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  1. EagLeTaLoN added a post in a topic Paying for names   

    Sent you a PM OP
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  2. EagLeTaLoN added a post in a topic {+}CrimsonKingdom{+}   

  3. EagLeTaLoN added a post in a topic {+}CrimsonKingdom{+}   

    Boomshakalaka:D Lets Go!
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  4. EagLeTaLoN added a post in a topic [Notice] Attendance Message | Known Issues [Updated - 2/23/17]   

    i have logged in each and every day. I live in UTC time zone and I am unable to collect my reward for today. Is this a bug? 

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  5. EagLeTaLoN added a post in a topic whAT iS ThiS blAcK SkY PORTAL?   

    Wife saw this same thing at pirates at the jungle spawn and she watched it appear and didn't use meteor. She was standing AFK when the cloud opened right in front of her. It stayed for hours while she was grinding. I moved to the spot and I could see it as well. So not really sure what it is.
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  6. EagLeTaLoN added a topic in General   

    lowbie Healing in Guild Wars
    this is cancer.. you dec on a guild and an guilded low level alt player joins the party and just heals everyone in their party.  This is happening more and more lately. cant kill them bc they are low level but can still heal everyone.   How is this still a thing? 
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  7. EagLeTaLoN added a post in a topic RIGGED BLACK SPIRIT ADVENTURE!! HOT!! NEW!! OMG!!   

    My wife and I usually roll the same number, land on the same square getting the same prize. Not always but has happened many times
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  8. EagLeTaLoN added a post in a topic You forgot to turn hard/sharps on   

    and you are saying this why? did you gather a shit ton and get none?
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  9. EagLeTaLoN added a post in a topic servers are dying??   

    best thing you can do when you DC with mobs around is start recording.  That way they can see you logging in and see you dying and that its not a ploy. proof will be on the video. 
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  10. EagLeTaLoN added a post in a topic servers are dying??   

    yeah do not enchant right now.. RIP by double clicking
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  11. EagLeTaLoN added a topic in General   

    servers are dying??
    Something is seriously wrong with the servers right now..  
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  12. EagLeTaLoN added a post in a topic Probably a stupid question...   

    life saver.. she been bugging me for HOURSSSSSSS!!! thank you 
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  13. EagLeTaLoN added a topic in General   

    Probably a stupid question...
    okay, I main ranger but my wife is a 58 witch 195/195/263. I have tried to research it, but am unable to find info about this.  She summons her "monsters" with F but can't figure out how to put them away.  There is the icon in the upper left but clicking it does nothing.   Thanks for the help and sorry if this is a stupid question  
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  14. EagLeTaLoN added a post in a topic Branding weapon required for Ranger?   

    Spamming WotW will ----- your weapons. I branded and don't have an issue anymore 
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  15. EagLeTaLoN added a post in a topic [Dark Knight] New Combat Gameplay vid!   

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