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  1. Usurper added a post in a topic Whats karma bombing? and is it bad?   

    You are correct. I'm not talking about the dickhead that just decides to push into someone else's current rotation. I see this is just as bad as the bully who kills and attempts to take over someone's spot they are currently grinding.
    So maybe we need two labels?  The first for someone standing up to a PK bully and the bully losing out. The other is as you describe a non PKing bully?
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  2. Usurper added a post in a topic Whats karma bombing? and is it bad?   

    Okay understand now what you mean.
    So you have a policy of bullying using the legal mechanics of the game. Just like a "karmabomber" uses the legal mechanics of the game against you.
    It's not pointless, and which ever way you try to justify you're behaviour, there's no backing away from the fact you're a bully.
    Peace. :-)
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  3. Usurper added a post in a topic Whats karma bombing? and is it bad?   

    So you have a policy of threatening. Simple.
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  4. Usurper added a post in a topic Whats karma bombing? and is it bad?   

    Bully threats. Shows just the quality of people in The Exodus Company I guess.
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  5. Usurper added a post in a topic Whats karma bombing? and is it bad?   

    And this is where your reply falls to shit. Tell me one PKer that offers to group with someone!
    If they did it would be GREAT!
    But they don't. They just bully and expect to have the lower player just leave. Two words... ----- Off!
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  6. Usurper added a post in a topic XP - 100% solo, 110% in a 2 party, 125% when in 3+ party   

    And so you get less XP when grouped. Foster groups by giving us more XP than solo.
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  7. Usurper added a post in a topic Pvp and this game is a joke   

    Confucius says... He who has PEN gear will win.
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  8. Usurper added a post in a topic Super armour - Is it bugged?   

    I just don't get it. 240 DP at Bandits and I'm getting destroyed.
    What gives, anyone?
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  9. Usurper added a post in a topic Whats karma bombing? and is it bad?   

    It's when someone believes he/she is entitled to the spot you are currently grinding and kills you. Then they expect that you'll just leave because they bullied you.
    You stay and try and maintain your rotation. This makes the salty bully made because you stayed and then the PK you again... rinse and repeat.
    Bullying "Yes it is bad, but there is no consequences for doing it." So if you can cause trouble to me by killing me, then I'm within my right to stay and do what I was doing. If you continue griefing me then the neg Karma is on the bully's head. Nothing stopping the bully from going elsewhere.
    Well there you go.  The result of the situation is 100% in the bully's hands. "Oh this spot is taken. I'll try another channel."
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  10. Usurper added a topic in Suggestions   

    XP - 100% solo, 110% in a 2 party, 125% when in 3+ party
    Can I suggest players get more XP when in a group than when solo as a base level. I know you have party buffs and potions but these don't foster social interaction among the community of players. Sure we do groups for scrolls but other than that it's more cancerous an existence. This would also relieve the PKing somewhat and if declaring is done then we'd have a good little skirmish of a few player instead of just solo bullying.
    How about 100% XP when solo and 110% in a 2 person party and 125% when grouped in 3 or more? Buffs not included.
    I think it would add a positive to the game.
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  11. Usurper added a post in a topic Summon Keeper combo?   

    Thank you Collusion.
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  12. Usurper added a post in a topic Summon Keeper combo?   

    Can you dismiss your pet? Hate it following me out of battle.
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  13. Usurper added a post in a topic Preparing for dark knight   

    Spend all your time on your armour and accessories as they are transferable to your DK. Weapons of course aren't.
    Save up stones and XP boosts etc.
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  14. Usurper added a post in a topic Help with low budget gearing.   

    TRI Liverto Staff with TRI Ultimate Steel Dagger and TRI Ultimate Lord Godr Sphera.
    I'd say this is your target and probably the majority of players would run this setup.
    How you achieve that is open to what's available and your cash flow.
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  15. Usurper added a post in a topic Green awakened weapon?