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  1. Wyvinters added a post in a topic April Journal Bug   

    There a way to turn it off then turn it back on? Cause I cbf turning my daylight savings time off.
    How inconvenient
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  2. Wyvinters added a post in a topic Journal not showing for 2016 year 4   

    Can't believe they haven't bothered to fix this problem yet. How god damn lazy could they be. 
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  3. Wyvinters added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    Ameno....Omenare imperavi anemos
    Dimere Dimere.... matiro.....
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  4. Wyvinters added a post in a topic Would leave all other MMOS if there was Dungeons and Raids; so create a few?   

    Indeed. The game has massive potential to become a really good MMORPG. Sadly, we have poorly-creative developers working on micro-transactions than actual content. 
    As F2P's go. Hell, they can barely hold their servers together let alone implement functional UI features...and you're requesting dungeons + raids as of this moment?
    Give it a good 10 years. We'll see how great or disappointing this game will become. 
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  5. Wyvinters added a post in a topic GET RID OF FORCED WATERMARKS IN SCREENSHOTS (New this Patch)   

    Make it super small, edit in paint, crop? ROCKET SCIENCE!!!!
    I mean who uses that small portion of the picture for photos anyways.
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  6. Wyvinters added a post in a topic I've had it with random PKers...   

    And they most definitely are acting like people on an open world PvP game. 
    You're dealing with people who're playing the game for their own pursuits whatever it may be. 
    I prefer PvE aspects but can PvP if necessary (used to be a pvp junkie across several mmorpgs) 
    and others prefer getting their PvPness on. Completely normal as an aspect of this game. This is technically how 
    a Medieval fantasy game would be like. They were brutal and had little to no morals / ethics - include the fact that this is a "game"....there you go. 
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  7. Wyvinters added a post in a topic I've had it with random PKers...   

    Or you know, in addition to your previous post, come in with an open heart and a friendly yet "mind your own business" type of deal. 
    I've farmed solo in almost all of those locations and I've rarely been flagged on. I also respect that other people may want to solo farm too (I know I do) so I just walk by to find a perfect spot. Also, this guy just needs to have the balls to ask whether or not they have space in the party. Most of them do and won't mind 3 - 4 man parties. 
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  8. Wyvinters added a post in a topic I've had it with random PKers...   

    It's an "every man for himself" type of game. Join a big guild and reap the benefits. 
    The game is for masochists. Really. You get pummeled and destroyed nonstop until you get geared enough to
    rise against your opponents. You might want to leave the game honestly and join Bless Online. At least there, you have factions
    and people would cater around the whole "Alliance victory" sort of theme. 

    A lot of people end up the same way. It's a "Who has the bigger -----" and "Who's spent more life on this game" type of deal. 
    The beginning is always the slowest, especially for newbies. Once you get through the silver farming tiers to obtain gear and what not, 
    you'll be able to keep yourself well defended. Reiterating though, JOIN A GUILD. Some of the big guilds that recruit have name intimidation strapped on them.
    The game itself is revolved around primitive violence and encourages this type of behaviour. What did you expect? Flowers and rainbows being handed to you?

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  9. Wyvinters added a post in a topic <Whisperia> Uno Server - Recruiting! Seeking mature and a friendly community!   

    Still open for spots everyone! 

    ☜Whisperia☞ PVX, casual, guild now recruiting members of all levels.
    Scrolls, grind groups, and future activities. Tight knit community | Active | Guild missions | Sea adventures |
    | Discord required | https://discord.gg/pc72YsW | Pst / message for information or an invite! 

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  10. Wyvinters added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    It's not our problem. It's the server's problem. 
    Probably part of the job not to admit to the failure of whoever maintains the server / modifies it. 
    It's like an ISP company doing typical cover-ups for marketing reputation.
    How long till these people realize we're not as stupid anymore? 
    Fix your shit. 
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  11. Wyvinters added a post in a topic Suggestion: pvp Disable/pvp Free Channels   

    Unfortunately, the game encourages this type of disgusting behaviour. Griefing is normal and alive in this game. 
    That's how the game is made. It's the classic hierarchy of primitive power and bigger is better. 
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  12. Wyvinters added a post in a topic Connection to the server has been lost.   

    Simply can't play the game. It's that terrible. Servers are dying and being -----y. 
    Log in to any character regardless, everything lags and loads terribly slow - then game crashes and boots me for connection errors. 
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  13. Wyvinters added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    Great job. Small improvements but at least it's happening.
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  14. Wyvinters added a post in a topic Is the game worth playing right now/buying?   

    The optimization is a clusterfu*k of laziness and the UI could do some better work to be more friendly. 
    Otherwise the game is still good to play excluding that fact. I'd definitely suggest this game but it requires 
    a decent medium - high end rig and 16gb ram. 8gb ram users MAY have problems. 
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  15. Wyvinters added a post in a topic Do people still play?   

    People still play buddy. Although the megaserver deal was the worst decision ever made because of instability issues 
    and tons of bugs / desync problems came into play. 
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