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  1. Jonn added a post in a topic Berserker End-Game Gearing?   

    I wish they told us more about accuracy. Does anyone have hard numbers on how much we actually NEED? Since there's no skill descriptions we're kinda in the dark here.
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  2. Jonn added a post in a topic Berserker End-Game Gearing?   

    Are you sure the 15% accuracy from headbutt increases my CURRENT accuracy and doesn't just give me an additional +15% chance to hit? Because that's what the tooltip seems to indicate.
    And besides, even if I wanted to switch, all of my armor is +10 right now and I'm dirt poor so it would be really hard to get full Taritas up to +10.
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  3. Jonn added a topic in Berserker   

    Ultimate Headbutt
    How do I get this skill to work? Can't seem to get a headbutt to work correctly after my dodge.
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  4. Jonn added a post in a topic Grabs failing because of lag.   

    Sometimes I'll grab them when they're stunned and I still can't manage to get them, they still walk out of my grab like nothing happened and I get stuck in the animation.
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  5. Jonn added a post in a topic Where is the PvP?   

    Yep. Join a PvP guild warring multiple guilds. For me, there's PvP everywhere.
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  6. Jonn added a post in a topic Ultimate Storming Beast   

    Press F after you use certain abilities. You can do it after your dodge, after frenzied destroyer, and I'm sure after a few other abilities, too. It should be instant cast with no windup.
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  7. Jonn added a post in a topic Ghillie... HORRIBLE   

    It's not about not being able to see them. They glow red if you have that option, it's easy to see them. You don't need a dog. The problem is in hectic group PvP with a lot of tall grass around, it's easy for them to fade into the grass and get lost, which makes it impossible to call a focus target on them. A geared skilled ranger in a ghillie suit is 10 times more effective in group PvP than a geared skilled ranger without one. If I can see their name above their head, I won't ever lose them. Neither will anyone in my guild, and they'll get wrecked. If they don't have a name and they blend into the grass, I lose them constantly.
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  8. Jonn added a post in a topic Grabs failing because of lag.   

    It certainly feels buggy.
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  9. Jonn added a topic in Berserker   

    Grabs failing because of lag.
    Anybody else having this issue? I'll grab someone, it'll play the animation, and they'll just teleport out of my grab and take no damage. Is there any reliable ways to guarantee my grab doesn't do this? It's really annoying not being able to grab people.
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  10. Jonn added a post in a topic Ghillie... HORRIBLE   

    Before this game launched, I argued against the ghillie suit. I thought it gave an advantage, and I didn't want the effect in the game. Plenty of people argued with me and told me it gives you no advantage. Now that I'm in the game and I've done GvG, I can tell you from firsthand experience, the ghillie suit DEFINITELY gives you an advantage, especially in southwestern Calpheon where there's a lot of tall grass.
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  11. Jonn added a post in a topic Bacho Ladericcio Abandoned Monastery   

    Talk to the warehouse manager in Calpheon. He'll give a quest called Ominous Rumors. Finish that and the followup quest will have you talk to Bacho.
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  12. Jonn added a post in a topic What's the Best Way to Get Contribution Points   

    I've just been doing the chimney sweeping/crate moving dailies in Calpheon, as well as the Mansha/Rhutum dailies on the road to Trent from Calpheon. I'm up to 80 contribution and I haven't done a single quest leveling up other than black spirit quests. Just dailies.
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  13. Jonn added a post in a topic so whoes stupid idea was it to have the NA servers on the west coast?   

    I get over 100ms connecting from Philadelphia. Pretty noticeable in PvP, especially when I'm trying to land a grab. I learn to live with it though. We can't do anything about it.
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  14. Jonn added a post in a topic Berserker: the Re-Awakening-ening-ening-ening   

    Yep. It's the berserker struggle.
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  15. Jonn added a post in a topic Any builds besides grab & spin2win?   

    Like I said in another thread, if I spin into a group they all die in less than a second. We definitely do not fall short when it comes to AoE damage. Really, the only bad part about raging thunder is the cooldown. If you use raging thunder and a mob knocks you back, you have to wait 10+ seconds to use it again.
    I've been able to get some really devastating spins off in group PvP. When it's chaotic, like 6v6 and above, sometimes people won't notice if you're spinning on them because they're too focused on everything else. That's when it shines. Also, after a knockdown, you can get a really decent amount of spin damage off. Most players don't know what to do when a berserker is spinning on them, they panic.
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