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  1. DanielKnight added a post in a topic A COMPANY OF GREED   

    many useless insults
    readers can make up their own mind.
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  2. DanielKnight added a post in a topic A COMPANY OF GREED   

    i could say exactly same to you
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  3. DanielKnight added a post in a topic A COMPANY OF GREED   

    That is according to your understanding. kakao might pay u 10 dollar for ur  ''english teaching''. Thank you very much,  but its not worth any penny for me =)
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  4. DanielKnight added a post in a topic A COMPANY OF GREED   

    u can support Daum / Kakao all u want. 
    My english is not perfect but not bad either. Try come with the excuse here with the ''at this stage'' thing:
    You will not receive Mileage with pearl purchases, the only way to get mileage is as a daily login reward.Cash Shop & Mileage items cannot be traded or put on the Auction House 
    They do many wrong things. Not just this. 
    i find u quite toxic urself
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  5. DanielKnight added a post in a topic A COMPANY OF GREED   

    What means Update to u? Since people cant edite important notes, they use updates. Updates means the final statements
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  6. DanielKnight added a post in a topic A COMPANY OF GREED   

    U can find his and their statements here and their.  If u want to find specific statements u go do the research urself sorry, since i dont have time to go through thousands of his posts. my point is clear. They do make statements that can make customer think differently.
    Jouska on Cash Shop / Pay to Win
    Time Stamps:
    "This is a direct tie between "I pay money, I have a better chance to enchant." That's buying power with money.
    We've taken a lot of steps to eliminate anything that can be "Pay to Win"  
    11:42  This is one of the instances where I feel like saying Pay for Con and pay for aesthetic are really what is happening here, and is a stance weve taken very strongly and hopefully everyone will agree is being reflected in what youre seeing in the game  "
    12:01 Can you buy a costume and purchase it on the auction house?
    No, in our region the items that you purchase from the auction house, they're yours. You cannot go and relist them. At this stage there is no link between you monetizing and you being able to sell something in game. That is a link that has been broken.
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  7. DanielKnight added a post in a topic A COMPANY OF GREED   

    thanks. i so agreed with u!!
    1. no I refer to the post that Jouska wrote and guarantee us that as long hes part of the Daum team, he wont let it happens with EU/NA BDO.
    2. Daum is specialists to edit things. See my pics of Value pack and u understand. They also have changed to Kaokao names. 
    Point is they say something during elaps of time and dont keep their words. 
    u know very well, that is not my point =)
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  8. DanielKnight added a post in a topic A COMPANY OF GREED   

    if u read carefully what i wrote. Its not just about willingness to give money or not. Thats easy. Its not just about they selling things at very expensive prices. It would at least be fair. But they simply cheated us.. and repeatly
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  9. DanielKnight added a post in a topic A COMPANY OF GREED   

    that reminds me of a group of sheep that just follow anyone anywhere. Sorry =)
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  10. DanielKnight added a post in a topic A COMPANY OF GREED   

    this was very in beginning right after game start. I read it myself. reason i invited my friends over.
    But what he wrote and the way they like to edit things, gives me no point to go into deep search for it. Since its pointless. He KNOWS what he said. I KNOW what i read. So DID you guys
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  11. DanielKnight added a post in a topic A COMPANY OF GREED   

    u really think so? what next thing they will do? Its really ok for u??
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  12. DanielKnight added a post in a topic A COMPANY OF GREED   

    just honest words. if they cant stand it and need censored it says more about them than me
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  13. DanielKnight added a post in a topic A COMPANY OF GREED   

    u have some links? the forum is overflown by topics and not easy to find a good one
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  14. DanielKnight added a topic in General   

    Few things I have seen within this few months, that getting me worried. No, the correct word must be  shocked:
    First Jouska that blalantly said that he/Daum will never allow cash items for silver. Because of this, i convinced and brought several friends along with me to BDO.
    Introduction of Value Pack. Customers bought it mainly of 30% bonus on marketplace sales. In beginning it didnt not say excluding pearl items. (see pic)
    Introduction of Pearl items to marketplace. Against their promises
        Many customers that are against it, felt cheated. With all their right to be. Customers that play little and felt chanceless to the race, and had the wish to sell cash items for silver for some game progression got happy. They thought that Daum are listening to their worries. Several people buy x numbers of Value Packs because of this reason. 
    Pearl items to marketplaced got capped at 19m for a set that costs 30 usd to buy. 30usd for 19m ingame silver? Are u kidding me? Daum thinking we all are super rich people? This is nothing else than sucking money out of their innocent players. Cuz mature players with their mind in the right places would never waste money in this way. 
    The Costumes set are supposed to be Tax free. Still they changed us 30% tax. Taxfree means no tax for normal people..
    Guess what. Its not enough.
    Value Pack that they introduced got changed to: Excluding Pearl items.
          It means that a costume set that u pay 30 usd for gives u only 12m ingame silver. 12m!§ Same as 1h of active grinding. When does 3-4h of work salery become so valueless as 1h of a game play? How stupid they think we are guys?
    Whom benefit from all this? The players that are against P2W? They players that are for selling cash items for money?
    Obviously none of their players. They dont care about their players. What they are doing is scamming their players over and over. And to everyone. 
    Its ok for any game company to earn money. I dont have problems with that. I have spend 2000 usd in this game so far. And i ''was'' willing to spend alot more, trust me. Since I wanted to support them. Im normally a very loyal gamer and play & support the same game for years. But what i see...cant no longer be in silence.
    What they Daum/Kakao are doing is manipulation of truth, and putting players best aside, and greediness to complete another level. 
    All these actions clearly shows that Daum/Kakao is the most greedy game company I have experienced. 
    I wont spend 1 more usd on this company.
    I feel indeed sad for the players that actually bought cash items for silver. 
    Thank you for your time. And hope you share your own objective opinion about them.

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  15. DanielKnight added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    finally. thx! 
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