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  1. NK added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    So does this mean that in between skills super armor breaks ? Are there holes when chaining skills ? 
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  2. NK added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    Can someone explain me this ? 
    Did breezy blade into rushing wind into vine knot. Basically 3 skills that should give SA. Yet I get CC? So I must be doing something wrong ? ( I think that the SuperArmor effect is visible all the time with the changed character colors )
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  3. NK added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    sarcasm? You are one of the strong rangers and I am curios whether you have given up the class and rerolled?
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  4. NK added a post in a topic Call me crazy but the game is running a lot better after today's patch   

    Same here. Game runs much better and it seems the marketplace bug is gone..
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  5. NK added a post in a topic Tips on Rotation/skills for 51-56?   

    And take in mind ranger is a late bloomer. To be somewhat relevant it needs proper gear and level. Although it may seem easy to play it is hard to master. Depending on your playtime you are looking in couple of months to an year timeframe to get your gear and level.
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  6. NK added a post in a topic PvP 2017 Tier vote   

    I just wonder why ppl put ranger anywhere above mid tier. Just watching the last couple of months unofficial but still quite entertaining 1v1 and 3v3 tournaments in EU and you can see how "powerful" and used rangers are. In all situations they scale nowhere above B tier at best and even that is much.
    Top classes that perform well in any scenario are sorcs, wizzards/witches, zerks and warriors. I want to say valks as well but they are so few anyways that probably it doesn't make sense. 
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  7. NK added a post in a topic Massive Ranger Buffs INCOMING!!!!   

    I dont get this buddy. What do you mean ? 50% chance bump ? Whats that ?
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  8. NK added a post in a topic Massive Ranger Buffs INCOMING!!!!   

    What combo do you do after grab for a lot of damage in very short time that actually keeps you safe from CC ?
    Waltz combos are really risky to pull of arround other enemies. I use it only to disengage after a vine knot. 
    Switching to ranged to spam WotW is also unusable outside of 1v1. 
    So you have to use skills that give you SA or frontal block ( the second being very prone to grabs)
    So with 220 AP ( accuracy from tree belt, kzarka and bhegs ) after a grab if I go regeneration ( frontalblock ) -> nature trebmle ( frontalblock)->  vine knot into back waltz ( SA ) -> shotgun ( vulnerable but at distance already )  I dont always get a kill on guys with proper gear and level. Especially valks, zerks, warriors, ninjas, even wizzard/witch. On some of them I dont even take half of the HP bar. I have to open with breezy into rushing wind and than the rest but already makes the combo really long. Usually for that time there are a bunch of people on your back making it really risky to get out if at all they leave you to finish your combo as you are prone to grabs in the blocks.
    So what am I doing wrong
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  9. NK added a post in a topic Massive Ranger Buffs INCOMING!!!!   

    I agree with the rest but I wonder why its pointless to provide consitent experience of the class throughout all the tiers. Why do you need to invest a huge ammount of time and effort to feel equal with the other classes ? I am pretty sure that rangers at 180 AP feel much much worse than wizzards at 180 AP or any of the other classes. ( I might be wrong as I never played all of the classes )
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  10. NK added a post in a topic How to counter berserkers?   

    I really hope you are right  This is what keeps me pushing for 240+ AP
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  11. NK added a post in a topic What do you think about this Ranger Build!   

    I have created the template for you here - > GEAR.
    Not sure what you mean for the armor though - 2x evasion crystal. Which ones are these ?
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  12. NK added a post in a topic How to counter berserkers?   

    Geared zerks are really hard to kill for me as well in group fights. Usually what I do is just try to stay away and deal ranged dmg. If I get focused by the zerk I just kite and try not to get CCed with super armors iframes and prays to the many faced god. Eventually I look for openings when the zerk gets below half health and then I go in for the kill - either by trying to land a grab or wait for someone else to get a knockdown on them. Very often my damage is not enough to kill them on the ground but followed up by a shotgun and blasting gust chase I manage to get kill a here and there. Some of the zerks I have noticed have psychotic behaviour and very often overextend which gives good opportunities for quick kills on them if all the people focus them quickly. 
    The above is probably not valid at all for organised 5v5 or well coordinated parties. I am speaking mainly about spontaneos world PVP or RBF. 
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  13. NK added a post in a topic Massive Ranger Buffs INCOMING!!!!   

    I agree with Akuma. Ranger might be great with great gear but who isnt ? low/mid gear levels are utter trash compared to other classes. This makes people hate the class unless they are really stubborn and push for those 220+ AP. 
    It would be great if we get some of the useless skills actually somehow usefull. The original Charging wind has really cool animation but its utter trash. The tree buff is very hard to use and it provides very limited use. The Penetrating wind became complete shit after the nerf. If this is somehow brough into the game it would be great. Pot consumption and durability are also outstanding issues with the class. 
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  14. NK added a post in a topic Returning Ranger questions   

    Yeah besides TRI is not really enough to settle for. I think its hard to get a TET boss piece from the market although its not impossible. 
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  15. NK added a post in a topic What is going on   

    The problem being with that is that its extremely boring  You have a large variety of skills and descending current being more or less the only safe distance AOE dmg dealing skill is far less superior to what wizzards and soon I guess DK can offer on the field.
    Its cool to use on enemy forts and structures behind walls or from a high spot and interrupt base repairs.
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