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  1. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic Looking for team mate   

    If you're willing to come to pirates need a duo partner or group idm, but I'm lvl 59.
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  2. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic Can't decide main class, for PVE   

    No musa input for the thread starter? I'm assuming musa's arent good at all? Since he's mentioned he likes Musa.
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  3. PrinceVegeta added a topic in Ninja   

    Ninja Awakening Skill
    I remember hearing somewhere that ninjas get block during there awakening, can anyone confirm?
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  4. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic Best grinding spots for silver alone!   

    Could you name some spots? I was just thinking of anything besides Sausans and Pirates tbh.
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  5. PrinceVegeta added a topic in Guides   

    Best grinding spots for silver alone!
    What spots can you make really good silver by grinding mobs, either trading in there trash loot or an area with good trash loot and rare item drop. My AP/DP is about 130/200, I've been told spots like Manes, Elrics. Are those the only 2 spots? If those are the only 2 spots which would be the better out of the 2? I dont want to grind at any spots that are heavily contested thanks!
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  6. PrinceVegeta added a topic in PVE   

    Which proffession?
    Need some advice on which profession I should take and just focus most of my time on that will benefit me the most the fastest money making wise, and how? Just want to know one in particular don't want to do more than 1 or even if its more convenient to do more than 1, I'll probably still just do 1 but if you have anything to share please do so. Thanks =D
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  7. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Relax, p2w hype comes almost every time theirs an update. Don't understand why you guys start complaining as soon you can buy certain items from the cash shop for silver. Happened with dyes, people went crazy, realized it made sense. This also makes sense for the people that can't access purchase anything from the cash shop. I feel like majority of the people complaining are the ones that are super geared and are mad that they don't want anyone getting close to the gear they have?
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  8. PrinceVegeta added a topic in Classes   

    Just a quick question!
    Which class do you think does not require A LOT of gearing to be able to run through content just like other classes that do require a lot of gearing. Hope that that makes sense. Like which class out of all the classes do you think can get away with pve content/bosses with lowest gearscore. Like for example a Warrior would not be able to get through any endgame pve/world boss without gearing a shit load , which class you think could do fine and not have to gear as much as the other classes and still do well throughout PVE (World Bosses, Endgame mobs).

    No large discussions or flame wars, not intended for that. Just very curious what others think.
    I think maybe a Wizard? Feel like they can do decent damage/long range and have self healing to stay alive and continue attacking from long range, your opinions?
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  9. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    "Monster’s Combat Exp & Skill Exp has been increased for all areas."
    - Could anyone clarify this? Do they mean to continue the exp that's already at 30% bonus or are we getting a bit of a boost on top of that 30%?
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  10. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic Don't you worry, I'll be sure to remind you.   

    What was it that you said about the musa and warrior awakenings anyways? Just out of curiously I would like to know, thanks.
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  11. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic "Awakening, awakening" o.o   

    LOL @ ZAC
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  12. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic "Awakening, awakening" o.o   

    I enjoy warrior but its kinda hard to enjoy it at endgame, when you field bosses are anti-melee, pvp you have to try like 10x harder just to be on par.
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  13. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic "Awakening, awakening" o.o   

    Thanks for the replies, so its safe to say they probably won't be coming out till late this year or early next year? Guess I can put my warrior to rest for a while, how are the bladers without awakenings? Or is it basically rangers/wiz.
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  14. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic "Awakening, awakening" o.o   

    Thanks for the reply, anyone else?
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  15. PrinceVegeta added a topic in General   

    "Awakening, awakening" o.o
    Are they even going to come anytime soon? Have we been notified or anything about around when we should be expecting them? Because I have a feeling we wont be seing awakenings till like next year, could someone fill me in on this?
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  16. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic What gear to get?   

    Right now im level 50 and going to work om gear before progressing, I have full grunil 5 piece armor to +5 and yuria/van +7. So from here what you suggest i do? Get accessories, if so what kind? Or continue to emhance armor/weapon to ?? I have around 10mil right now.
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  17. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic Not sure how I feel about this NPC...   

    You made a thread about this, what you expect would happen? If something like this bothers you than man you need to start learning to ignore things that bother you, and seriously why would you make a thread about this? Now more people know about this npc, and are going to joke about it even more. We can't do anything for you so no need to make a thread, send a ticket if you seriously had an issue with this.
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  18. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic Hate to say it, thinking of making blader my main   

    Quit what ? The game or warrior?
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  19. PrinceVegeta added a topic in Warrior   

    What gear to get?
    Hey guys so I'm around level 40 with about 4mil to spend, but have no idea what kind of gear I should be getting. I have been using my black stones on my current random gear that I'm wearing, once I get my proper gear is it possible to extract the black stones and use it on my new gear? Thank you =)
    • 4 replies
  20. PrinceVegeta added a topic in General   

    Field bosses
    Do the field bosses you fight always 1 shot you? Even if you have high dp? And how does the drops work is it rng based?
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  21. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic Is this class worth playing?   

    How bugged even is it? Like is it that certain skills dont work?
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  22. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic Is this class worth playing?   

    Are these skills/bugs/issues fixed in the other versions of the game? If so I'll probably start playing this class because the fixes will eventually hit here as well.
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  23. PrinceVegeta added a topic in Musa   

    Is this class worth playing?
    Like I know it's a fun class I've been having fun playing it but I dont know if I should waste time on it because I've been seeing a lo of negativity towards it because of glitches or whatnot. Is it worth playing and are those glitches going to be fixed anytime soon?
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  24. PrinceVegeta added a post in a topic Warrior or Musa?   

    Okay decided to continue my warrior, kthnx.
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