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  1. CrowReeve added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    It's totally not P2W! You can still get everything for free in this game.
    It's only natural that when I pay developers my hard earned cash I should be getting some small perks over all the non-paying scrubs.
    Let's be realistic here, all those things are just a very small conveniences and totally not P2W:
    20% more experience (costume + value pack)30% more money (value pack)no death penalty (tears)better drop chance for items (value pack)better pretty much everything (faster horse, much more inventory space, more storage, much more weight limit)pvp advantage (camo)better mob knowledge so more good drops (earrings, glasses)pets to gather loot for us, cause we can't be bothered with pleb stuff like thatand many more very small perksSo lets assume me and my friend - a gamer of equal skill spent 300 hours on this game playing same class. He spent 0$ and I spent hundreds. Should I and will I win against him? Of course! I would have better level (exp), better geared character, much more silver in bank, faster horse, boat and dozen more very small advantages.
    But game is not P2W.
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  2. CrowReeve added a post in a topic [EU-Croxus]<Apostles> Established PvX Guild Recruiting | TS3 | Age 18+ | Top 30   

    Excited for the node wars!
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  3. CrowReeve added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    KR Wizard skill changes
    Could someone maybe translate recent KR patch?
    It seems there's a lot of changes to our skills, but google translate is not very helpful with translation.
    KR change log
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  4. CrowReeve added a post in a topic Please nerf tamers.   

    Tamers are way too powerfull especially in mass pvp - in red battlefield I very often get rank 1, sometimes a little worse but never above rank 10 (the starting rank)!
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  5. CrowReeve added a post in a topic [EU-Croxus]<Apostles> Established PvX Guild Recruiting | TS3 | Age 18+ | Top 30   

    Joined Apostles 10 days ago Really nice guild with lots of activities!
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  6. CrowReeve added a post in a topic Anyone got the flag, patch or hat yet?   

    thank you! eye patch is on left eye.. good to know (I want to make a scar in character creator)
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  7. CrowReeve added a post in a topic Anyone got the flag, patch or hat yet?   

    if someone has them please post pic
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  8. CrowReeve added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  9. CrowReeve added a post in a topic Code 7 jours donateur/receveur   

    Bonsoir, j'aimerais obtenir un code d'activation de 7 jours. J'aimerais être sur que le jeu marche bien avant de l'acheter.
    Merci d'avance!
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  10. CrowReeve added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    Requesting a guest pass: EU
    Preferred method of contact: PM
    Claimed status: Bought it anyway
    Hi! This game looks really awesome! Would be really nice if I could try it first and see if my computer can handle it (it should) and if the ping is acceptable. Would be really grateful for a guest pass! Thank you in advance !
    Also am not a bot, and I will give away my guest pass in this thread as well after I buy the game  
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