Got DUO on Ring of Good Deeds no fails after DUO etc released....but all fails since then 😭
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  13. darkkenzi added a post in a topic Issue With Pet After Patch   

    When will we see an update on a possible fix - in PVP/PVE  seconds count & having to respawn a pet who gives NO WARNING, & has NO TIMER UP when he despawns, then you have to resummon & send attack command, wait for his attack animation to finish before he even targets your enemy combatant...well, by then you are dead or running for cover if they had the advantage going. Don't make a class with a pet that aggros/cc for you, (at least in PVE), then have him summon in a passive state in the midst of combat.  Please give us a fix or at least an update.
    IDC if there is an option to say beforehand WHAT STATE he spawns in, that would be good. But if NO OPTION is to be offered please make it the default attack stance because I,  (for one), only spawn Heilang before combat, & need him ready to roll in let's git 'er done mode. Thank you.
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  14. darkkenzi added a post in a topic Issue With Pet After Patch   

    Mine is the same does not attack at all even to defend me - used to be able to skin while he defended - now he stands there & lets me take a beating - it is like I am there alone like all my other 6 classes. PLEASE address this - this is my main...and favorite class, until now
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  15. darkkenzi added a post in a topic PLEASE FIX THE SERVER   

    I experienced the same issues - npc & looting/cut-scenes freezes, walking would make mouse appear as sparks, then normal again,  then dc repeatedly every 2 minutes, THEN overnight while afk looping OUTSIDE of town....fix it I bought BDO for a friend & we could not play together at all for dc's. He gave up after an hour. I felt like an idiot bragging how smooth it ran then this patch ruined it for us PLEASE fix it I am done until I see it playable.
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